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Call of Duty Predictions: 2024 Tipsters Betting Advice

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Matches: 3


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Matches: 1


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Matches: 3


Matches: 3


Matches: 2


Matches: 3


Matches: 3


Matches: 2

What types of Call of Duty tips do we offer

TIPS.GG features Call of Duty tips for Match Winner. In the future, we’re planning to add additional functionality to include other popular types for bets such as:

Correct Map Score

Most major Call of Duty events have matches played over multiple maps, usually in a best-of-3 or best-of-5 format. Certain teams might excel on certain maps, so knowing which maps are their strongest or weakest is a valid form of Call of Duty betting advice.

Player Score Bets

We are looking to expand our player profile to include support for score-related wagers. It goes without saying that having this Call of Duty bet tip at the palm of your hand will improve your wagering accuracy.

And more!

Despite Call of Duty being a relatively simple FPS game on the surface, the game’s esports scene is impressively complex. We’ll gradually add more support for the various Call of Duty betting markets.

What Call of Duty tournaments predictions do we provide

Call of Duty League

The premiere Call of Duty esports event was established in 2020. Call of Duty enjoys massive popularity in North America, so all the best teams in this esports discipline are situated there. Hence, this is the world’s strongest league and the prime location for Call of Duty esports bets.

The league is separated into 5 stages each ending with a Major. At the end of the season, a CDL Championship takes place to decide the winner. The Majors and the Championship are the best time to cast your bet – so make use of our Call of Duty picks to research the scene easier.

Who are our Call of Duty tipsters

We do a lot of research to ensure that only high-quality material gets published on our site. Not only is our moderator team comprised fully of avid esports fans passionate about the industry, but we also have members with esports backgrounds. Our in-house talent writes plenty of content regarding Call of Duty bet tips, as well.

How Call of Duty tips are rated

We rate our tipsters based on their trustworthiness. Each user has a reputation rating attached to their account that increases with more successful tips. Ultimately, tips from consistently accurate users hold more weight and appear before those of regular users. Additionally, we integrate top bookies’ odds into our tip displays to relay the relevant Call of Duty betting predictions as objectively as possible.

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