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Esports betting in Australia is a well-known way to test out your luck and have a taste of winning. Doesn't having a chance to multiply your wealth just by watching exciting esports tournaments sound great? Further in the article, we will discuss a lot of details to help you bet more efficiently and reach success. We will cover everything in regards to esports betting in Australia, including bonus systems, banking options, and so on. Make sure that you do not miss anything, as it can change your betting experience dramatically.

The best Australian esports betting sites in 2022

The esports betting industry is getting bigger and bigger as the world discovers competitive gaming. And Australia is not an exception. Our professionals have done a big job researching this whole esports betting industry to find the best esports betting websites. We have discovered some hidden gems that will impress you with a smooth betting process, convenient interface, memorable design, and lots of juicy bonuses. Here is the list of the best esports betting sites in Australia.

  • 13 esports titles
  • Lot of esports betting markets
  • Most famous esports sportsbook
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  • License availability
  • Competitive odds
  • Esports bonus calendar
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If you want to take a look at the world of esports from a professional perspective, then you should check out the world's best esports betting sites here.

Is esports betting legal in Australia

Fortunately, online sportsbooks which support esports betting are legal. They are regulated by the law, so esports betting gamblers are risk-free. Australia is one of the world leaders in the number of people that are engaged in gambling. Esports bookmakers offer various types of pre-match bets, however, they will not be able to provide any options for live betting as it is prohibited. It means that legally you can not place any bets after the competition has started. To get a better understanding of esports betting, check this link.

How to place an esports bet

Making an esports bet on an Australian betting website might seem like a complicated thing to do. But for real, it's not. Best of the esports betting sites in Australia have a user-friendly interface that will guide you through the website. But we decided to make it even more simple. Here is our step-by-step guide on how to make an esports bet.

Pick one of the bookies

The first thing to think about is, of course, choosing the right bookie. There are tons of esports betting sites in Australia, and they all have different offers. You need to find out what you are looking for. For example, one platform will give you a better interface, and the other has better pre-game wagers. Understand what your priority is. Check out some reviews to gather more valuable information and make your betting experience smoother.

Register and verify an account

Now we need to make an account. This step usually does not take a lot of effort. Be prepared to enter your email address while registering. After filling in a few blanks on the registration page, you will need to verify your account. The goal of this procedure is to verify you as a person by entering your phone number and completing a simple task, like clicking on the link. Congrats, now you are a legit member of an esports betting website in Australia, we are ready to move on.

Place your first deposit

What you should do now is get some money on your balance, so it's time to make your first deposit. At this point, we can inform you about some nuances that you should keep your eyes on. Pay attention to whether your currency is matching the one that the website is ready to take, and find out how much commission is going to be taken for your deposit.

Visit the esports section

Your wallet is filled with some money, and it means that you should find a place where to spend it. Gambling websites are pretty dense with information, and you might struggle to find the needed page. You should aim here for an "esports" section of the site.

Pick an esports and a betting market

To make your bet on esports in Australia, you need to choose from a wide variety of esports events. After picking a specific esports title that you are interested in, you will see a schedule. It's a list of all matches, teams, and players that are participating in events. All of those events are also broken into betting markets. Different betting markets carry different odds of winning. What the betting market allows you to do, is to predict different outcomes of a match. For example, you can bet on the fact that the game will end approximately at 20 minutes or predict the number of kills that one team does.

Enter your stake and confirm the bet

Knowing those components is an essential part of making a bet on esports in Australia. Now you need to make your final step, decide how big of a stake you want to make. The fewer chances of one side winning, the bigger reward you will get if you bet on them, and vice versa. Be mindful about your wagers. Don't take too much of a risk, but being restrained about your bets wouldn't work out the best in every case. Remember that the higher the risks, the higher results. You just need a little touch of luck.

