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Predictions: 6
European Pro League Season 6: Division 2
ENCE Academy
55% Bookies
88% Tipsters (7/8)

Mind7 predict win ENCE Academy vs KRC Genk

We are on the elimination match from group A from European Pro League Season 6 division 2, and the winner from this match will get one more chance to get qualification into the pla...

European Development Championship Season 7
70% Bookies
100% Tipsters (11/11)

Mind7 predict win Nexus vs GTZ.ESPORTS

We are on the upper bracket round 2 from European Development Championship Season 7 Closed Qualifier, and we will have already 2 teams already with a win in this competition, that ...

IEM XVII Katowice 2023
60% Bookies
89% Tipsters (16/18)

Mind7 predict win ENCE vs Complexity Gaming

We are in the lower bracket round 2 from IEM Katowice play in stage, we are going to see two teams already with a win and a loss in this competition, and while the winner will be q...

IEM XVII Katowice 2023
60% Bookies
89% Tipsters (16/18)

inden1al predict win ENCE vs Complexity Gaming

An interesting matchup today as ENCE take on Complexity for qualification.ENCE drew the short straw coming up against Cloud9 and still gave a good account of themselves.A good show...

IEM XVII Katowice 2023
Team Spirit
63% Bookies
84% Tipsters (16/19)

Mind7 predict win Team Spirit vs Sprout

We are on the lower bracket round 2 from IEM Katowice 2023, and we will have 2 teams facing each other, both already with a win and a loss in this competition, but the winner will ...

IEM XVII Katowice 2023
37% Bookies
16% Tipsters (3/19)

inden1al predict win Sprout vs Team Spirit

The final match of the IEM Katowice Play-In 2023 has Spirit taking on an impressive Sprout.I expected a bit more from Spirit, can they take down a surging Sprout.A strong opening v...


Predictions: 3
11:30In 14 hr.IEM XVII Katowice 2023
Natus Vincere
46% Bookies
80% Tipsters (4/5)

inden1al predict win Natus Vincere vs Cloud9

To open the IEM Katowice 2023 main event we have Cloud9 vs Na’Vi facing off in the CIS derby.Cloud9 came through the Play-In with ease, can they continue the momentum.Missing out o...

15:00In 18 hr.IEM XVII Katowice 2023
G2 Esports
75% Bookies
100% Tipsters (5/5)

inden1al predict win G2 Esports vs BIG

Title contenders G2 are taking on BIG in their opening match here at IEM Katowice 2023.G2 came out of the blocks scorching hot at BLAST Spring Groups, can they continue here?A herc...

18:30In 21 hr.IEM XVII Katowice 2023
43% Bookies
100% Tipsters (4/4)

inden1al predict win OG vs MOUZ

The first showing of MOUZ since the new year up against a very busy OG.MOUZ come in as a relatively unknown quantity, directly qualifying and having no warmup.This is the first sho...


Predictions: 1
11:30In 1 d.IEM XVII Katowice 2023
Team Vitality
- Tipsters

inden1al predict win Team Vitality vs Ninjas in Pyjamas

In the opening game of Group B here at IEM Katowice 2023 we have Vitality taking on the Ninjas in Pyjamas.Vitality made light work of their group at the BLAST Spring Groups, can th...

Become a skillful CS:GO bettor with the professional support of our tipsters. Here you will find the CSGO predictions for current events calculated by professionals. Learn about tips and predictions for betting on your favorite game and start earning money straight away.

CS:GO major predictions for today

As gambling on CSGO is growing in popularity and the variety of esports gambling markets is getting bigger, it may be difficult to place precise bets for those who do not have deep knowledge of the game. Luckily, our team of experienced bettors analyzed the information about Counter-Strike: Global Offensive teams and players, their statistics, and performance history, and calculated the betting tips and predictions for today. Check the table below with CS GO major predictions for today and start placing bets right away.

CS:GO matches predictions explained

In the esports industry, there is a large number of esports experts who look into the statistics of past matches and assess the state of each team and its members. To make CSGO esports predictions and tips, a trained analyst gathers all the available information about the upcoming event and analyzes it thoroughly. Every detail matters when working on such predictions. Let’s take a look at what betting predictions are and why you should use them.
Follow the link for more information on CSGO betting.

