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CSGO Betting: A Complete Guide CS:GO Esports Bets

06.10.2022, 07:40

Making accurate bets on CS:GO matches requires intricate knowledge of the game in addition to general betting rules. While Counter-Strike is a complicated esports with more than two decades of history, learning the ropes is easy. We at TIPS.GG have compiled a handy guide about the essentials: basic game mechanics, top teams overview, and trusted betting operators.

Top CSGO Betting Bookies Of 2022

Only the best CS:GO betting sites made it to this list. Our team tested each site and included only those that satisfy all the strict requirements in the final list. The hallmarks of a good bookmaker:

  • adequate user protection and licensing;
  • variety in betting markets and games;
  • excellent and timely customer service;
  • and many others.

Choose one of the bookies below to access the best CSGO betting options.

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Get To Know More About The Esports

Esports has long become the officially recognized type of sport in many countries. With such recognition comes another integral part of sports: match betting. Several popular and widespread esports games have conquered the esports betting industry, and CS:GO is at the helm. Despite the series' age, Counter-Strike's fanbase keeps growing.

CS:GO logo

What is CS:GO

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO) is one of the most popular esports titles developed by Valve. The title’s popularity rivals that of traditional sports’ - and the same can be said about its esports betting opportunities. CSGO's success inspired many copycats and competitors - the biggest proof of the game's cult status.

The History Of Counter-Strike

Counter-Terrorists from the French GIGN faction

An illustrative image displays two of the game's main protagonists, the Counter-Terrorists from the French GIGN faction. Image credit: Valve

Counter-Strike's history goes back to the previous millennia. Originally a fan-made mod for another of Valve's cult classics, Half-Life, Counter-Strike first saw the light in 1999. The tactical team-based gameplay quickly captivated the audience, revolutionizing the FPS and transforming it into the team-based competitive esports title we know today. The franchise grew exponentially as team-based sports - including esports - are incredibly popular among gamer and bettor communities. With constant updates, tweaks, and map additions, the game has lasted a decade without losing popularity.

Gameplay Basics

Being familiar with CS:GO’s gameplay is essential for placing accurate bets on professional matches. CSGO's competitive mode features two teams - Terrorists and Counter-Terrorists - trying to eliminate each other and/or complete different map objectives. Completing in-game objectives (like eliminating the enemy, planting or defusing the Bomb, winning or losing rounds in a row) rewards the player with currency. At the beginning of each round, the players can spend their earned cash to buy better gear - that stays with them until death or half swap.

How Does CSGO Betting Work

As one of the most popular esports titles in the world, CSGO enjoys a developed and reliable betting infrastructure. Licensed CSGO betting sites offer a large variety of bets: even niche things like social betting and fantasy team betting are becoming increasingly popular.

Real Money Bets

The most common type is CSGO real money betting. The winnings pool depends on the odds the bookie offers. The best practice is to compare the odds of the various bookmakers to choose the most beneficial offer.

Items & Skins Betting

Real money isn't the only option for wagering on CSGO. It's not uncommon to stumble upon a gambling site that offers CSGO skin bets or bets with other in-game items. Since it's possible to earn in-game items by simply playing Counter-Strike, this is one of the best CSGO low-budget betting options. This can even mean free bets on CSGO, with enough playtime.

Social Betting

Social betting means that the player-made bets are publicly visible - and most of the time celebrated in a chat room. CSGO betting tips are another form of social betting: more experienced bettors share their betting strategies with newer players to help them understand the game better. Entire communities, like CSGO betting reddit, sprang around this idea. This kind of betting is handy for beginners still unsure about their choices.

Fantasy Betting

In fantasy betting, the players make their own pro teams! The bettors assemble rosters out of the pool of professional players and then bet on their fantasy esports team's performance based on their performance metrics.

Types Of CSGO Bets

CS:GO offers many opportunities for bettors as one of the most viewed and played esports titles. Here's a quick overview of the most popular betting markets on CS:GO esports matches. This is by no means an exhaustive list.

