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Valorant Esports Betting: How to Bet on Valorant Games in 2023

26.08.2023, 13:50

Valorant is the freshest entry into the professional esports scene. As it is developed and published by Riot Games - a company most known for another of their viral esports titles, League of Legends, Valorant's esports scene is growing exponentially. With such a robust esports ecosystem, inevitably, esports wagering sites will soon follow. Since the scene hasn't reached its peak yet, Valorant betting is an attractive option for both newcomers and veteran players.

Best Valorant Betting Sites

Let's start off by outlining the best Valorant betting sites. We at TIPS.GG have reviewed all these esports betting sites for crucial factors such as Valorant matches and events coverage, user protection, ease of use, and others. Only the top Valorant betting sites made it to this list:

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What Makes Valorant Stand Out

Valorant must have something special about it to make all the esports pros and the betting sites latch onto it so quickly. Let's take a look at some of the biggest things that made all the professional players jump onto this First Person Shooter right after release.

Brand Recognition Since Riot Games is behind one of the most successful esports titles in the industry (League of Legends), it boosted the confidence professional organizations and betting sites had in Valorant's esports scene. It's evident that the success of esports and esports betting directly correlate. Best betting sites for esports knew from day one that the game was about to become an esports phenomenon.
Competitive Framework Ever since Valorant was announced, the developers made it clear that it was made with a competitive Valorant scene in mind. Riot Games made providing the fairest sandbox with the most extensive degree of competitive integrity their mission. By taking all the best practices in the First Person Shooter genre and adding some more, the developers have accomplished the most polished FPS experience for the Valorant teams to date.
Year-round Esports Events Since Valorant betting depends solely on Valorant esports, this is an integral part of what makes the title so successful for both players and bettors. Obviously, more events equal more Valorant betting options. No esports betting site will miss out on the prestigious Valorant Pro Circuit tournaments.
Innovative Experience While Valorant doesn't exactly invent the concept of class-based FPS, it finds a perfect balance between pure gunplay (CS:GO, Call of Duty) and class abilities (Overwatch). None of the Valorant matches are the same - each one is entirely unique. For Valorant betting sites, it means there are more Valorant betting markets available due to increased skill depth.
Accessibility On top of being a highly polished competitive experience, Valorant is also extremely accessible to the broadest audiences. The game is entirely free, which is another plus for those wishing to try Valorant betting. On top of that, it's not demanding, and players do not need expensive gaming hardware to run the title.

Getting Into Valorant Betting

Neon from Valorant

For those just starting out their esports betting journey, a few pointers can go a long way toward making betting on esports online a smoother and more enjoyable experience. Valorant betting isn't too complex to get into at all: the title strives to be as intuitively understandable as possible while still being innovative.

Esports Betting Guidelines

Let's outline a few universal basics before delving into the in-game details:

  1. Make sure to do your research on the game before placing bets on Valorant matches. Knowing the intricacies of the in-game events will make bets more accurate. Playing Valorant is the best way to learn it!
  2. Follow the professional teams. It's important to know which team is on the uptick and which is in a slump - it can make a world of difference when placing bets.
  3. Form a strict budget and do not overstep it. Remember that even the most accurate of esports bettors are bound to make mistakes from time to time. Never bet more than you can afford to lose.
  4. Regularly browse different Valorant betting sites. The key to making money with esports wagering is to stay on top of betting odds and the best esports betting bonuses. Different bookies will offer different Valorant odds on the same event, so grab the better deal!

Valorant Betting Odds

In esports bets, "odds" refers to the implied probability of the team's victory. The higher the odds of a team winning the match, the smaller the prize for guessing it correctly, and vice versa. The odds provided by the bookie are slightly skewed in favor of the bookmaker. For example, odds on a coin flip will look something like 52/48 instead of 50/50. This is called "profit margins."

Looking for Valorant betting sites with the lowest profit margins is critical. The best practice is to compare Valorant betting odds offered by multiple bookies before placing the bet. Remember - bookies compete with each other for bettors' attention, so don't be afraid to take advantage of that to win more!

Aspects Of Valorant Betting

When searching for a good Valorant betting site, you'll find multiple ways to bet on the game. Let's look at some of the most common ways to engage in Valorant betting.

Real Money Betting On Valorant

Real money betting sites are the classic way to bet on Valorant - and on esports as a whole. The rules there are not so different from traditional sports bookies. Real money gambling on esports is taking the world in a wave of hype. Many countries worldwide have legalized the practice as it is received, just like betting on things like horse racing or football nowadays.

Social Valorant Betting Sites

This is an interesting way to place Valorant bets. Also called "tips," this type of esports betting has the players forecast their predictions in the form of a publicly visible vote. Usually, it's entirely free, so this type of Valorant betting is perfect for those who do it for fun and bragging rights. However, it also has a use for real money bettors, as well - if you're unsure about your decision, consult these tips to see which team is more likely to win (according to fans' consensus).


Esports Betting Apps

Top Valorant bookies often have esports betting apps tailored specifically to make Valorant betting endeavors as convenient as possible. In addition to placing bets, these often have information on best Valorant teams, esports odds calculators, and may even provide welcome bonuses for signing up.