What are esports betting tips and predictions

Betting tips and predictions are calculated forecasts that you can refer to when placing bets. They are especially useful for beginner bettors who have just started their esports journey. Such tips are made by more experienced bettors who have a broad knowledge of a particular game, teams, and players.

Why use them

In case you are not sure of the accuracy of your own betting predictions, the ready-made gambling tips will be of great help to you. Use CS:GO matches predictions to place more successful bets with higher chances of winning. You do not have to learn about every aspect of placing bets on CSGO. All you need to do is to choose the prediction, place your bet and wait for the results.

Who creates these tips

CSGO betting tips are created by tipsters — skillful esports gamblers who have been in the esports bookmakers industry for years. They have a wide knowledge of CS:GO game specifics and are experienced enough to share their predictions with other bettors. Tipsters can be regular bettors who have been placing bets for some time or experts who make gambling predictions on a professional basis.

How to become a tipster

Placing bets is always a risk, but with the right predictions end betting tips, you can win and earn some profit. If you want to make esports betting a part of your life, you’ll need to take the issue seriously. You need to keep up with the news of the esports industry, understand the game, verify teams’ ratings and keep track of the tournaments schedule. If you think that you are ready to become a tipster, register on and upload your first list of predictions.

How CSGO esports predictions are created

To create CS GO betting predictions, it is very crucial to know the basics of the game, gameplay specifics, common strategies that are applied during the matches, etc. What is more, a tipster should take into consideration the strong and weak sides of the teams that take part in a competition. It is also necessary to gather all available information about the upcoming event and analyze it thoroughly. Even the smallest detail can affect the match result, and a trained analyst knows it.

Consider the team’s rating

To find out how good the team is, you should check its rating. There is the CS:GO World Ranking that is accessible online. You can check the strength of each lineup that is currently playing. Each member of a team receives points according to his/her performance and the level of competition he/she takes part in. The team receives its final score after the points of every player are added together.

Team/player statistic analysis

Without a doubt, it is important to consider the current performance of a team/player. But if you want to succeed in making CSGO betting predictions, you should take more time and analyze the team’s/player’s history. Statistic analysis will help you to spot the changes in teams’ performance throughout the time and compare different lineups and esports athletes.

Team/player matches monitoring

To determine the level of the teams, it is recommended to monitor the events they take part in. Statistics will show you only the final scores. But numbers will not tell you about a player’s shape or overall team’s strategy. Follow live streams of CS:GO matches to make correct CSGO betting tips.

Team/player motivation analysis

The motivation analysis is also an integral part of making correct predictions for the game. For instance, it often happens that a player’s performance changes because of the transition to another team. The player’s motivation grows as well as the team’s as they strive to play better in the newly formed lineup and develop the best strategy to win the match.

Analyzing an individual profile of players

Each CS:GO team consists of players with different performance styles, preferences, advantages, and disadvantages. When making CSGO esports predictions, it is necessary to study the profile of every player of the teams that compete in a match. Consider their experience, the number and scale of events they participated in, and what special skills they have that distinguish them from other players.

Taking into account the importance of an event

One significant thing that affects player motivation is the scale of each competition. Of course, if it is one of the biggest events like the BLAST Premier World Final, then the motivation for each team to compete for first place is higher because of the big prize pool and worldwide recognition.

Consider a roster

Each team consists of players with their own special features. But it’s important to remember that all together, they form a single entity with one aim — to win. A synergy of a team can be affected by a removal of a team member. A team with one new player is already a different team that can demonstrate quite unpredictable results in a competition. Always monitor these kinds of changes to make more accurate CS GO matches predictions.

What to look for in a CS:GO gambling tipster in 2023

The best advice to give to a beginner bettor is to find more experienced esports gamblers and learn from them. Following a good CS:GO tipster will give you a great opportunity to gain the necessary knowledge about the betting process and be more accurate with your bets. Don’t know what to pay attention to when choosing a tipster to follow? Let’s find out.

Do they even know the game

It goes without saying that a true professional knows the game he/she bets on from the inside. The gameplay, rules, common strategies — these are only the basics that every tipster should be closely familiar with. The best tipsters will also know about all the latest game updates and new patches.