Match Winner A simple CSGO bet easily found on any bookmaker website. This type of bet is suitable for beginners: just choose one of the sides in a CSGO match betting.
Tournament Winner A relatively simple bet: except this time, the bettors must choose a winner over a larger timeframe. Requires more knowledge about teams, but the betting odds are higher.
Handicap This type of CSGO bet is meant to counteract the instances where one team is much stronger than the other. The stronger team is given a virtual "handicap" to overcome for the bookmaker to consider them the winner.

For example, team A plays against team B. The player wants to bet on his favorite team A but realizes they will lose. The player then places a bet with a handicap on team A equal to +1.5, which means that the team is given a handicap of one and a half maps. If team A loses with a score of 1:2, the bet will still come in because it will mean that team A won with a score of 1+1.5 = 2.5. But if team A loses 0:2, they will have 0+1.5=1.5, and the bet will be counted as a loss.

Over/Under In over/under CSGO betting, the players are given a predefined number of in-game events (like eliminations or assists) from the match beginning. The task is to guess whether the final score will be over or under this arbitrary number.
Most/Least The bettors guess which player/team will have the most eliminations/bomb plants/assists, etc.
First Blood The bettors guess which player/team will score the first elimination of the game.
Knife Round Winner The winner of the knife round gets the privilege of choosing their starting side (T or CT). The bettors try to guess the winner of this round.
Top Fragger The bettors try to guess which pro player will have the highest in-game performance stats.
Live Betting An increasingly popular type of bet where gamblers bet on ongoing esports matches. Some live streaming platforms have integrated the infrastructure required to place this type of bet directly into their interface.
Other There are many other options for CSGO bets: from in-game stats to career standings.

How To Place The First Bet On CSGO Events

From a layman's perspective, finding the right bookie and placing the first bet may seem difficult. It's absolutely not: here's a short algorithm to show how easy it is.

Select A Site From Our List

When picking out a reliable bookie, it's crucial to consider many factors: if CSGO betting sites are legit, their betting odds, and high event coverage. We have compiled a list of bookmakers that meet all of these standards.

Create And Verify The Account

After picking a reliable bookmaking service, create the account. Most bookmakers require verification, so enter correct personal information.

This step is necessary so the service can comply with the regulations - CSGO betting is available only to those 18 or older.

Make First Deposit And Activate The Welcome Bonus

Most CSGO betting websites offer a wide variety of payment operators: from Visa and MasterCard to CSGO betting with PayPal and even cryptocoin-based transactions.

Some bookies even offer CSGO no deposit betting - if this is the case, it's possible to skip this step.

Plenty of bookmaking operators offer new users bonuses. It's important to activate them before placing the first bet for maximum efficiency.

Navigate To The Event Of Interest And Place The Bet

Modern CSGO betting bookmakers have user-friendly designs that make finding the desired events easy and quick.

Depending on the type of bet, it could take a while for the bookie to resolve your wager. CSGO live betting matches will take an hour to resolve, but betting on a tournament winner can take up to a month.

Factors To Consider When Choosing A Bookmaker

Since CSGO is a massively popular esport, most bookmakers will have plenty of betting markets. The existing sites and new CSGO betting sites ensure a large variety to choose from. It's essential to consider these standards when picking a bookie:

Main Bonuses Most bookies offer welcome bonuses for beginners and loyalty bonuses for veterans. It's essential to consider both to maximize efficiency and enjoyment. A deposit bonus or CSGO betting promo codes are just as crucial as high betting odds.
Quality And Reliability We strongly recommend wagering solely on licensed resources. Only officially recognized and regulated bookmaker services comply with local laws and have sufficient levels of customer protection. This factor is crucial to those who live in a country with heavily regulated CSGO betting (USA).
Customer Support And Player Protection Excellent customer support via multiple channels is a must-have for any reputable bookie.
Secure Payment Options Perhaps the most essential factor to consider. Payment security means everything when it comes to third-party betting operators.
Event Coverage CSGO enjoys the highest event coverage out of all esports titles, thanks to its impressive legacy. Since there are always tons of events being played, from minor regional leagues to large international events, CS:GO betting markets are miles ahead of any other esport.
Best Odds It's recommended to compare betting CSGO odds offered by different bookmakers to find the best offer.

