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King of Glory eSports Betting Guide

27.09.2022, 06:29

Everyone knows that the world of PC MOBA games (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) has been conquered by giants like Dota 2 and LoL (League of Legends). But what about a mobile game with MOBA rules? King of Glory is one of the best representatives of this genre, great for playing and betting, and soon you will understand why. Then, you will probably want to try out King of glory betting, but looking for suitable eSports betting sites may take some time. If you are in a hurry, save time and effort by checking out the list of the best online sportsbooks below.

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All About King of Glory eSports

King of Glory (KoG) is representative of the MOBA genre. That means that the game will follow a set of some basic rules:

King of Glory Splash Art

King of Glory has great visuals for a mobile eSports game: mainly graphics and animations.

  • The map is divided into three lanes;
  • Once every 30 seconds, a wave of minions walks down each of those lanes from both sides;
  • Players have to kill minions to get gold and experience, tools needed to get stronger and win the game;
  • There are five players on every team (there are two teams in the game);
  • To score a win, one team has to approach the enemy's base by destroying their outer turrets. Once the base is reached, the victory will be achieved when the enemy's main structure is destroyed;

Players can choose from a big pool of different characters to play. Having an opportunity to combine five of those on one team, creative competitors can develop various strategies. Thus, one game can look completely different from the previous ones. Add to that the fact that each character can purchase multiple items and act differently during the game: each match will be a different spectacle.

Additionally, every playable character has a unique and distinct design, making their skills easily recognizable. So spectating the game will never cause any disappointment, rest assured.

Mobile eSports game developers must facilitate good controls, so competitors can play without handicaps. KoG features a very intuitive yet functional set of responsive buttons. Still, playing King of Glory on the little screen feels a bit stiff and uncomfy. So real pros always play the game using tablets with wide displays or large phones.

King of Glory developers (Tencent Studio) regularly pack the game with new updates, changing an in-game balance and adding new features. One of the most important novelties that each player awaits is the addition to the character pool. Considering the previous paragraph about characters, you can only imagine how much the game changes with new ones.

Such a high-quality game that stays in the mobile MOBA games niche couldn't be unnoticed by eSports bookmakers. As a result, King of Glory betting is an extremely popular game for betting among players worldwide, and the vast amount of betting options prove it (it even has available crypto betting eSports options).

King of Glory Betting Markets to Choose from

Experienced gamblers know that simple "Choose a winner of the match" bets are getting quite boring over time. Of course, they are a good foundation, but bettors need something else. To solve that problem, top betting sites introduce various betting markets, allowing you to wager on many more different occurrences inside the game. Consider that King of Glory has plenty of in-game mechanics, resulting in tens of possible betting lines with their odds. By the way, even skillful bettors sometimes struggle with calculating the odds. Find out how eSports betting odds are calculated, so you will always know your potential prize.

Generally, a high amount of betting markets have plenty of advantages. The main one is that you can make a couple of bets on a single King of Glory match. So let's see the most popular King of Glory betting options.

Match Betting King of Glory tournaments are conducted in different format types. For example, bo5 is where the team has to win a series of three games to score a victory in the match. So you can bet on who you think will be the winner of the match with this betting market.

This betting option always comes with stable betting odds and can be easily predicted. This makes match betting a good choice for beginners who cannot make a complicated match-up analysis. So if you are into eSports betting with real money, you should consider this option.

Match Betting Handicap In King of Glory eSports, we often encounter a situation where one team is considerably stronger than its opponent. Such matches result in unfavorable odds and are pretty unattractive for bettors. For example, match betting is pointless, as the odds for one team are super high, but the chance of winning is low; another team has a high probability of winning, but the odds are at the bottom.

To bring more relevance to that kind of King of Glory matches, bookmakers came up with handicap bets. They spread the odds between the two teams by making their goal more achievable. For example, an underdog will have to win at least one game of bo5, and you will have a successful bet. On the contrary, the favorite will have to get zero losses during the bo5 series, so your bet will bring you money. Live eSports betting for handicaps will often be available only during the first map of the series.

Correct Score During any King of Glory game, the teams must score kills to get ahead of the enemy. A total amount of team kills is considered a score. Almost every online sportsbook features a bet allowing you to predict the team's score. Usually, bookies will not allow you to choose a score independently. Conversely, they will give you a certain number and allow you to bet on whether the game's score will be over or under.

You can also choose from different types of such bets. If a certain player often scores many kills, you may be allowed to make a "Correct score" bet regarding him. But remember that to make the most accurate bet of that type, you should know the team comps. So the most rational way of "Correct score" wagering is through live betting.