They don’t misrepresent odds

There is a big difference between wishful thinking and the real state of things. An incompetent tipster will not be able to read the odds and use them correctly to make CS GO matches predictions. A pro bettor will compare the odds on different resources to ensure the accurateness of the bets. They will be completely honest about the bets they advise and will not try to make you bet only with one specific bookmaker.

Read more about CS:GO betting odds here.

How often do they provide tips

A CS:GO tipster with a serious attitude to his job will be consistent and provide tips regularly. It is important for his/her followers to know there is a source of information about CS:GO betting that they can always rely on. Of course, it is unlikely that a tipster will follow every single esports event. But as to the major tournaments, it is a must for a professional advisor to provide the CS GO esports predictions that other bettors are counting on.

What’s their return on investment (ROI)

What can signify that a tipster is one of the best if not the money he/she makes on the betting? Return on investment is a factor that will tell you about the true level of professionalism of a CS GO predictions maker. ROI is a financial metric that is used to compare the level of profit or loss from the invested money to the cost of the investment. The higher the ROI of a tipster is, the more skillful he/she is in predicting the CSGO events outcomes. A truly talented bettor will compile a bet with the lowest possible investment and high possibility of earning a significant profit.

What’s their strike rate

The strike rate is the percentage of successful predictions and betting tips made by a tipster. It is an important factor that needs to be considered when choosing an esports advisor to follow. However, pay attention to how often the tipsters provide CSGO predictions and what is their ROI in case their strike rate is the same.

How many CS:GO bets do they place per month

Consider the monthly activity of a tipster. If he/she was inactive for a month or more, it may be a red flag for you. Good predictions are based on constantly following the matches, being regular with providing the analysis of the events, and placing bets according to this analysis. If a tipster doesn’t place bets regularly, it means that he/she is not confident in his/her own predictions.

What’s their profit

The main thing that interests any bettor is, of course, how much money he/she can make by placing bets. Thus, it is quite logical to check the profit of a tipster and follow the one who has earned more. A professional tipster who is confident in his skills is placing smaller amounts of money on the bets that are more likely to be successful. In this way, he/she is decreasing the risk of a big loss and focusing more on making the precise CSGO prediction to earn profit.

What kind of information do they provide

The last but not the least thing to consider when choosing the best CS GO betting tipster is the type of information he/she shares. Each prediction should be based on a detailed analysis that should be available to the followers. In the long run, this will help a beginner to become a self-reliant bettor.

Top global tipsters who provide CSGO match betting tips

On you will have the chance to become a tipster yourself. Start with a free game that the website offers where gamblers can provide their predictions and earn the site’s internal currency. These points can be accumulated and exchanged for valuable prizes like CS:GO skins later. The system is free, and the only thing you need to do is to register on and start placing your predictions.

However, if you are not planning on becoming a tipster yourself, you can always use the CSGO betting predictions calculated by the best tipsters. Check the table below where we provide the list of top global CSGO tipsters and start following one of them now.

Major CS:GO events of 2023

There are a variety of CS:GO events that take place across the world. Some of the major Counter-Strike: Global Offensive tournaments are CSGO Major Championships with prize pools that reach more than a million dollars, ESL Pro League, which is followed by hundreds of thousands of viewers, BLAST Premier, that offers marvelous opportunities for making CSGO betting tips, and many others. Below you can find the table with all the current matches and tournaments.

CS:GO betting tips: how to make accurate choices

You can make more accurate betting predictions if you use a certain algorithm. First, you need to do the research on the game, its rules, teams, and players. Next, learn the betting mechanism: what kind of bets you can place, variety of odds, live wagering opportunities. Finally, be careful and don’t lose control over the process. Let’s find out more about each of the mentioned steps below in more detail.

Do the game research

If you’d like to succeed in CSGO bets, it is recommended to play the game and become a part of the CS:GO community. Do a thorough research of the teams and players that take part in all the major competitions. Find out more about the most effective tactics applied in the game. For this, you can watch live streams, VODs, Twitch clips, YouTube videos, check the latest news, and read dedicated blogs.

Spot the game’s betting opportunities

There are many different betting options available for wagering on CSGO. It is important to understand which betting option is the most suitable for you based on your knowledge of the game and betting skills. Every reputable bookmaker should provide the opportunity to place pre-match and live bets. Also a wide variety of types of bets such as moneyline, single bets, accumulator and system bets, handicaps, totals, outright bets and many others must be available, so the bettors of different skills can try their hand in CSGO.