Top-5 CSGO Betting Websites

Below is a list of the most trusted and reliable CSGO gambling sites. These platforms offer the widest variety of betting markets, the most profitable betting odds, and plenty of user protection guarantees (like responsible gambling policies). The esports betting markets offered by the top betting sites are as robust as traditional sports betting resources - and sometimes even surpass them.


First on our list of top-rated bookies is one of the most popular choices. GG.BET has defined the esports bookmaker industry. The service offers excellent event coverage, the best user protection on the market, and worldwide licensed coverage. Check our detailed review to find out more.



One of the oldest and most reputable global betting brands. Betway takes esports to the next level by sponsoring multiple top-notch esports games alongside popular multi-gaming organizations such as G2 Esports, PSG Esports, and Invictus Gaming. It offers gamblers a massive variety of esports markets, bonus offers, and promo codes. Check our Betway review to learn more.



Originating from the United Kingdom, Bet365 is the esports betting site to choose when it comes to live bets on CSGO events. Bet365 has all the Premier-tier events covered - and many smaller markets like CSGO 1v1 gambling, and others. Our Bet365 review allows for a more holistic view of esports betting with this top bookie.



Thunderpick is a leader in its crypto-based CSGO betting niche. With various accepted cryptocurrencies - with the most popular being CSGO bitcoin betting - this esports betting site offers a digital paradise for users striving to maintain online anonymity. Please take a look at our Thunderpick review and start betting with crypto.



This relatively new gambling site puts the CSGO betting markets at the storefront. The bookie offers a healthy mix of great odds and quality-of-life features. Discover our Rivalry review if you want to dig into all the ins and outs.

Major CSGO Championships

The highest-tier events in the CSGO esports ecosystem are called Majors. These Major tournaments enjoy direct support from the game's developer and publisher, Valve Corporation, and attract millions of spectators worldwide.

ESL Pro League

This esports league was established in 2015. Hundreds of thousands of viewers follow each season held by the organizers. This league's championship title is considered one of the most prestigious on the pro scene. As it's the most prolific event series on the scene with its constant-running games, ESL's CSGO betting is the most popular choice.

BLAST Premier

Perhaps the fastest growing CSGO league. Launched in 2020 in the Americas and Europe, it includes two tournament seasons — Spring and Fall. The concluding series, titled Global Final or World Final, boasts a $1 million prize pool. It opens great opportunities for beginner CSGO bettors as well as experienced gamblers.


Launched in 1994, the DreamHack series is one of the world's oldest esports events. DreamHack events are held in multiple cities worldwide, with the most popular one being Sweden's Jonkoping, with two biannual events since 2002 — Summer and Winter. Today's DH series is a part of ESL with seasonal Open and Masters championships and prizes going up to $250,000. The event features dozens of different esports titles, and CSGO is obviously at the forefront.

Intel Extreme Masters

The IEM is famous for being the longest-running professional esports competition in the world. The tournament started in Europe in 2007 and very quickly spread all over the globe with the Global Challenge, Asian, American, and World Championships series. This series is the lifeblood of CSGO's esports, with ongoing events and massive trophies for the winners.

Best CSGO Teams

Below is a list of the highest-caliber organizations that have proven their excellence over the years. When looking for CSGO team betting, these are the options to consider first.



Borrowing the name from one of the old-school Finnish CS 1.6 teams, Astralis is easily one of the strongest organizations in the entire history of competitive Counter-Strike. The legendary Danes are primarily famous for their four major CSGO championship wins — a record number of Valve-sponsored events. Their CSGO division earned about $10 million in prizes throughout its existence. Notable achievements include wins at ELEAGUE CSGO Premier 2018 and BLAST Pro Series: Global Final 2019.

