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Best Hearthstone Betting Site List 2022

14.09.2022, 10:46

Hearthstone betting is very rewarding if you have the required knowledge and strategy. Although mastering the game takes a while, profitable bets make it worthwhile. Actually, making a Hearthstone bet gives you the same level of excitement and enthusiasm that making the move that finishes off your opponent in a real match.

Moreover, esports betting on Hearthstone will expand your expertise in the game besides grabbing some extra money. This, in its turn, will open plenty of new opportunities to participate in tournaments and win various prizes.

However, what Hearthstone betting platform you invest in will determine the security of your bets. To help you choose the most credible platform, we have surveyed the market and developed a list of the best esports betting sites.


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    Hearthstone Developing into Esports

    Hearthstone Board

    This is what the playing field for Hearthstone looks like. Image Credit: Activision Blizzard


    Hearthstone entered the eSports market right upon its release. Today, it is the main collectible card game CCG of the electronic sports scene. The game belonged to the Warcraft Series and was initially titled Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft. It’s currently available on PCs and via mobile and macOS variants. Most players come from Russia, the US, Brazil, Poland, and Germany.

    Plenty of bettors compare the game with poker, yet it also has some likeliness to Chess. To win the game, the player always has to be a couple of steps ahead of the opponent and take their moves carefully since the same caution is on the opponent’s mind, too.

    To win in Hearthstone, one must be able to make witty moves and bluff when needed. The same can be said about Hearthstone esports betting on live bet esport. If other esports games require a high focus, you don’t have to act as fast as you can. Instead, you are given the time to plan for the whole game and increase your chances of winning. To bet on Hearthstone and win, you should take your time and study the entire Hearthstone, detect the best teams and players, analyze their style of gaming, and choose exceptionally those who are most likely to win the match.

    Useful Hearthstone Betting Tips and Tricks

    Like in any other gambling product, in Hearthstone, chances rule possibilities. However, this doesn’t mean you should bet and hope your luck will work. You can still increase your winning chances by preparing yourself to face the challenges of making a bet.

    We have a useful esports betting guide for you to place a successful bet on Hearthstone.


    Study the Cards

    One of the essential points in making an effective bet is seeing the decks the players will use in the game Hearthstone and understanding them. This way, you can conclude which player counteracts weaknesses and strengths better. Bet on the player with the best face and structure in their deck - this is an almost certain win.


    Analyze the Teams and Players

    Most major esports bookmaker platforms offer clear Hearthstone odds of what’s more likely to happen before you place the bet. Although you should consider these odds, basing your strategy on them will be a mistake. Instead, watch the player’s style of gambling, the types of decks they use, etc.


    Compare the Odds

    Betting on Hearthstone tournaments with an operator with profitable esports odds has many advantages. The better the odds are, the higher your winnings can be. Therefore, seek those betting sites with the reputation of providing users with the best deals. Normally, official tournaments in Hearthstone, are played in the Conquest format. The available esports betting odds formats for Hearthstone betting are fractional, Moneyline, and decimal.

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    Betting calculator

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    Keep Up with Games at Hearthstone Esports Betting Contests

    Generally, Hearthstone updates every month. This brings three major changes via new, nerfed, and upgraded cards. So if you know what’s happening in the game and what’s changing, you can determine which deck gives results, which cards are stronger, etc., whether playing the game on the PC or esport betting app.


    Search for the Right Bonuses at Hearthstone Betting Site

    Online sportsbooks bonuses are brilliant incentives to attract new bettors and keep the existing ones excited about wagering on the platform. The most generous ones are new customers dedicated esports bonuses. You may most often be granted a free bet just for joining the betting site. Every esports betting bonus and promotion is lightly unique with its own sets of benefits and flaws. Hence, choose those which are better catered to your specific needs. Bonuses for esports betting are met rarely, hence don’t miss it once you have encountered one.

    Hearthstone Esports Betting Tournaments

    Hearthstone esports betting has been established throughout tournaments. And when Hearthstone competitions start, esports sites draw odds and offer various bet options. If you choose Hearthstone to test your luck in eSports betting, let us describe the most notorious events.