Know the basics of betting odds

Odds represent the probability of the outcome of a CS GO event. To make successful CS GO matches predictions, learn the basics of the betting odds. You can come across various types of odds — American, Decimal or Fractional. Odds tell you which team is considered to be a favorite and which one is the underdog in a match. And if you want to find out how large your winnings will be if your predictions are precise, multiply the odds by the amount you wager.

Avoid tilting at all cost

Tilting is when you stop following a thought-through strategy and begin chasing your losses. In this case, if you don’t stop playing, you can make things worse and lose a lot of money. There are a couple of tricks you can use to avoid tilting. Firstly, always bet within the set bankroll. The loss won’t affect your decision-making process if you limit your gambling budget. Keep the score and analyze your progress. This will help you to find your strong sides to become a more skillful bettor.

Try live betting on CS:GO matches

Live betting may seem confusing for a beginner bettor at first, but it is worth a try. It gives you the chance to analyze what influences the betting odds and the final outcome of a CS:GO tournament. Moreover, you will be able to adapt your CSGO match betting predictions to the current situation in a game and place more bets with higher chances of winning. Check out more information about live betting on CS:GO here.

How to choose a bookie site to test CSGO esports predictions

One of the most important steps in creating predictions for CS:GO is choosing the bookmaker for testing your wagering skills. A good and reliable bookie will satisfy the demands of safety and security, the convenience of usage, broad event coverage, high odds, etc. Let’s have a look at all of the features of the best CS:GO bookmaker.

User-friendly interface

The first thing that a player comes across and evaluates when trying out a bookmaker is the interface. All the options and information on current events should be visible and easily accessible with the drop-down menus and search bar. The FAQ section will be a great plus. And, of course, there should be a section dedicated to terms and conditions where all the rules of the site are listed and explained.

Good CS:GO event coverage

A bookmaker should provide excellent coverage of events during which bettors can make CSGO match predictions and place various bets. The CS GO tournaments are a good place to practice your staking skills, learn more about the game and develop a wagering strategy. Pay attention whether the bookmaker covers all the main CSGO events while choosing the best bookie platform.

Variety of betting markets

Another thing to take into account is a big variety of betting markets. Bettors with diverse levels of betting experience should have the chance to place bets on current events. The most common betting markets that should be offered by the bookmakers are first blood, first kill, map, round or match winner, over/under, etc.

Good odds

Odds are an integral part of betting on CSGO. Therefore, take your time to compare the odds offered by different bookies and choose the one with the most competitive odds. The higher the odds are, the bigger profit you will get if your CS GO esports predictions are precise.

CS:GO live betting option

Any reliable CS:GO bookmaker will create favorable conditions for placing live bets. High quality of the video and live streaming with no delays are the requirements that all the best bookmaker sites that offer live betting must meet. Being able to make predictions for the ongoing CSGO matches and place various bets increase your chances to become a professional bettor.

Variety of payment options

Another important feature of a good bookie is the wide variety of payment options accessible on the website. Those should include bank cards (Mastercard, Visa), bank transfers, PayPal, Skrill and Neteller e-wallets, cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin), prepaid cards like ecoPayz and paysafecard, etc. Also, it is necessary to offer as many currencies as possible to allow bettors from different regions to deposit and withdraw their funds with no delays.Follow the link if you want to find detailed information on CSGO betting with real money.

Bonuses and promotions

The bonus system is not the last thing to consider when choosing an esports bookmaker for testing your CSGO betting predictions and tips. You can receive a generous welcome bonus right after your registration and a first deposit. The welcome bonus can come in the form of a match deposit or no deposit bonus, cashback, free bets, etc. You can also receive a refer-a-friend bonus if you recommend the website to one of your friends and he/she signs up with the bookmaker. If you are a loyal gambler, there are various VIP programs and promotions for you. All these pleasant perks give you a chance to place more bets and enlarge your bankroll.

Safety and security

As long as you share your sensitive information and keep funds on a betting site, security is a hugely important factor to consider when choosing a bookmaker. Thus, a bookie is supposed to ensure at least 128 bit SSL encryption. It should have a license provided by one of the official gambling registration bodies like MGA, UKG, or any other authority.