Most popular games you can bet on

There are plenty of esports games that you can bet on in 2022, but the industry has some leading titles, which are getting most of the gamblers' attention. Let's take a quick look at the most popular games that esports betting websites in Australia can offer to you.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

It's a first-person shooter that goes far back in time. There are two teams, known as Terrorists and Counter-Terrorists, and their objectives differ. The game is broken down into rounds, and after the first half of the rounds on the map, the teams switch their sides. The game finishes after one of the teams reaches the goal of winning 16 rounds. To win a round, players need to eliminate the enemies or complete the particular objective.

Dota 2

This game presents the MOBA genre (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena). The players are divided into two teams, and each has 5 players. The action takes place on a map with two sides (representing two factions: Dire and Radiant), and each team's base has its main building — a throne. The team that destroys enemies' throne faster gets a win.

League of Legends

This one is another MOBA title that is very popular worldwide. Traditionally, there are two teams (5 players each) fighting for the control map objectives. The game ends as the team's main structure falls. One of the differences between Dota 2 and League of Legends is that the gameplay in LoL might feel slightly faster. However, they both still contain lots of action and team fights.


This game is quite different from previous ones. That one would fit you if you are a fan of dynamic arena-style FPS titles and MOBAs with their heroes and unique abilities. The gameplay of the title offers two teams clashing in combat for objective control. A player can choose from various hero classes or roles in the game such as damage dealers, tanks, and supports.

All of the mentioned esports titles are popular among gamblers. They combine such factors as thinking, fast reactions, teamwork, and mainly, the ability to take action. So prepare your popcorn, and get ready for breathtaking games.

Are there any bonuses

As in any kind of online gambling, esports betting in Australia will spice up your experience with a bonus. You don't want to miss out on them, as they give you more profit! A bonus might be bigger in some cases, for example, while the main tournament is happening. One of the most obvious ways to get bonuses is to use a promo code. You will find more info on how to get profitable bonuses here.

Let's have a look at the most popular bonus offers that esports betting sites in Australia have.

Reload bonuses One of the most common kinds of bonuses is a reload bonus. This one gives you more money to bet if you have already made a deposit. This basically means that you will be getting multiplied profit from your deposits. Some of the esports betting sites in Australia provide a reload bonus every time you make a new deposit, but most of them give it after your first deposit.
Matched deposit bonuses Matched deposit bonuses are some of the most straightforward and effective. The more money you deposit — the bigger the bonus will be. In other words, it gives you a multiplier on your deposit. For example, if you deposit $100 and a matched deposit bonus is 100%, you will receive $100 more. As with many other bonuses, this one is granted after following some special conditions, so don't forget to check out the terms of this bonus.
Money back specials If you consider yourself a safe and mindful gambler, then you should like this one. It can offer you something that you can call a safe bet. That means you can place a bet regardless of all risks and not worry about losing your money. This one usually appears on risky bets with odds such as 2:10. It might not look promising, but you still have nothing to lose, so why not? Maybe it's your time to multiply your bankroll without chances to lose.
Free bets Esports betting sites in Australia are spicing up esports betting with free bets. A free bet is a bonus that allows you to make a bet without spending money on it. For example, if you have made a $10 bet, an esports betting website may provide you $30 worth of free bets. Even though it's simple, it has some huge benefits. If you are a new player who doesn't want to spend lots of money on online betting, then this bonus is a great way to do that. If you are lucky enough, you might even encounter a no deposit free bet bonus, and if you do — make sure to grab it.
Cashback bonuses Cashback bonuses are quite similar to money back bonuses, and they commonly appear on esports betting sites in Australia. This type of bonus gives you back some amount of cash if the stake fails. The only difference here is that cashback does not give you back the full amount of money that you placed on a bet. But still, with the help of this bonus, you can improve your gambling experience significantly.

Esports betting markets

Now we want you to take a closer look at the next essential thing of esports betting — its betting markets. The main task of esports betting markets is to give you more variety and excitement. It feels much better when you are not only choosing a winner but choosing a specific condition that they must complete. As you might guess, esports betting markets are unique for specific games. You can not decide how many rounds it will take for players to win if their game is Dota 2 because it simply has no rounds. On the other hand, this betting market is one of the most popular ones for CS: GO.

