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Arena of Valor Predictions: 2024 Tipsters Betting Advice


Matches: 2


Matches: 2

What types of Arena Of Valor tips do we offer

Our current system supports Arena Of Valor match predictions (Match Outcome bets, in particular). In the future, stay tuned as we will expand the system’s functionality to include other betting options, such as:

First Blood

A very popular type of bet in the MOBA genre, First Blood betting isn’t a simple game of chance. With TIPS.GG’s Arena of Valor betting advice, you can discover which players favor a more aggressive early game playstyle to secure that first elimination.

Abyssal/Enraged Abyssal Dragon

A central map objective in Arena of Valor is a key to victory and a popular special wager. Arena of Valor predictions may help figure out which of the teams has a higher chance of securing this objective first.

What Arena Of Valor tournaments predictions do we provide

Honor of Kings International Championship

The highest stage of AoV/HoK, the International Championship is the second-largest esports event (out of all esports!). As it features 16 international teams, it may be tough to place wagers for beginners. Check our Arena of Valor picks for a quick dip into the game’s esports scene.

King Pro League

KPL is a regular league series in Honor of Kings/Arena of Valor. Based in China, it features 18 teams and is the largest regular league of all esports.

And others

There are many other S- and A-tier leagues TIPS.GG supports. Stay tuned for more Honor of Kings/Arena of Valor betting advice.

Who are our Arena Of Valor tipsters

Our Arena of Valor tips come from multiple sources. Externally, we only publish articles and pieces from the most reputable gaming journals and forums. Internally, our writer team is full of esports fans who know their way around esports (with some of them having an esports industry background). Our mod team ensures only the highest quality content stays up!

How tips are rated

We rate tipsters based on their historic accuracy and trustworthiness. The higher the percentage of correct Arena of Valor predictions, the more weight they have. As an

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