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Esports Betting in New Jersey 2024: Sites that Accept NJ Players

12.12.2022, 12:49

Catching up with the tendency of other states, New Jersey has recently made eSports betting legal. With such changes, many New Jersey citizens started trying a new way to raise money. But there are plenty of questions that need to be answered before you can start betting. And we are glad to present answers to the most important of them in this article. You will also find a little guide on choosing a New Jersey eSports bookmaker. But if you don't want to spend your time on that, simply take one of the legitimate bookies from this list.

Regulations of eSports Betting in New Jersey

New Jersey Flag

The government of New Jersey started taking the eSports betting industry seriously once they saw how much income illegal betting brought. The legalization of eSports bets process began in January 2020 with the legislation of Ralph Caputo. The announcements were made to attend a full acceptance of eSports wagers. His main argument was that the illegal eSports market produced too much money. So if NJ could tax eSports betting sites and tournaments, they could gain solid revenue.

In March of the same year, the government started considering eSports games as skill-based competitions. As a result, they devised Bill A637, which aimed to drastically expand the world of eSports betting.

Finally, on August 1, 2020, the bill passed the voting. Thus, the NJ government has agreed that eSports should be included in existing sports betting rules. Later, as the USA legislative system suggests, Bill A637 was sent to the Senate and passed.

How is the Situation Around eSports Betting in Other States?

BetUS Interface

Despite betting laws being strict in the USA, there are bookmakers geared specifically towards American users, like BetUS

Apparently, eSports betting started moving forward not only in Nevada and New Jersey states. For example, eSports betting in Tennessee has experienced similar legalization as in NJ. So in 2022, the state has a total of 13 licenses issued for the various betting sites.

And the same fate was adopted by eSports betting in West Virginia. Legislation has created House Bill 4826, which made eSports betting one of the legal things to do in the state. And ever since, licensed bookmakers have full freedom regarding posting and accepting bets in West Virginia.

The Colorado government has also joined the trend and accepted HB 1327 in 2019, categorizing eSports on the same level as regular sports, allowing eSports betting. Look for platforms for eSports betting in Colorado in this list.

What will be the Future of New Jersey eSports Betting?

The government of NJ has never regretted its decision to legalize eSports betting sites in its state. And even after that, you can see how they tend to improve this niche by introducing the first official eSports betting sites. This can only mean one thing: progress.

Because eSports betting sites bring a crazy amount of revenue to the state, it wouldn’t be wise to ignore this niche. Even though the COVID-19 pandemic has attracted millions of citizens to home betting activities, the niche still looks promising.

What is also important is the successful experience of eSports betting in Nevada and New Jersey states. They show an example to other regions of how eSports can be a great way to make your area richer. And thus, they lead the way for an expansion of eSports betting in the USA.

What to Look for When Choosing an eSports Betting Website in NJ?

As there are so many different NJ betting sites nowadays, it can be frustrating for gamblers to choose the right one. Each has its own features and does the same thing but slightly differently. And when it comes to finding the best platform, a methodology is the key. So, you would need to examine each selected platform separately by looking at its various aspects. And if you don't know what elements to look at, then get ready to discover them below.

License and Security Even before you start thinking about the games you can bet on and their markets, you should facilitate secure wagering. You can do this by examining such an essential as a license. The thing is that every website that operates legally should go through a couple of steps to obtain a document proving its legitimacy (a license). You can check the document by scrolling down to the bottom of the page, and somewhere among the tiny text, you should find the license number. It is already a good sign, but you can go further: visit a license issuer's website and manually check the license number there.

You can also make sure that the website sets some security measures to prevent data leaks and cyber-attacks. You can find info about that on the security page of the bookie.

Pleasant Interface and Color Scheme As you would need to browse through the bookmaker you use a lot, you need to ensure that it has a convenient interface. Finding essential buttons shouldn't confuse you and must be done intuitively.

Also, use websites with calm color schemes. Lots of bright ones striking your eyes will make you fatigued. So look for subtle colors, but a few vivid accents won't harm you.

Availability of Games and Competitions Good NJ eSports betting sites should offer their customers a solid list of games. You might get bored quickly, always betting on a single game. And that is where you would need to switch. Before choosing a website, make sure that it has at least a couple of games you can enjoy watching and betting on.

What is also important is the presence of many competitions. Like, what is even the point of the game choice if you can't bet on the best eSports tournaments? So before signing up at the platform, go into the game section and examine the presented competitions. Then, to make a final decision, draw on the other platforms' offered tournaments, and if your site has many fewer, that is a flaw.

Betting Markets You will get bored using a simple match-winner bet when betting on NJ eSports. To resolve that problem, bookmakers have invented an eSports betting market feature. These markets allow you to wager many different match/tournament outcomes.

The more eSports betting markets you have, the more profit you will get. It is because, with numerous markets, you can bet on a couple of outcomes on the same match, resulting in a larger profit.

Betting Odds If you want the best profit from eSports betting, you should pay close attention to the offered odds. They define how much income you get if the bet wins. Usually, platforms offer various amounts of odds, making potential profits differ. The best way to determine the profitability of the odds is by comparison. Look for the odds on the other trustworthy (IMPORTANT) websites, and compare them with yours.
Payment Options Any betting, including eSports, is closely related to financial transactions. That is why this element of betting should be as convenient as possible. First of all, ensure that the platform has various payment methods you use: credit cards, e-wallets, bank transfers, etc.

You should also inspect how quickly the bookie processes payments (both deposits and withdrawals) so you will always have access to your funds. Nobody wants to get in a situation where they need to deposit funds for betting quickly, but the processing becomes a handicap.

And don't forget to ensure bookmakers don't charge additional payment fees. And even if it does, they shouldn't exceed a couple of percent.

Check out the eSports betting guide, and learn how to apply the mentioned factors to boost your wagering profit.

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