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Free Fire Betting - How To Place Free Fire Bets

07.09.2023, 11:51

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The most troublesome process when getting started with esports, particularly with Free Fire betting, is picking the right betting sites or online bookmakers meeting all industry standards and regulations. Regardless of esport odds, if the chosen Free Fire betting sites are not fully licensed and regulated, the bettors' experience can easily turn into a complete nightmare.

So, how to avoid such situations and find the best Free Fire betting sites for safe use? The following article unfolds all ins and outs of Free Fire bets giving answers to the most widespread questions.

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What is Free Fire Esports?

Free Fire is a mobile-based battle royale game from a Singaporean Garena developer. The game starts with 50 players who board a plane to be later dropped off on a deserted island. The main mission as the game's playing area gets smaller and smaller is to fight out and be the last team or man standing.

Since its release, Garena Free Fire has probably become the most popular game in the battle royale genre, with millions of active users and fans.

One of the reasons for its success is that the Free Fire game was fully built and optimized for mobile devices. With super fast-paced gameplay, short but intense rounds, high odds, and quite a large prize pool, Free Fire quickly became a popular esports, gathering thousands of people at its global events.

Garena Free Fire: Betting Options and Markets

There is a wide range of betting options when it comes to placing bets on this esport game. During Free Fire events, betting sites have a lot to offer, including the best esports bonuses. Here are some of the most well-known esports betting markets for the game:

Round Winner Since the Free Fire tournament has six battle rounds, bets can be placed on which team will win a certain round of the game.
Total Kills A common betting market is offered by many esports betting sites on the number of kills a team will make during the match.
First Kill Sometimes also referred to as First Blood, it is betting on which player will get the first kill in the game.
Over/Under It's one of the best Free Fire betting markets where an esports bookmaker sets a fixed threshold, and bettors need to predict whether the overall score of the game or a round will be over or under that line.
Match Winner Also known as Outright Winner, it is a simple market where fans can make a bet on which team or player will win a particular game. Normally, this market offers the best eSports odds compared to others.
Live Betting Esports live bets are an apt betting market for players to bet on Free Fire or other esports events and games as they are taking place. Bettors can get more value while enjoying the match.

What Are The Best Tournaments For Free Fire?

What's the most exciting and long-awaited thing for eSports fans if not placing bets on their favorite Free Fire betting events and tournaments? Such games bring in the Free Fire's top players and teams, giving the viewers a great opportunity to engage with international tournaments and build a stronger global esports community. Moreover, tournaments are the perfect time to make big wins by placing your stakes in the best esports betting app.

According to the tournament previews, multiple eSports games will take place in 2022. Here let's review the most popular upcoming tournaments in more detail.

Free Fire World Series

The Free Fire World Series, which can be considered one of the biggest tournaments internationally, is still a work in progress, as on account of the pandemic, its 2020 edition was divided into smaller regional events. This year one such event already took place in May, and the other World Series will be held in November, with the Singapore tournament and its prize money worth $2 million serving as the pinnacle of the esports scene of the game.

Free Fire Continental Series

One of the most recent events all eSport fans around the world witness is Free Fire Continental Series. In 2021, Garena announced the flagship international series as a replacement for the famous World Series. This tournament is held entirely online with three different regional series. Each of these three regions (Asia, the Americas, and EMEA) of Free Fire will be awarded a third of the predetermined prize pool. Initially, eSports teams need to navigate the Play-ins in order to pass the qualifying phase for the Grand Finals. Then already in Finals, they can compete for their prize share.


All Stars is a celebrity event that features various influencers around the world. It also has a popular hashtag, #StarsOnFire which serves as a great marketing tool along with being a pretty entertaining activity from fans' perspective.

The Best Current Free Fire Teams

While Garena Free Fire is gaining players and teams from all over the globe, it is still tremendously popular, mostly in South-East Asia and Latin America. That is why some of the best teams and Free Fire players are from those regions. Before placing bets, it is an absolute must to check out some of the most prominent Free Fire teams, such as:

  • Fluxo;
  • Keyd;
  • HQ Esports;
  • Supreme Assault Forces;
  • Natus Vincere;
  • Corinthians.

Those are not even half of the teams worthy of being noted. There are many more well-known as well as newly formed professional teams entering Garena's Free Fire tournaments that are worth paying attention to.

What Makes Free Fire Esports So Popular?

This eSport, along with other similar battle royale games, has become a major hit in recent years, especially during the pandemic. Combined with the growing popularity of video games, plenty of live-streaming platforms, mobile gambling options, and, of course, massive investments in esports, more and more people are getting into esports betting.

Free Fire betting appeals to increasingly more people for a number of other reasons as well:

  • The gameplay is fast-paced, and maps are smaller compared to other similar esports;
  • Excellent visuals and unique characters make the game more fun to watch;
  • Variety in the betting market offered by eSports betting sites;
  • The ease of betting on Free Fire makes it attractive for bettors.

Tips For Betting on Free Fire

Betting on Free Fire is no rocket science. For those with any prior experience with other esports, it should be fairly easy to start Free Fire betting. For those new to the game or trying esports betting online in general, here are some tips:

  1. Learn about the game - its rules, types of leagues or tournaments to get into;
  2. Find out about the competing teams, their win rates and performance;
  3. Find a trustworthy and legal site for real money esports betting;
  4. Look at the Free Fire betting markets available on various eSports betting sites;
  5. Select the Free Fire betting site offering the best odds and markets, as well as check the bonuses available on the sportsbook.

Keep on following the game statistics and news to stay updated, and don't forget to set a budget to bet on your favorite teams and players.

What the Future Holds For Free Fire Betting?

Since its creation, Garena Free Fire has proven to be a worthy rival for other battle royals and global esports games with a huge following. As a result, it has an increasingly larger exposure at many esports bookmakers and sites, where players are also provided with a wide range of Free Fire betting odds and markets. Moreover, now the tremendous growth and demand in virtual and crypto payments, more and more people will bet on online platforms with cryptocurrency betting esports using their blockchain wallets. And this, in turn, combined with the increasing number of bettors and loyal fans, proves that the future of Free Fire betting is more than just bright.

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