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Responsible Gaming

Esports betting becomes more and more popular all over the world. Unlike classic gambling (casino, lottery) where the result depends mostly on luck, betting gives a real chance to win. Nevertheless, Tips.gg reminds that esports betting should be considered as entertainment, because only few people can get rich with the help of gambling.

Do not forget that a gambling game is “a game” first of all, and it shouldn’t turn into uncontrollable betting addiction. That is why we recommend you keeping up with the following points when interacting with esports betting bookmakers:

  • Do not forget that betting is not a guaranteed source of income. It exists to entertain you.
  • Set up a limit of funds you can spend on betting. Doing that way, you won’t drive yourself into a difficult financial situation in case you lose.
  • Set up a limit of time you want to devote to betting and never increase that period.
  • Keep up with the set money and time frames not only when losing, but also when winning. That is how you will always control yourself.
  • Do not make bets with funds needed to provide you and your family with normal living conditions.
  • Don’t borrow money from friends or relatives, and do not take bank loans to bet on esports.
  • Do not go in for betting when on alcohol or drugs.
  • Avoid using betting as the way to distract from life difficulties.
  • Pay attention to recommendations from people around, and do not neglect those of your family members, friends and colleagues.

You need to be honest with yourself. In case you feel it difficult to keep up with the rules above, we strongly recommend you consulting the appropriate specialist. There are many independent organizations able to provide you with help. More details at https://www.begambleaware.org/

In turn, we remind that Tips.gg is not a gambling provider. Our website is an informational portal, and its goal is to help the player increase their winning chances by publishing independent predictions, statistics and other data. Visitors can use the information publishes on Tips.gg website at their own risk. Check more details at the Disclaimer of Liability website page.

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