Overwatch Betting: How to Bet on Overwatch League

03.07.2023, 15:02

Overwatch is one of the most unique esports titles to exist. Combining an FPS with a MOBA, Overwatch attracts the fans of both - and offers the bettors some unique markets not possible anywhere else. The game's unorthodox framework inspired countless copycats - and what better mark of success than this?

What Makes Overwatch Stand Out?

Overwatch is one of the freshest esports titles on the market, yet it was able to amass a vast fanbase in a record time. There are a few factors that guarantee this:

  1. Unique genre. Overwatch pioneered a new genre: a First Person Shooter combined with a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena. Its resounding success left a mark on the entire gaming industry.
  2. High popularity.Thanks to Blizzard Entertainment's reputation-driven dedicated fanbase, Overwatch benefitted from the incredible hype surrounding it on day one. Hence, the considerable player base.
  3. Robust amateur pro scene. Overwatch betting sites are browsed best local. The publisher shows a lot of support for the smaller events.

Best Overwatch Betting Sites

When browsing for the best Overwatch betting site, it's essential to be on the lookout for some of the most critical factors.

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How Does Overwatch Betting Work

Best sites for esports betting usually feature one of these options. While Overwatch enjoys a pretty sizable fanbase, it's not as developed as other titles- for instance, like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Still, there are loads of different betting markets and ways to place bets.

Overwatch 2 Heroes Splash

Image credit: Blizzard Entertainment

Real Money Betting On Overwatch

The most popular betting option closely resembles betting on traditional sports. In Overwatch money bet, the bettors wager on different betting markets - most commonly on match winner. The odds vary depending on the relative strength of the teams involved and, of course, the bookie's numbers.

Social Betting On Overwatch

Also called "Overwatch betting tips," this type of bet is usually free to place and can be publicly seen. It is perfect for those who bet for fun. However, this type of bet may also come in handy for real money bettors. It's pretty easy to gauge the teams' relative standings by checking out these tips.

Overwatch Fantasy Betting

This type of betting is most notable. The bettors assemble their own rosters from the pool of real professional players and then compare their performances based on in-game metrics. This betting is not considered online gambling - and it's not restricted or prohibited even in countries with the most strict legislation.

Although Overwatch features loot boxes and in-game cosmetic items, it's impossible to gamble with them. Therefore, for Overwatch betting, skin wagering sites are not an option.

Placing The First Overwatch Bet

OW League Stage

Thanks to esports betting sites massively evolving over the past decade, getting into betting has become easier than ever before. Still, this simple guide may be of use to you.

Select A Bookmaker

Remember the factors that distinguish a good bookmaker from the best. Our list of reliable Overwatch esports bookmakers has all the top-performing bookies.

Sign Up And Verify Your Account

Different bookmakers might ask for various degrees of info to verify your account. Regular real money betting bookies will likely ask for an ID to verify you. Some alternative bookies - like esports cryptocurrency betting platforms - allow users to remain anonymous while signing up and placing bets.

Top Up Your Betting Wallet

Alternatively, if the bookmaker offers an esports bonus on deposit, it's possible to skip this step by activating it and heading straight to betting menus.

Navigate To The Event Of Choice And Place Your Bet

The bookies featured on our approved list all have easy-to-navigate and intuitive designs. Remember to compare Overwatch betting odds offered by different bookmakers to strike the best deal with this step.

Examples Of Overwatch Betting Markets

Let's take a look at some of the most popular betting markets for the game. The classic esports markets are most prominent, but the game's mechanics lend themselves to some additional niche wagers.

Match Winner/Match Outcome The most common type of bet on Overwatch is featured on any betting site. The bettors forecast the match's outcome and get rewards based on the betting odds the bookie offers. The esports Overwatch odds will vary depending on the teams' relative skill, the series' prestige level, etc.
Handicap Betting Handicap betting functions similarly to match outcome but with an added twist. It's not uncommon for professional matches to have a massive disparity between the teams. Handicap betting seeks to fix that issue by giving the favorite team a virtual "handicap." For instance, in a best-of-3 series, the underdog team will have to win just a single map to be considered the winner of the handicap bet.
Tournament Winner Unlike Match betting, there's also an option to bet on the Overwatch series that may last a few weeks or even months. The bettors predict the #1 spot of the whole event. This type of bet requires utmost knowledge of the game modes and professional teams.
Live Betting Thanks to the digital nature of esports, it opens up a whole additional avenue. Esports betting sites can offer bettors the ability to bet live on esports events already in play. Overwatch live bets occur and resolve nearly simultaneously as opposed to other forms of betting where wagers are suspended the moment a match begins.
Prop bets Prop bets are wagers on aspects of the game that do not immediately result in a victory for a team. For instance, an example of a prop bet on Overwatch would look like this: "First team to score First Blood," or "Team to pick Widowmaker the most in the series." The potential is limitless.

Beginner Bettors Guidelines

Those new to the hobby might find this Overwatch esports betting guide useful. Even if you're an experienced bettor, these steps could be a good reminder.

Know How To Choose The Best Bookie

These five factors are essential when choosing a reliable bookmaker.

