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CS2 (CS:GO) Predictions: 2024 Tipsters Betting Advice


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What types of CS:GO tips do we offer

Although TIPS.GG currently only supports Match Outcome tips, CS:GO esports betting sites offer way more betting options. Over time, we’ll be integrating more of them. For instance, we’ll have CS:GO betting tips in:

Score Related Bets

There’s only one thing more fun than seeing a star player pop off in a match – and that is correctly guessing their score. We’ll be displaying CS:GO betting advice based on team and player performance metrics.

Map Veto

Certain bookies allow the punters to bet on map vetos. Knowing which teams are strong on which maps allow you to be more accurate on this type of bet.

And more!

CS:GO esports betting is full of unique opportunities and betting markets. CS:GO bet predictions are invaluable when your goal is to maximize your accuracy.

What CS:GO tournaments predictions do we provide

ESL Series

The heart of CS:GO esports, ESL is the longest-standing esports league that attracts the greatest rosters from all over the world to compete. It’s the prime opportunity to place bets, so any quality CS:GO prediction is invaluable.


Ever since its inception in 2015, PGL has been the organizer behind CS:GO’s most-watched esports leagues. PGL holds the standard of sportsmanship and production quality rarely seen before.

BLAST Premier

A yearly professional esports league attracting the most skilled teams from the strongest region, BLAST has quickly become the fan favorite. Since it’s the event of choice for many punters, CS:GO match predictions are valuable as ever when BLAST is around.

Who are our CS:GO tipsters

As TIPS.GG is made by gamers for gamers, we know where to look for quality assessment on the current esports scene state, the meta, and more. Our moderator team is comprised of avid esports fans and members of the esports community, so only the quality CS:GO betting advice ever makes it to the front page.

How CS:GO tips are rated

Each of our tipsters has their own accuracy score. The larger the percentage of correct tips, the more weight their tips have. This means that accurate tipsters will always have their tips at the very top. Additionally, we integrate bookmakers’ odds into our CS:GO betting predictions.

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