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Esports Betting Colorado 2023 - Legality of the Esports Bets in Colorado

12.12.2022, 12:22

Esports provides a betting option for those who aren't into traditional sports. Discover all there is to know about Colorado sports betting below! The best esports betting sites and the most popular esports leagues are covered on this page!

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Colorado eSports Betting Laws


There are great opportunities for eSports betting in Colorado.

Let's plunge into history first. Esports had their start with a little Spacewar competition at Stanford University. In the game, two spacecraft can fire at each other without hitting the star in the center of the screen. To see who might prevail in Spacewar free-for-all, Stanford conducted a competition in 1972. Stewart Brand prepared a 9,000-word piece to document the competition after Bruce Baumgart was named the first winner. Esports betting in the USA was just getting started.

In the 1990s, esports betting online became a thing, thanks to PCs and the internet. Competitions no longer had to take place in a room filled with arcade games. They may be dispersed all across the country and eventually the entire planet. Due to this, esports leagues began to proliferate, starting with the Cyberathlete Professional League (CPL). Esports has developed to the point that it now has its own arena opened in 2015 in Santa Ana, California. It's evidence of how esports evolved to become a significant factor in American sports and betting. Yet, in many states, esports betting was still forbidden.

As for esports betting in Colorado, the situation and the status of esports in the state changed only after 2019. Esports tournaments are classified as sporting events under the HB 1327 2019 law, making them legal. Since May 1st, 2020, a large number of esports betting sites have opened in Colorado as a result. However, it is also mentioned that wagering is not permitted at any esports events that have not been approved by a sports regulating body or any events that include high school athletes.

How to Choose the Best Betting Site for eSports Bettors from Colorado?

Fans of Colorado sports betting vary widely. This implies that selecting which bookmaker to use will always be a personal choice. Yet, some factors may help you with making the final decision:

Rating & Trustworthiness Reading other players' feedback is the most common option for selecting an online sportsbook. You may pick a reputable platform by looking for Colorado sports betting platforms with favorable evaluations across a variety of sites, user comments, and your own extra research. Each review must include details about the different deposit choices, bonuses provided, eSports covered, and betting alternatives. This gives users a genuine understanding of what it is like to use the site, which is ultimately what matters.
Bonus System When selecting a Colorado sports betting site, bettors need to consider promotions. Welcome bonuses, free bets, and other incentives should be at the top of every player's list because they differ greatly among bookmakers. Bonuses may significantly boost your profits, especially if you are placing the first bet ever.
Available Payment Options Although there are some disparities among esports bookmakers, most are increasing the number of payment options they provide to customers. The largest Colorado sports betting companies provide various payment options, including bank transfers, checks, prepaid cards, debit/credit cards, and e-wallets.

Also, it's worth checking if the website has any payment security certificates like Skrill, Trustly, MasterCard, or Verified by Visa. And remember that you can trust only sportsbook pages with an HTTPS domain - it implies they're protected and secured.

Betting Market Variety The most common esports to wager on is Dota 2, and most bookmakers provide a sizable betting area for this game, including live betting. However, many Colorado bettors are passionate (and knowledgeable) about other esports, and a person's preferences for a certain game/event might determine which bookmaker is best for their requirements. So, be sure to always check the sportsbook betting options and available markets.
Competitive Odds Of course, picking a bookmaker depends heavily on the odds' competitiveness. The best value for their bets is what gamblers are looking for. The ideal option is to find a bookmaker that offers esports markets with low margins. But more crucially, the bookie must be willing to place a respectable wager at the quoted odds. There are esports betting sites that advertise having great odds, but when clients try to profit from them, they cannot get the promised rate. Place a tiny wager first to make sure the bookmaker you select is fair.
Top-Notch Customer Support There will always be issues involving money, odds, payments, etc. Therefore, you will undoubtedly require customer support. Players never like to wait when it comes to their money. Most people appreciate receiving answers to their questions as quickly as possible. Every bookmaker will offer some sort of customer support, often by phone, live chat, or email. Give preference to Colorado sports betting sites that provide at least 2 of the options mentioned.

Colorado eSports Betting Future - Are There Positive Dynamics?

Moving forward, the industry of esports betting in Colorado (as well as esports betting in Tennesee, esports betting in West Virginia, and so on) has a lot to offer. Since online betting on eSports games became legal a few years ago, there have been significant advancements made by the state as well as the esports bookies. There are now 23 operators with licenses to run online sportsbook pages in Colorado, and several of them provide esports odds/markets as part of their product offerings.

Top eSports Games for Betting In Colorado

Esports betting in Colorado offers a wide variety of online games, from fantasy eSports to first-person shooters. Yet, there are the top 4 popular esports games Colorado bettors give preference to.

Dota 2 logo

Dota 2

The popular online multiplayer online battle arena game Dota 2 was created by Valve Corporation. It's basically a sequel to Defense of the Ancients: All-Stars. The game is widely enjoyed in Europe and North America.

Teams of five players play the game, each defending a certain region on the map. A structure inside the base of the opposing team, dubbed "the Ancient," must be destroyed by one of the teams to win. The main betting market in all states (including esport betting in Nevada, esports betting in New Jersey, etc.) for this video game is who will win the match.

Fortnite logo


The excitement surrounding the Battle Royale shooter Fortnite seems to never fade. The game's basics are simple: 100 people compete against one another on a vast map. Whoever is left standing wins.

Fortnite, in contrast to other battle royale games, places a unique emphasis on gathering resources and constructing infrastructure. These might offer shelter or a tactical edge in a battle with other players.

CoD logo

Call of Duty: Warzone

One of the world's most played first-person shooter games is Call of Duty, a masterpiece of Activision Blizzard. COD has had one of the most thriving and exciting esports ecosystems for more than 10 years. At the center of this series is competition, and now, hundreds of millions of players compete to show off their prowess in combat.

Call of Duty: Warzone is a free-to-play first-person shooter in the battle royale genre. Players can choose whether to survive in a group of three or in solo mode.

LoL logo

League of Legends

This MOBA game created by Riot Games is rather well-liked in the USA. Its gameplay is somewhat reminiscent of Dota 2 - in LoL, two teams of three or five players play against each other. Teams win by destroying the enemy’s “Nexus" within the base of the other team.

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