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Dogecoin Online Betting: Best DOGE Bookies

12.02.2024, 18:50

Interestingly, the history of Dogecoin is not too unlike the history of online betting. Of course, that's not the main factor of its popularity as a payment method for sports betting sites - but it's pretty fun to think about. Jokes aside, let's delve into the mechanics of Dogecoin betting sites. In this article, we'll talk about what are the best options and why we should use them.

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Top DOGE Betting Sites For 2024

Pun not intended. As always, let's open up with a little introduction to the best betting sites that accept Dogecoin. There's a lot to choose from, but we've gathered the best of the best in this short list here.


Thunderpick Wild Rift Betting

Thunderpick features plenty of events and teams to bet on

When it comes to all things crypto, Thunderpick is often the #1 pick. There's a good reason for it being one of the best Dogecoin betting sites: it is the most versatile all-rounder of sports and esports betting platforms, thanks to the great title coverage and betting markets it offers. Thunderpick was founded in 2017 and is perhaps the fastest-growing betting site since it's now the industry leader. As it's primarily a crypto gambling site, it accepts Dogecoin alongside a vast variety of other cryptos.


Crypto betting sites are relatively new - just like cryptos themselves. Cloudbet, however, is an old betting platform in a field where there are not supposed to be old betting sites. Since it's a pioneer of crypto gambling, as it was founded in 2013, Cloudbet has an impressive reputation. It accepts Dogecoin as payment and offers a more than adequate selection of sports & esports titles for betting.


Cloudbet Interface

Cloudbet has several cryptocurrencies you can use to make deposits or withdraw funds

Bitsler is one of the most trusted Bitcoin & crypto betting sites available today. With a heavy emphasis on esports betting, Bitsler also offers the option to bet on traditional sports and its online casino. This platform is our favorite since its esports title and event coverage are astonishing - you'll find dozens of different disciplines, from the most popular (League of Legends, CS2, Dota 2, Valorant) to niche stuff like Age of Empires, WarCraft 3, and others. It accepts over 20 different coins - including DOGE - and even has its own Bitsler Coin currency!


Out of all the Dogecoin betting websites we've mentioned on the list, BC.Game offers the widest variety of acceptable cryptocurrencies at a whopping 50! Besides that, the online betting platform stands out with its excellent promotions and betting bonuses (going as far as a chance to win a whole of 1 BTC), as well as allowing its users to remain completely anonymous while placing bets with real money - or, rather, with cryptos such as DOGE.


Stake is an extremely popular option when it comes to Dogecoin gambling sites. There are reasons for that: its reputation, ease of use, and cashback options make it the safest place to bet using crypto payments. Stake offers sports and esports betting and goes into great depth with the options it presents. Stake agrees that variety is the spice of life, so expect very varied betting markets if you choose this bookmaker & online DOGE casino.

What Is Dogecoin, Exactly?

You might have noticed that it's a pretty funny name - and it's no coincidence. DOGE was explicitly designed as a joke to mock the original wave of the crypto craze. Over time, it became less of a joke thanks to its surprising popularity, and it actually became one of the most accepted coins out there, only beaten by the likes of Bitcoin and Ethereum.

DOGE is a peer-to-peer, open-source currency unit powered by blockchain technology, just like its predecessors' Bitcoin and Ethereum. Unlike stablecoins, it's not backed up by anything physical - just incorruptible transactional records. This has positives as well as negatives.

Main DOGE Difference

Unlike Bitcoin and many other cryptos, Dogecoin does not have a limit or a cap. This makes it more rewarding to mine - and, in turn, makes it more prone to price drops and general volatility.

In the context of online betting, this actually makes Dogecoin more appealing to use to wager on esports matches and traditional games. Since it's not as good as other coins - especially stablecoins - for those who intend to buy and hold them, Dogecoin is built for cheap, quick, and easy transactions in real-time.


Are Dogecoin Betting Sites Legal?

Betting on online bookies with Dogecoin is no different from using any other payment operator. It adds no legal complications.

Basics For Dogecoin Betting Sites

Bitsler Interface

Bitsler covers all the big events but also many smaller ones as well

To begin betting with any cryptocurrency, you'll need to set up an e-wallet first. The entire process is thankfully simple and universal for most cryptos out there.

Dogecoin wallets, too, are pretty simple to set up. Don't get confused with the fact that there are software and hardware-based wallets - their functionality is the same. Physical crypto wallets are just an additional layer of protection, similar to Two Factor Authentification on your phone.

Hardware crypto wallets are electronic devices that safely store crypto. When using them, your funds are nearly impervious to theft and hacking.

Whether you choose a software or a hardware wallet, they're protected by an additional password called the seed phrase. The seed phrase is usually a ten-twelve random combination of words generated by the wallet. This will be the passkey to the wallet - keep it safe and secure!