Winner 1st/2nd/3rd Round As every King of Glory match consists of a couple of maps (rounds), bookies give you an option to bet on who will win every specific round. The map winner market usually gets exposed only before the beginning of the game and is present as a live betting option.

To make the most successful map winner bet, gamblers must analyze the teams' characters and general skill level. Even if one team is much weaker than the opponent, they might still out-pick them, so scoring the win will be super easy. In such cases, you can bet on underdogs and take advantage of significant odds. But to ensure that the map winner betting market will be available, make sure to choose the best site for eSports betting.

First Blood in 1st/2nd/3rd Round To win against an opponent, King of Glory teams must kill the enemy players. And there should be somebody to open the score of kills, spilling the first blood. King of Glory betting bookies allow you to bet on the team you think will be a first blood scorer during one of the maps. There is also an option where you bet on a certain player to be the first blood scorer, but such bets' odds are too unpredictable.

The first blood betting market will be available in the live betting format at the beginning of each round. As soon as the first kill is made, the market will disappear. Find more similar important details on how to bet on eSports here.

First Turret in 1st/2nd/3rd Round You could have learned from one of the first of our paragraphs that turrets are an essential part of the King of Glory gameplay. They are located to protect your base and to help you stay safe out of it: all of them can be destroyed. So the "First Turret" betting market allows you to bet on the team you think will be the first to take down the enemy's turret.

Like in the previous two betting lines we were talking about, you can make this bet before each round (map) starts. But make sure to consider the character picks of both teams, as some characters are better at pushing turrets than others.

Other Besides the previously mentioned betting options, you will likely find a couple of other ones. For example, an outright is a widespread market, allowing you to predict which team gets the tournament's cup. It has some of the best King of Glory odds to bet on but is very risky at the same time. If you don't feel like making dangerous outright bets from your wallet, you can take advantage of eSports bonuses: they will give you additional funds you can use for betting.

Biggest King of Glory Competitions

What do you think is the best way to gather all the best King of Glory players in one place? Tournaments answer that question: high prize pools, the best teams play the game in the live format, and plenty of online betting options.

Remember that King of Glory has a couple of alternatives: Arena of Valor, Honor of Kings, and Strike of Kings. So, some tournaments can be conducted based on the alternative game versions.

During each of the following King of Glory events, you can expect more of the activities that bettors can participate in. Also, bookies often give bonuses to every bettor during major tournaments, so make sure to catch your chance.

King Pro League

King of Glory Tournament stage

King Pro League is one of the largest King of Glory tournaments launched by Tencent Games in 2016. China is the only country participating in the King Pro League, and the teams fight for a significant prize pool of more than $2,500,000.

The event's main feature is that each team represents a specific Chinese city. So that makes the King Pro League kind of the national King of Glory tournament.

Honor of Kings Champion Cup

The Honor of King Champion Cup is a King of Glory world tournament whose prize pool reached $10,000,000 this year. Like King Pro League, it was launched in 2016 and is regularly conducted yearly.

The Honor of Kings Champion Cup follows a traditional sports betting event format with a group stage and playoffs.

What King of Glory Teams to Bet on

To give you a headstart in the King of Glory betting realm, we want to present you with a list of the most successful and reliable teams for bets. Each of them will suit well for safe King of Glory bets in most cases:



It is the team owned by Wolverhampton Wanderers British football club, but all its players come from China. In 2022, the team showed an outstanding performance, won King Pro League Summer, and took home $972,248. To track the Wolves' performance choose the best eSports betting app here and win more.

EStar Pro

EStar Pro

It is a professional King of Glory eSports formation that comes from China. EStar achievements include two Honor of Kings Champion Cups and two King Pro Leagues with total earnings of $6,712,936.

Talent Gaming

Talent Gaming

Another Chinese team showed itself as a stable and skillful group. They have never scored first in any major tournaments, but their total earnings reach $2,500,000 just from other winnings.

What is the Difference Between King of Glory, Arena of Valor, Honor of Kings, and Strike of Kings?

In 2015, Tencent released a game called Honor of Kings, and it found great success among the Chinese community. But the game was really similar to LoL (League of Legends), and Tencent faced copyright issues while trying to transfer the game into the other regions.

Due to that, Tencent had to make different game variations, slightly changing visuals and audio to avoid copyright problems. That is why they have four different games played in various parts of the globe, but in essence, those games are the same.

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