Natus Vincere

Natus Vincere

Na'Vi (from Latin "Born to win") or NAVI is a Ukrainian multi-gaming esports organization. With outstanding performance in 2010, when they won 4 trophies at IEM, ESWC, WCG, and DreamHack, the org proved itself to be a real esports dynasty. Natus Vincere kept up the pace and is still among the best esports teams occupying the highest places in CSGO tournaments. Not only have they competed in every Major since 2013, but Na'Vi was the third team in the history of Counter-Strike who grabbed the $1 million Intel Grand Slam prize after Astralis and Team Liquid. Na'Vi did not drop a single map at the PGL Major 2021.

Team Liquid

Team Liquid

The team originated from the Netherlands and was founded in 2000 by Victor "Nazgul" Goossens. Team Liquid started its professional esports performance as a StarCraft: Brood War clan and transitioned to StarCraft II in 2010. Five years later, the organization created a CSGO division that appeared to be very successful, judging from the high ratings and first places in ESL, Intel, and BLAST league competitions. TL's most notable achievement includes the Intel Grand Slam Season 2 trophy. After a series of unfortunate silver medals in 2018, Liquid won 4 consecutive big CS events in just two months of May and July 2019.

Team Vitality

Team Vitality

One of the leading European organizations was created in 2013 in France. The team has participated in more than 60 tournaments since its official entry into the CSGO scene in 2018. In Moscow, Vitality outplayed their opponents at the ECS S7 Finals and EPICENTER 2019. In 2020, the French squad topped the chart at IEM XV Beijing EU and BLAST Premier: Fall 2020. Dan "apEX" Madesclaire's team reached the finals of the ESL Pro League Season 14 in September 2021. Team Vitality is another strong competitor that any bettor should consider when making CSGO bets.

Best CSGO Players To Bet On

In esports, it's common to see "star players" performing better than their peers on average. Paying attention to them increases wager accuracy.

Mathieu ZywOo Herbaut


Mathieu "ZywOo" Herbaut. The professional esports player and a member of Team Vitality has been showing excellent results since his first appearance on the big CSGO stage in 2018. Previously playing for the legendary team against All authority and winning the Phenom of the Year award by theScore esports in 2019, the French superstar talent has been the number one player in CS for the last two years. ZywOo remained at the top of the HLTV rankings and grabbed 11 MVP awards in 2019-2020.

Aleksandr s1mple Kostyliev


Aleksandr "s1mple" Kostyliev. Earning 17 MVP awards in various S-tier esports events and 6 of them in 2021, s1mple is widely considered among the greatest CSGO players of all time, alongside other top contenders. Winning one tournament after another with his Ukrainian team Na'Vi in the role of AWPer, he brought home about $1,4 million throughout his professional esports career. Finally winning a Major in 2021, Sasha also previously grabbed an Intel Grand Slam Season 3 cup when Na'Vi topped EPL S14 in September 2021.

Nicolai dev1ce Reedtz


Nicolai "dev1ce" Reedtz. An experienced CSGO professional is famous for his AWPer role in Astralis. Before joining the legendary Danish squad and becoming one of the absolute best players in the world with 4 Major wins under his belt, dev1ce played for Copenhagen Wolves, uber G33KZ, Dignitas, and TSM. From the top 20 in 2014, he quickly rose to the world's top 3 players and held tight in 2015-2019, earning a record 19 MVPs.

Denis electronic Sharipov


Denis "electronic" Sharipov. A professional CSGO player is one of the best esports athletes in the world. He started competing in 2015 with ACES and has cycled a couple of teams since then. One of the top figures in Natus Vincere, electronic belongs to the elite riflers in CSGO, with approximate earnings hovering around $1.2 million. The 23-year-old was rated as one of the top 5 best players of the year according to HLTV standings in 2018-2020. With Na'Vi, Sharipov won many significant esports events such as PGL Major Stockholm 2021, IEM Cologne 2021, and IEM Katowice 2020.

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