Fantasy Valorant Betting

Unlike the previous two ways to bet, in fantasy esports wagering, the players aren't wagering on real esports matches. The bettors instead form their own professional rosters out of a pool of available pro Valorant players, and then bet on them. Their performance is calculated based on the pro players' in-game stats. Since most laws don't recognize this as a form of esports bets at all, it's perfect for those who reside in states with stricter anti-gambling site laws.


Valorant Skin Betting

Although Valorant features loot boxes and in-game items just like CS:GO and Dota 2, it's not possible to engage in skin betting in this title. The technology just isn't quite there.

Valorant Bets Markets

We all know the traditional betting markets like "match winner." Due to Valorant's complexity, however, many bookies offer dozens of different bets to place. Let's take a look at some of the most prominent examples of general esports bets first:

Match Winner The simplest, most popular type of esports bet that can be found in any sportsbook. The payout depends on the odds offered by the bookie - which in turn depends on the relative strength of the participants in the match.
Handicap A popular type of Valorant bet. It mostly operates the same as Match Winner/Outcome bet, but it seeks to eliminate any possible team disparity by giving the favorites a virtual handicap they need to overcome.
Tournament Winner When placing this kind of Valorant bet, it's crucial to be familiar with tens of different professional teams. These bets are cast weeks, if not months, in advance - and only most avid fans of Valorant esports can get them right.
Over/Under, Totals In this kind of bet, the bettors bet on the in-game scores. In Over/Under, the players need to guess whether the game's score (for instance, the number of rounds played) will be overor underthe bookie's arbitrarily chosen number. In Totals, the bettors must guess the correct score of rounds played between the two teams.

Live game

Live betting on Valorant

Esports betting enjoys certain privileges over regular sports betting thanks to its online nature. Esports live betting is the most prominent example of this. In traditional betting markets like "Match Winner," wagering is suspended the moment the match goes underway. Live betting, as its name implies, is not constrained by this - and bettors can freely place their bets while the game is live.

Chamber from Valorant

Artwork credit: Riot games.

Valorant Prop Bets

In addition to the more common esports bet markets described above, Valorant's depth presents an opportunity to bet on more complex aspects of the game. Most of the time, it means betting on game factors that don't immediately result or contribute to the match's outcome. This type of bet is called "prop bets."

Here are some of the most common Valorant prop bets:

  • Bets On Picks. Since Valorant features dozens of different characters, each with unique abilities and strengths, building a synergistic team composition is essential to winning. Some Valorant betting sites let users bet on the picks.
  • Bets On Ingame Events. Sometimes, bettors can place bets on individual players' performance. For instance, bettors are wagering on whether the star Canadian player TenZ will score kills with his signature pick's (Chamber) ultimate ability.

Best Valorant Esports Events To Bet On

All these bet markets wouldn't really be worth anything without the esports events. Thankfully, Riot Games' approach to fostering Valorant's esports scene leaves no questions about the number of available events.

VCT Logo

Valorant Champions Tour

Valorant Champions Tour, or VCT, is the overarching format of Valorant's esports ecosystem. Basically, it's a vast, year-round league that includes multiple tiers of competitions: from small, regional events to massive, international tournaments with dozens of teams.

VCT Master Reykjavik stage

VCT Master Reykjavik stage. Photo credit: Riot Games.

Valorant Challengers

The first stage of VCT, Valorant Challengers, is the introductory stage of the competitive Valorant scene in the form of multiple regional leagues. It is represented in the regions: North America, EMEA, Japan, Korea, APAC, Brazil, LATAM, and South America.

Valorant Masters

Teams that survive the competition in Challengers move onto the next stage - Valorant Masters. VCT Masters represents a serious increase in competitiveness as the teams move into the S-tier international stage. The biggest Valorant events of this caliber usually feature a dozen teams, last multiple weeks, and have massive prize pools.

Valorant Champions

This stage is the pinnacle of competitive Valorant. It's the Valorant World Championship - only the best of the best reach this stage, which, in turn, makes it a very attractive option for the top betting sites to cover. This competition is held once a year and features massive prize pools.

Best Payment Operators For Valorant Betting

When choosing the best Valorant betting site, paying attention to the available payment methods is crucial. It influences the convenience of using the site, the security of your transactions, and even your privacy. Here are some of the most common payment operators featured on all the top Valorant betting sites.



The default choice when online betting. However, it's essential only to use this method with licensed and highly reputable sites. When users bet real money using this method, a lot of info gets relayed to the site - only use it with trusted platforms!



Perhaps the most popular digital wallet in the world, PayPal is an excellent choice for Valorant betting online. PayPal esports betting offers unparalleled security and convenience of transactions.



Valorant esports betting with Neteller is a common choice among experienced esports gamblers. Since its inception, Neteller has been a go-to choice of sports bettors, processing as much as 85% of online gambling transactions in the past decade.



Another popular choice among digital wallets, it has more than two decades of experience, which makes betting on esports with Skrill a safe and secure option.



The most special payment option on this list, cryptocurrency, is nevertheless a respected option offered by most online betting platforms. The popularity of crypto esports betting has spawned multiple betting platforms which perform transactions exclusively in crypto coins.

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