CSGO match predictions and different types of bets

Being the most popular competitive FPS (first-person shooter), CS:GO attracts a lot of bettors. There are a lot of competitions to watch and a lot of betting options to enjoy. Before you make any CSGO match prediction, let’s take a closer look at what types of bets you can place.

Moneyline (match-winner)

Match winner is a type of bet that is recommended to place if you are still new to CS:GO betting. All you have to do is to pick the team you believe will win a match. The chance of winning is 50/50, thus even with scarce knowledge of the teams and players, your bet can be successful.

Correct score

The correct score bets are a more complicated type of wagers that require some preparation. In this case, you need to make correct CSGO predictions about the exact score of a round/match/tournament. It seems like it is riskier to place such a bet, but the odds are higher, thus your profit will be bigger. If you’d like to become a professional tipster, it’s a good bet to practice your betting skills.

Total rounds

If you spectate a highly competitive match, you’d probably want to add a bit more excitement to it by placing this CS:GO special bet. You’ll be given a predefined number of how many rounds will be played during the match. Your task is to try to predict whether the total number of rounds will be more or less than the established one. This kind of bet is usually preferred by more experienced bettors who know their way around the game.

Total maps

In the case of a total maps bet, you need to guess whether the number of maps that will be played during a game will be over or under a certain number. This wager is only accessible during longer contests and is used for Bo3 or Bo5 matches. If you are still not very confident in your skills, you can play it safe, and place “over 2.5 maps played” bet. It means that to win your bet, both teams must win at least one map, and the probability of this outcome is quite high.


Futures entail predicting the outcome of the entire tournament. This bet requires more patience as you will need to wait for the whole competition to end to get the results. On the other hand, futures may appear perfect for a newbie as you will have enough time to learn all the necessary information about the teams that participate in the event. This will enable you to make more accurate CSGO betting predictions for the final tournament outcome.

Player vs player kills

PvP kills is the case when two players compete against each other in a battle that will result in the elimination of one of them. This bet is based on total kills, but in this case, you need to bet on which player will be the winner of such combat.

Team to win both pistol rounds

In CS:GO, teams switch positions from Terrorists to Counter-Terrorists and vice versa during halftime. Each half begins with a pistol round. In order to place a successful bet, you need to predict which team will win both pistol rounds.


A regular CS:GO match consists of 30 rounds. But it might end sooner, for example, if one of the teams won 16 rounds and the other team only 4, it means that only 20 rounds were played and the winner was determined. If the score is 15:15 after all the rounds are played, overtime is added. Placing CS:GO оvertime bets entails betting on the possibility of more than 30 rounds to be played. It is a rather complex CSGO prediction to make that will be suitable for experienced gamblers.

Round winner / correct result

For a round winner bet, it is necessary to predict which team will win a particular round. This type of bet works best for live gambling as you can observe the gaming process and make more accurate CSGO betting predictions. To place a correct result bet, you are required to guess the final results correctly.

Outright winner

Placing bets on the outcome of a certain competition is known as outright winner betting. It means you need to bet on the team that you think is going to be the winner of the whole tournament. You’d be amazed how much fun this type of wager can be, especially for tournaments that run only a few days. As CSGO is one of the biggest esports titles, there are many tournaments during which you can make your CSGO predictions.

Total kills (team/player)

This type of bet can be placed on one round or the whole match. A bettor needs to predict how many kills will be performed by a player or a team. It is a quite challenging bet, even for an experienced bettor. But with enough analysis of the lineups conducted before a match or a tournament, it is possible to guess the total number of kills.


When one team is stronger than the other in a match, the underdogs will be granted extra points. Thus, even if a weaker team loses in the match, with the extra points, their result will be higher than their competitor’s result. It means that if you placed the bet on the underdogs to be the winner of the match, the bet will be successful.


Making excellent betting predictions for CS:GO requires a lot of effort. A true expert will know the gameplay, all the updates, top teams, and new promising lineups, and will be aware of all the major upcoming events. It requires knowledge, patience, and experience to become a successful tipster. If you are a beginner bettor, you can use CSGO betting tips that are presented above in the article. If you happen to be an experienced gambler and CS:GO fan, you can try yourself as one of our experts and share your predictions on

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