Payment options and security Different bookmakers specialize in different areas. Some, for example, offer only esports cryptocurrency betting. It's essential to be aware of this and choose the appropriate bookie.
Customer support and protection With the best Overwatch betting sites, things rarely go wrong. But if they do, it's best to receive timely support from the bookie's customer service.
Event coverage Most betting sites will likely feature the largest Overwatch events. However, having more options regarding Overwatch betting on smaller local events is a huge plus.
Best Overwatch odds The best practice is to be on the lookout for better offers constantly. Overwatch esports betting sites often compete against one another - and keen bettors should take advantage of that.
Good betting app The convenience offered by good esports mobile apps for betting is unmatched. Many bookies will develop their own app - a world of esports at the palm of your hand

Try Overwatch Out

Game knowledge is the key to placing precise bets. Overwatch is easy to get into and has a lot of resources to help newcomers learn. Also, if you have a copy of Overwatch, Overwatch 2 is entirely free.

Follow Pro Trends And Professional Teams

Keep an eye out for the game's meta (most effective tactics available). Keep up with professional teams to see who's performing.

Constantly Check Available Odds

Keeping up with the ever-changing live esports odds is a lot of work - but the reward is worth it.

Make A Rigid Betting Budget

When betting real money, it's essential to set clear boundaries for your spending. Even the most accurate bettors sometimes get things wrong, so never bet more than you can afford to lose! This is the core principle of responsible gambling.

Overwatch Beginners Overview

Knowing the betting odds and markets is great, but it's not much use without knowing about the game itself. At least some basic knowledge is required for placing accurate bets. We'll keep things short as we go over the gameplay basics.

Overwatch is a video game in a unique genre that combines First Person Shooter (FPS) mechanics with Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) features while simultaneously drawing inspiration from Valve's cult classic Team Fortress 2. With Overwatch 2 release, the game now features two teams of 6 players competing to complete in-game objectives. These Overwatch match objectives vary based on the map:

  1. Assault. The attackers attempt to capture two control points while the defenders deter them.
  2. Control. Both teams compete to control a single objective in a best-of-x format. The team that holds the point for the longest time is the winner.
  3. Escort. The attackers must assist in delivering a Payload to reach its destination by destroying the defenders' defenses.
  4. Hybrid. A combination of Assault and Escort modes.
  5. Push. A brand new mode introduced with Overwatch 2. The attackers assist a robot that assaults the defenders' positions.
  6. Capture The Flag. Teams fight to capture the opponent's flag and defend their own.
  7. Deathmatch. A non-competitive scene mode where the only objective is to eliminate your opponents.

    Overwatch Soldier 76

    Soldier: 76 is another popular offensive hero, boasting consistent DPS with his rifle. Image credit: Blizzard Entertainment

Only Assault, Control, Escort, and Push are used in Competitive Play.

The game features 34 playable heroes, all with unique skills, weapons, and movement mechanics. The heroes are divided into classes: Offense, Defense, Tank, and Support. Heroes in different categories feature vastly different game experiences. For instance, the offensive hero Genji is all about speed, accuracy, and aggressive gameplay, while Defense's Widowmaker values long-range, patient, one-shot-one-kill type gameplay.

Overwatch Events To Bet On

Blizzard Entertainment has a unique approach to managing its game's esports scene. Let's outline some of the best events for Overwatch League betting.

Overwatch League

The primary Overwatch esports circuit, Overwatch League, is a premier event organized directly by Blizzard Entertainment. Its uniqueness lies in its global reach - as it features franchises and teams from around the world. The league is divided into Seasons that run for almost six months.

The seasons are then divided into smaller events:

OW League Kickoff Clash

Kickoff Clash

As its name implies, this is the opening stage of the Overwatch League. It is a double-elimination gauntlet featuring 12 teams. This year's Clash was hosted in Arlington, United States, and featured a prize pool of $330 000.

OW League Midseason Madness

Midseason Madness

A recent addition to the Overwatch League format, Midseason Madness was introduced in 2022. It features a total prize pool of $1 000 000, and 12 teams competing for it within a double-elimination gauntlet. In a way, it's a mini-World Cup.

OW League Summer Showdown

Summer Showdown

Another part of the Overwatch League, this is a double-elimination gauntlet featuring 12 teams. A prize pool of $330 000 and Overwatch League points are on the line.

OW League Playoffs


The Overwatch League Playoffs come after the Play-In stage called Countdown Cup. The final stage of OWL features a massive prize pool of $3 250 000. Only the best of the Overwatch contenders get to set foot in Overwatch World Cup, as it features just eight teams.

Best Payment Operators For Overwatch Betting

In addition to the classic Visa/MasterCard-powered transactions, it's worth noting additional digital wallets. Most of the time, using those for betting on Overwatch League matches is faster, safer, and more convenient.



The most popular of the digital wallets is also available for transactions on most Overwatch League betting sites. Esports bets with PayPal are safer, faster, and require fewer verifications than the traditional method.



This virtual wallet is available in 120 countries and has been verified over two decades of operation. Esports bets with Skrill are commonplace, and many bettors choose this wallet over credit card-based transactions.



Founded in 1999, Neteller is one of the most successful e-wallets. Since it is available worldwide, Neteller esports betting is the primary choice of experienced esports betting fans.



Many dedicated vendors accept esports cryptocurrency betting. In some cases, a bookie may feature exclusively crypto-based transactions. In this case, the user's identity and security are under extreme protection thanks to blockchain technology.

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