Here we formed a list of the most common betting markets that you can try out:

  • Number of total rounds
  • Outright winner
  • Group winner
  • Over/Under
  • Handicaps

Best esports betting odds

Betting on esports in Australia can offer you numerous different betting odds. Betting odds change depending on how good is one particular team in comparison to their opponents. This question usually defines your betting odds. So basically, if a world champion faces an underdog, then betting odds will commonly be huge. They also differ by a few percent depending on the bookie. What also should be mentioned if we talk about esports betting odds is their type of display.

Esports betting odds types

You will spot two different types of betting odds displayed. Those are the decimal odds, which will show you betting odds like 1.2, which means that you get 20% percent of your stake if it wins. Or the fractional odds, which looks like ½ — that means that you get $50 for your $100 bet. If you want to learn more about esports betting odds, then there's more information on this topic here.

Odds converter

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Betting calculator

DecimalAmericanFractionalHong Kong
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Possible banking options

Vast possibilities of banking options are a highly desirable thing for every gambler. The selection of options will be different depending on the bookmaker.

Credit card

What you will be able to use almost at any website is a good old, common, and reliable credit card. This banking option can interest you because it's the most widespread way for every one of us to make a deposit or withdrawal. But overall, it does not have other distinct benefits.


Another banking option that has become vital in 2022 is e-wallets. There are several possible ones, and they can provide you with some good benefits and some drawbacks. Their deposits take no time, and some of the services have no fees, but not every one of them can offer you a withdrawal. Examples of e-wallets available for Aussies are PayPal, POLi, and BPAY.

Bank transfer

Bank transfer is another way of banking supported by esports betting sites in Australia. This one is the most reliable way to operate your money, but not the fastest. Deposit is instant, but withdrawal may take up to 10 days. The fee is between 12 and 30 dollars.

As you see, nowadays, esports betting websites in Australia can offer you a lot of banking options, and you should have no worries about it.

Live esports betting in Australia

Even though esports live betting got popular all over Europe, it has some reasons not to be in Australia. And the main issue here is that this kind of esports betting is strictly regulated. In Australia, live esports betting is prohibited by the law. There are some ways to bypass that obstacle, but that's a topic for a different article. To get more information about live esports betting, go here.

Tips and tricks

When it comes to the tips and tricks, knowing them is key. Read this paragraph carefully and remember those tips, it can be a life-changer for you.

Do your research

The more you know about different esports betting websites in Australia, the better site you will choose. You should pay attention to bonuses, betting markets, and odds, as they will make your betting experience much better.

Make a plan

Stick to that one strategy that you are following. Do not make irrational moves.

Use predictions

Predictions are made by professionals who live and breathe esports. Some betting experts are selling them, but mostly, you can find some predictions and pre-game analytics for free on our website. To get access to trustworthy predictions and some other tips made by real experts, click here.

Do not take risks without a need

You need to analyze your steps and stay consistent with your wagers. Stay away from unpromising bets!

Esports betting apps

In 2022 it's already essential for the best esports betting websites in Australia to have good mobile optimization. And it's even better if they offer mobile apps to their gamblers. It will make the overall process easier if you want to bet with your smartphone. The interface is usually better, and speed allows you to complete all of your betting tasks. So if you are a user of smart devices, we would recommend you choose a betting website with a good mobile app. Here you can find the list of the best mobile esports betting apps.

Final thoughts

Summarizing what we have just shared with you, esports betting in Australia is a highly developed industry, and it can be a great way to bring some fun into your routine. As you see, to bet most efficiently, you should keep in mind lots of specific aspects: bonuses, banking options, betting markets, odds, and much more. But if you've done your homework and spent a few spare minutes of your time reading this article, then you should be ready to get started.

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