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Hi! We are looking for talents in love with esports, so we invite you to join team. We have experience, expertise, resources and we count on you to help us reach our ambitious and achievable goal - to become the #1 information site on the global esports market.

You can find a list of active jobs below, and send your resume to

Esports writer (English)

We are looking for a person who loves and understands esports, follows major events in the world, who can intelligently, interestingly, with a professional journalistic approach describe them in English.

Experience and skills the candidate should have:

  • High level of written English;
  • Adept knowledge of and interest in esports: games (or focus on one title), major leagues, events, competition formats, major world teams, players and their transfers;
  • Experience as a copywriter in English at least 1 year;
  • Ability to express thoughts in text form clearly and creatively;
  • The ability to independently search information and the ability to track a large number of sources of esports content;
  • Experience working with graphics editors to prepare articles for publication (cropping/cutting images in Photoshop, etc.);
  • Cleanliness and pedantry in their approach to work;
  • Experience with any CMS would be an advantage.

Main responsibilities:

  • Search for interesting events from the world of esports;
  • Writing content (news, analytical articles, guides, predictions);
  • Publishing news content on the site (we'll teach you): editing the text, preparing and adding graphics, fixing sections, creating additional links to other pages of the site (tags, links to matches, tournaments).

What we offer:

  • Remote and free work schedule - a great part-time job to combinie with your main job/studies;
  • You plan the amount of materials that you are ready to produce in a calendar month;
  • You'll be working on a large and interesting project in a growing niche of esports, writing about something you're passionate about and enjoy;
  • Piece rate pay for your work depending on the amount of articles and their size.

If you're confident that is the project you're ready to plunge into and invest your time and effort, we're waiting for your feedback!

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