    Hearthstone Grandmasters is the premier level of the Hearthstone tournament. It is composed of two seasons, each lasting eight weeks. In total, 48 of the best Hearthstone players from around the world - 16 each from Europe, the Americas, and Asia-Pacific regions. By the end of the year, several players are left - two from each region and two Gold Series Champions from China. They compete for the most prestigious title of Hearthstone World Champion and a huge money prize.

    The most popular sportsbooks offer a series of betting markets for this event since it’s the most anticipated and promises millions of global views.

    Hearthstone World Championship

    The Hearthstone World Championship is the official global championship and the final for the Hearthstone Grandmasters system. Every year, eight players from four regions gather to compete for the title of the best - two each from Europe, the Americas, China, and Asia-Pacific.

    Being the most prominent of all biggest tournaments, it is held once a year, and the finalist acquires a huge amount of money via the prize.

    You can bet at any of the online sportsbooks we have reviewed. All of them offer the best odds and most diverse eSports markets.

    Masters Tour

    Masters Tour is the premier event traveling the world to search for the best players and teams that can make an epic breakthrough. It has a three-tiered structure that Blizzard Entertainment first implemented in 2019. The competitive scene tiers include Hearthstone Masters Qualifiers, Hearthstone Masters Tours, and Hearthstone Grandmasters.

    Streamers Cup

    Watching Hearthstone contests, including the Streamers Cup, is possible through the official YouTube channel of this eSports. The contest venue is South Korea, and the official language of the tournament is Korean. Therefore, it allows famous streamers worldwide to compete for the cup and views.

    Most Common Hearthstone Bets

    Hearthstone is a 1v1 turn-based free-to-play digital collectible card game. In this game, two players get a collection of virtual cards that can be used to beat their opponent. Although the bets on Hearthstone esports appear pretty standard, the Hearthstone competitive scene is still under development, and the game acquires new game modes, events, and options with every update. Based on this, some Hearthstone betting sites can add new esports markets periodically.

    The Round Winner The presumes simply guessing who will win the round. However, it’s perhaps the most popular bet type, and every reputable Esports bookmaker offers quite decent odds for it.
    The Round Loser If you are sure which player will be the underdog of the round, bet on them and win some cash. The odds for the bet are normally close or equal to match-winner bets.
    Overall Round Advantage Like the match winner, the bet is placed on the player or the team that is more likely to win in most rounds.
    First Running Out of Health In Hearthstone, the concept of healing takes a critical role. So, you can wager on the player who, you think, will run out of health first. The odds for this bet are normally rather high, yet the chances to win with it are not encouraging.
    First Running Out of Cards In Healthstone, the cards are divided into minions, spells, weapons, and hero cards. They come with a mana cost: every new game starts only with one mana point, while others are to be earned with every turn. If a player doesn’t manage to get mana during the round, he runs out of cards. Betting on this can be greatly rewarding yet risky.
    Overall Number of Matches to be Won Like the standard sports totals function (over and under bets), this bet lets you predict how many turns the match will last - either under or over the number suggested by the virtual bookmaker.

    Most Prominent Hearthstone Players

    Competitive Hearthstone matches are played individually. And although the game is greatly unpredictable, those players who are highly ranked play at the shortest odds for both ordinary games and major tournaments. Let’s see what histories surround the most distinguished players.


    Japanese Glory

    This Japanese player started playing in January 2016 with a budget Mech Mage deck. Since then, he has acquired several noteworthy placements, including first place at the APAC Summer Playoffs. Perhaps no Hearthstone esports betting real money takes place without wagers on this player.


    Gariel «‎Gaby» Jeanne

    This French Hearthstone player, who has participated in over 80 matches, is one of the youngest ones in the market. Specifically, Gabriel “Gaby” Jeanne was the youngest Masters Tour champion and Grandmaster.


    Japanese Posesi

    Japanese player Posesi is a five-time Hearthstone World Champion and took the victory home in 2021. His total earnings have been counted as $349,415. Posesi is perhaps the most sought-after participant in Hearthstone eSports betting blockchain sites.

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