Why Bet With Dogecoin

Dogecoin shares many pros with other cryptocurrencies, but it also adds some of its own. Let's put the pros - and cons since we're being impartial here - in a handy table for quick reference.

Dogecoin Pros
Absolute Privacy Ready To Go Light & Fast Untaxable
When you're using DOGE over traditional payment methods like cards or e-wallets, the betting platforms will most likely ask for your credentials to verify your identity in order to complete any transaction. When using crypto bookmakers, you have the ability to place bets, deposit, and withdraw money completely privately. Needless to say, this makes online betting safer than ever. Adding to the previous benefit, this also makes the process of registration less of a pain. If you've ever used betting sites that use fiat currencies, you know the dreaded process of verifying your credentials that can last up to days, if not weeks. With cryptos, your crypto wallet is your ID - so there's no need to submit your documents to a third party to have them checked. Not only it's safe, but it's also convenient! Dogecoin, in particular, is a coin that is simply not supposed to stay still. With pitifully low transaction costs on most operations, Dogecoin betting is a fantastic choice for those who want to maximize their profits while minimizing fees. It's perfect for low-volume transactions, which is why it's also popular for online tipping on sites like Reddit and Twitch. If you're a gaming fan, you likely know these! Since Dogecoin, like other cryptocurrencies of its class, is a decentralized and anonymous payment operator, your winnings don't have to be declared. No declaring means no taxing. However, it depends on the particular betting site you're using. Dogecoin betting websites that explicitly offer anonymous betting can take advantage of this.
Dogecoin Cons
Volatility Lots Of Research Needed
Many crypto coins suffer from high highs and low lows, but Dogecoin takes volatility to a whole other level. The coin's nature makes it especially prone to volatility, and the hype around it often sends it up and down on a crazy carousel. Even Elon Musk seemingly gets a kick watching DOGE skyrocket and fall with each of his tweets. Due to the volatility we've described above, it makes for another con for DOGE betting - and it's the constant research one needs to do when using Dogecoin betting sites. When gambling with Dogecoin, you're effectively making two bets - that the currency will behave as you expect it to (for example, rise in value), and the bet itself. This vastly complicates crypto online gambling compared to conventional betting.

Overall, Dogecoin betting allows for a different experience. For instance, most Dogecoin betting sites and Dogecoin casinos don't charge premium fees. These are the fees claimed by the website upon winning particularly large sums of money. On some large sportsbooks, they may reach as much as 20% of the bet!

Alternatives to DOGE Betting

BC.GAME Interface

BC.GAME offers a modern and handy interface

Don't limit yourself to just Dogecoin! As one of crypto's main benefits is the variety it offers, there are plenty more options when it comes to different currencies. Classic cryptos, "stablecoins", and other options may fit your interests more than just the wild yet fast DOGE online betting platforms.


Of course, Bitcoin is the first on this list. The original Bitcoin that pioneered the entire concept, Bitcoin is the most solid and popular choice - and not just for Bitcoin betting sites. Unlike Dogecoin, Bitcoin has soft and hard caps on its availability, meaning it's more stable and less prone to constant inflation. The vast majority of crypto esports bets are done in Bitcoin.


Ether is a crypto coin that's only behind Bitcoin when it comes to popularity. Just like Bitcoin, it's a decentralized, blockchain-based currency. As it is one of the leaders of the crypto industry, ETH betting sites, or at least betting sites that accept Ether as payment, are commonplace. Ether and Bitcoin are similar, yet different, although that difference is a bit hard to explain in a few words.


Another cryptocurrency modeled after Bitcoin, Litecoin, was created using a slightly modified Bitcoin database. It was created 11 years ago and has a couple of advantages over its predecessor: speed of transaction and lower fees. Betting with Litecoin is easy, as most top bet websites, such as Thunderpick, Bitsler, etc., accept LTC.


Betting with XRP, the correct name for Ripple's cryptocurrency, is rather common. Many high-profile sportsbooks - even those that don't focus on crypto transactions - offer their users an option to perform transactions in XRP.


Tether might be the best choice for crypto beginners, as it is specifically designed to be a stable currency. Since it's an asset-backed coin, it's not nearly as volatile as other cryptocurrencies. In fact, it's more stable than many fiat national currencies. Using Tether on betting sites eliminates the need to monitor the exchange before every bet you place constantly.

Summing Up Dogecoin Betting

Dogecoin is a unique cryptocurrency. It offers some unique benefits compared to other coins; however, in our opinion, it's best suited for experienced crypto- and betting fans due to its incredibly high volatility. If you can take advantage of that, DOGE betting sites are a great pick!

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