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CS:GO Live Score & Matches for Today

Antic Esports
0 1
Encore ESC
Antic Esports
1 0
DGG Esports
0 1
Nut-E Gaming
1 0
0 1
Rare Atom
1 0
YK Gaming
Wings Up
0 1
Lynn Vision
Invictus Gaming
1 0
XXG Gaming
0 1
IHC Esports
1 0
0 1
Team NKT
Clutch Gaming
1 0
1 0
Oceania Open Qualifier #1, China Open Qualifier #1, Asia Open Qualifier #1
JANO Esports
2 0
Sashi Esport
2 0
Contenders Stage
Meta Gaming BR
Los Grandes Academy
2 0
SWS Gaming
1 1
20:00In 15 min.
MIBR Academy
River Plate
23:00In 3 hr.
Daotsu Esports
Stars Horizon
Group Stage
South America

All CS:GO Matches Today

On this page you can find the list with schedules and results of today’s CS GO matches (relevant for 15.08.2022. To make it more comfortable for you to watch current games, we grouped them into the blocks of ongoing CS:GO tournaments sorted up-to-down by their importance and level.

Above the competition list you can find the navigation menu. With it you can choose only CSGO matches online with live streams, check the results of the games that finished yesterday or on any other date by clicking on the required day.

The same page lets you see which Counter-Strike matches will take place tomorrow or in a few days.

Each GS:GO match block shows:

  • The exact starting time (the user’s time zone applies), and the timer showing the countdown till the game begins;
  • Rivaling teams;
  • Tournament and its stage;
  • Most profitable odds for the match from bookmakers;
  • Region or country of the tournament;
  • For live CS:GO matches, the page shows the ongoing score, the game format (dark dots under the timer) and the currently played map (red dots);
  • In case the match is already over, the final score of the game will be shown.

If you need to find particular CSGO matches between two teams, you only need to pick teams in the “Comparing teams” block. Then, you’ll get to the page with their schedules, results, and more detailed analysis.

Schedule for Main CS:GO Matches Today

Of 19 today’s matches, 3 more are planned for now. The following main CSGO matches live streams can be found on 15-08-2022:

  • 17:17. homeless – SWS Gaming. CCT South America Series #1 Group Stage.
  • 20:00. MIBR Academy – River Plate. CCT South America Series #1 Group Stage.
  • 23:00. Daotsu Esports – Stars Horizon. CCT South America Series #1 Group Stage.

Today’s CS:GO Match Results

Of all 19 games for today, 16 are finished. Important CSGO results for 15-08-2022 are:

  • 1:0. D13 win against Flaggers. CCT South America Series #1 Group Stage.
  • 2:0. JANO Esports win against KOVA. CCT South America Series #1 Group Stage.
  • 1:0. ORDER win against Nut-E Gaming. CCT South America Series #1 Group Stage.
  • 1:0. Lynn Vision win against Invictus Gaming. CCT South America Series #1 Group Stage.
  • 1:0. TYLOO win against XXG Gaming. CCT South America Series #1 Group Stage.

How They Play Esports Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Matches

It’s a competition between two teams (“Terrorist” team attacks, and “Counter-Terrorist” team plays on defensive). Each team has 5 players. Also, the best CS:GO teams have coaches who are in TeamSpeak with players, which means they can communicate and help with recommendations during match pauses between rounds. The team getting a higher score in played maps wins the duel.

CS:GO Match Maps and Formats

CS:GO pro games have 7 maps available: Dust2, Inferno, Mirage, Nuke, Train, Overpass and Vertigo. Before the game starts, teams choose maps. This process is called Pick-Ban: teams ban or pick maps one by one, and they will play on remaining maps.

The format of the competition means the number of maps that should be played during a match. Depending on the CS:GO pro matches format, there are different map Pick-Ban systems. The Counter-Strike pro esports scene has the following match formats:

  • bo1 – “best of 1”. Teams ban 3 maps each one by one until one map remains – this is the one they play. bo1 is a rare format, it is used during group or qualification stages, when there are many teams that need to play with each other. bo1 don’t use at big LAN tournaments or finals due to the high probability of getting a random result. The team winning a map wins a match with 1:0 score;
  • bo2 - “best of 2”. At first, teams ban one map each, and then pick one map per team to play at. To win, one of the teams needs to get the 2:0 score. Bo2 format is not used in Playoffs or other final stages, because the 1:1 draw is possible here.
  • bo3 - “best of 3”. This is the format for the overwhelming majority of CS GO matches. Each team bans a map, then they pick two to play at, and ban one each again. As a result, three maps remain – two picked by teams, and one remaining after bans. In bo3, a team getting 2 points of advantage wins. The score can be 2:0 (the third map isn’t played) or 2:1;
  • bo5 – “best of 5” – the rarest format that sometimes is used for final games to exclude the random element at all. In bo5, teams ban one map each, and then pick the order to play the remaining maps. The last map not picked by either team is the final one to play. The team gaining 3 points first is the winner.

CS:GO Match Process

The sequence of maps to play is already defined after the Pick-Ban stage, so the match starts with the first map (note.: there’s only one map for bo1 games). The choice of starting sides (attack or defense) is defined by the tournament rules: knife round, seeding, or random.

Every game (a map played) consists of two halves with 15 rounds each. A round’s duration is 1 minute and 45 seconds, and can end with the victory of one of the teams. To win the half, a team needs to get 16 points. After that, rivals switch sides and play the second half of the map.

In case two teams have similar round wins after two halves, additional rounds apply (overtime) – two halves with 3 rounds in each. If there is a draw in overtimes, new ones are played until one of the teams gets 4 wins in one overtime.

The total result of map rounds changes the match score to 1:0 in the victorious team’s favor. The players switch to the second map and so on. This is how they define the CS GO match winner depending on the "best of *" format.

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