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SMITE Esports Betting – Placing Real Money Bets

12.12.2023, 15:11

SMITE Esports Betting TIPS.GGSmite has carved itself a unique niche in the MOBA market, inspiring many clones and successors. Although SMITE is not the most popular MOBA, eclipsed by League of Legends and Dota 2, it has a sizable following thanks to its uniqueness.  Due to visual features and gameplay decisions, SMITE has become one of the most original Multiplayer Online Battle Arena games at betting sites. Thanks to its unique nature and countless factors at play, SMITE has tons of different betting markets for punters of all levels. Check out the list of esports betting platforms that can be used to bet on SMITE below.

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What Can You Bet On? Smite Betting Markets

To diversify wagering experience, SMITE best betting sites have tons of different betting markets to choose from. To test the esports markets, visit any of the esport bookmakers and just play around with odds and bets. It will help you to get a general understanding of your potential profits.

Match Winner Similarly to other team-based games and esports, SMITE esports competitions are formed of matches between teams. This most basic and easy-to-understand betting market allows you to bet on the Smite team you think will win a certain match. Because Smite matches can be quite hard to predict, the odds on these betting options are pretty unstable, but esports live betting is not applied to it.
Outrights Since every SMITE professional match is a part of an overarching esports tournament, experienced punters can skip betting on individual matches and go straight to betting on the outcome of a whole tournament. This type of bet requires intimate knowledge of the game's pro scene, meta, and players' forms - so it's only for the true veterans!
First Blood During the SMITE match, players must score kills to get ahead in the income and attempt to push opponents. "First blood" betting market (presented at any betting site) allows you to predict which one of the two teams will score the first elimination. Furthermore, some esports bookmakers allow you to choose a player to score the first kill, instead of just the team.
Individual Players If you know how to play Smite and have experience in spectating major tournaments, you can try to predict and bet on the individual player's performance. But before making this bet, make sure to conduct a full analysis of the previous competitive Smite matches of the player and what Gods he is good at. That is one of the general betting tips, still, it will help you to emerge victorious in more of your bets. Check out this article on how to bet on esports and find even more similar useful tips.
Specific Events With Smite being a MOBA genre game, it has numerous objectives which can be used to create certain events. Events can vary depending on the chosen game mode, but generally, you can bet on who destroys a certain tower first, kills a map boss/neutral monsters, etc. Betting on specific events can be risky due to the unpredictability of the in-game situation. But on the other hand, Specific Events betting odds are pretty high, allowing you to win more. Look for the best real money esports betting sites to take advantage of such great odds.

Smite Esports League TIPS.GG

Smite Esports Matches and Events

Although SMITE is a relatively niche title, major tournaments and events are part of its esports ecosystem. Make sure to keep an eye on these important events as they present the best opportunity to wager on competitive SMITE safely.

Since international events are often held in different timezones, choosing a betting platform with the best esports betting app is your best bet to always be able to jump right into the action regardless of where it catches you.

The Smite World Championship is the crown jewel of SMITE esports ecosystem. Organized directly by Hi-Rez Studios (the developers and publishers of SMITE) and was first launched in 2015, featuring teams from the most competitive regions. In 2015, its enormous prize pool of 2.6 million dollars was the third-highest prize pool across all of esports titles. The debut SMITE World Cup crowned the North American team COGnitive Gaming the champions, with the team taking home a half of total prize pool.

Due to the huge interest in Smite World Championship betting, it gets the most betting options and highest odds.

COGnitive Gaming

Smite Pro League

SMITE also features a regular season called SMITE Pro League. Organized and run by Hi-Rez Studios, the studio offers a high level of competition year-round. Not only does it make it a great viewing experience, but an excellent betting environment, as well.

The SPL is divided into three main stages:

  • Pre-Season: Smite esports teams get a chance to show their skill and to qualify to the main stage of the tournament;
  • Regular Season: SPL regular season is played in a double round-robin format, meaning that the competitors will have to face one another two times to determine the best ranking teams.;
  • Play-Offs: A final stage of the tournament that sets a finishing point for the competitive scene of the Pro League, defining an absolute winner.

Smite Professional Teams

The simplest way to bet on SMITE is figuring our which team is the best and sticking to it. Such an approach allows betters to learn all five players of the team, to understand which playable characters are their best, etc. In-depth understanding of a team's strengths and weaknesses obviously makes it easier to predict their match outcomes. There are more advanced ways to approach SMITE betting, such as esports odds counting and others, so make sure to check them out, too!

Here's a short list of some of the most successful and titled SMITE teams:

Atlantis Leviathans

Atlantis Leviathans

It's a no-brainer to keep an eye out on champions, and that's who Atlantis Leviathans are. This North American team is managed directly by the Hi-Rez Studios. Their victory in the SMITE World Championship 2022 set them apart from their competition.

The Camelot Kings

The Camelot Kings

The Camelot Kings showed great resilience after hitting a rocky start in their debut 2021 season. Bouncing back from being dead last in SPL Phase 1 to the Gold in SPL Phase 2 is not an easy feat, and for that alone The Camelot Kings should be respected as a team with massive potential. Their 3rd place finish in SMITE World Championship 2022 is a testament to that.

Jade Dragons

Jade Dragons

Jade Dragons are a new team showing massive potential. Established in 2021, Jade Dragon's roster backbone was made up of a formerly Ghost Gaming's players. It goes without saying that the champions of Smite World Championship 2020 are indeed worthy opponents and a team you'd like to bet on.

Smite and esports

Among the MOBA games, Smite has a special place with its third-person perspective, conquest mode, and many opportunities for Smite esports betting. It's not as popular as its more famous competitors in the MOBA genre like Dota 2 and League of Legends, but if you're looking for something more niche, SMITE might be just the thing. In fact, SMITE strikes a great balance between massive and niche: the Battleground of the Gods still features large scale events and regular leagues without being overbearing and overcomplicated.

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