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A fast-growing esports project. Our mission is to popularize professional esports and present the most complete and accurate information about esports events, bets, and predictions in the most accessible and user-friendly form.


  • Match odds from many bookmakers. Based on this data, we show the average match prediction from a group of bookmakers in real time.
  • Analyze the performance of teams and players - we have our own and constantly updated rankings.
  • Data about the matches and tournaments without delay. Streaming in various languages, as well as recordings of the most popular matches.
  • An up-to-date and simple tournament catalog by year and month. Find the most important esports events now or the schedule for the days and months ahead very easily.
  • Match history and a side-by-side comparison tool. With the latter, you can analyze your opponents and find the favorite.
  • Latest news, interviews, and analysis from our esports experts.

Tips and prizes

We have developed a unique system of free predictions with an opportunity to win valuable prizes. All you need to do is correctly predict the outcome of the event, and we will reward you with points that can later be exchanged for real prizes, which will be transferred to your Steam account. For more details, see the rules.



Anton Malyutin (CEO). More than 10 years of experience in e-commerce, website development, and search engine optimization. Love for competitive games started long before professional esports - since the days of Counter-Strike and NFS-series races in small LAN-internet cafes. But the desire to build a useful and user-friendly website for fans of esports and betting remained, and that is what we do now together with the team. Available on LinkedIn and Facebook.


Nikita Makshanov (CTO). Translating ambitious goals into concrete functions and features to implement those solutions. I am constantly working on making the project brighter, bolder, and more user-friendly.


Oleg Smelyansky (CCO). Passionate gamer, esports enthusiast, former competitive semi-professional Counter-Strike player, engaged in administration, moderation, managing, organizing, refereeing, media, content, esports promotion. An IT and healthy lifestyle aficionado, I used to publish scientific articles in theoretical physics and worked with AI and ML at Viewdle which was acquired by Google for $45 million.


Dmitriy Moore (Outreach Specialist). I've been an Outreach Specialist for less than a year now but have had time to gain enough experience to bring something new to this project. Since my childhood, I have been a big fan of Counter-Strike series, I participated in both online and LAN tournaments in CS. Available on LinkedIn.


Ivan Frolov (Esports Journalist: CS:GO, LoL). With over five years of professional esports writing experience after working under the wings of giants such as, I know exactly where to look. And with a lifetime of gaming experience, I know exactly what to look for. Available on LinkedIn.


Oleg Skarzhinsky (Esports Journalist: Dota 2, CS:GO). I love esports, I live esports. Casted The International 8 at the invitation of Valve. I've casted thousands of official Dota 2 games at Starladder and other projects and collaborated with companies such as WePlay Esports, Maincast, UPEA, and UESF. Creating esports content in Ukrainian together with like-minded people. I specialize in Dota 2, but I also like CS:GO, Valorant. Available on Twitter, LinkedIn, Liquipedia.


Ankit Ramteke (Esports Journalist: CS:GO). A coffee-crazed, windowsill writer, I like to use my neurons analyzing pro-CS:GO if not threading a maze of funny words people are in awe with. What once was a way to destress has turned into a hobby and passion I cannot undo, and hours spent writing for esports has given me a new dimension. What else could a young college guy ask for but do the two things he loves the most at once: gaming and writing.


Michael Longsmith (Esports Journalist: LoL, CS:GO). I am a veteran esports writer. I fell in love with CS back in 2001 and have been in the passionate embrace of esports ever since. I’ve worked for some of the biggest names – from GotFrag and SK Gaming to RIOT and GosuGamers – and covered the biggest games, such as Counter-Strike and League of Legends. I’ve also covered several lesser games, but prefer not to talk about them. Available on LinkedIn, Twitter.


Francisco Carriço (Esports Journalist: Valorant, LoL, CS:GO). I love and breath esports since I started playing League of Legends back in 2013. With a little more than one year of professional esports writing experience, I have already been able to interview some of the best Valorant players and coaches in the world. I am always striving to improve both as a person and as a writer. Available on LinkedIn, Twitter.


Anthony Lo (Esports Journalist: Valorant, LoL, CS:GO). I started playing and watching LoL in 2014 and became invested in the esports scene. I am currently a college student following my dreams of covering and writing about esports. Outside of writing articles, I love playing video games and talking about them. Available on LinkedIn, Twitter.


Mark Holovchenko (Esports Journalist: CS:GO, Valorant, Dota 2). I am an esports journalist from Ukraine. Starting working in 2020, I made dozens of unique articles, interviews, guides, and recaps about CS:GO, Valorant, Dota 2, and Rocket League. Available on Twitter.


Bohdan Zaverukha (Esports Journalist: Dota 2, CS:GO). I play Dota, when I'm not, I'm casting Dota, when I'm not, I'm watching Dota, when I'm not, I'm writing about Dota. If I'm not doing any of it, I'm probably dead. Available on Twitter, Liquipedia.


Thay Ferreira (SEO Specialist). I can say that esports and online betting chose me and I fell in love with developing my SEO work in this niche. With experience in both, I was able to improve and develop small personal projects as well. Today I have a baggage of experiences from big names in the world of esports and online betting. Available on LinkedIn.


Oliver Adams (Esports Journalist: CS:GO, Dota 2). My experience stems from my time running Imperial, a UK based esports organisation. Whilst my full time work in esports has taken me away from team management, I still have a huge appetite to stay connected to my past roles. Available on Twitter, LinkedIn.


Nikhil Kalro (Esports Journalist: LoL, CS:GO, Overwatch). With an interest in strategy and mathematics, applying that to sports writing was the natural progression. A writer at night and the founder of a gaming company, my previous experience includes working with ESPN for five years. My specialization includes soccer, basketball and esports betting. Available on Twitter, LinkedIn.


Ihor Povazhniak (Content Manager/Translator). I've loved video games and foreign languages since childhood, so working on gaming content is like a dream come true for me. Even though I don't have much experience in this field, I strive to learn and improve every day.


Ole Batyrbekov (Esports Journalist: CS:GO, Dota 2). Former professional esports player. Played for in Hearthstone and Artifact. Available on Twitter


Eduard Turlo (SEO Lead). 6+ years in Digital Marketing with a focus on Inbound Marketing and SEO. I also have some background in Game Design and even tried to start my own Game Development studio. I used to play Dota but was never actually good at it, I am more of a casual gamer with a great interest in learning how things work (The Explorer Bartle's player type). Connect with me on LinkedIn or Facebook.


Oleksiy Fedorenko (Esports Journalist: Dota 2). A sports and Esports journalist, played professional soccer in the past, but did not continue my career because of a meniscus injury. I closely follow Esports since 2012, play Dota, commentate on matches, write analytics and share my opinions. I love Esports competition, it's very curious to watch it and discuss it at a high level.


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