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Wild Rift Predictions: 2024 Tipsters Betting Advice

There are no open predictions now

What types of Wild Rift tips do we offer

As of now, TIPS.GG support Match Outcome bets. In the near future, however, we’re looking to expand the functionality of our Wild Rift betting advice to include other popular betting markets. LoL: Wild Rift bettors look forward to the following betting tips:

Map Bets

Most Wild Rift events are played in best-of-3 to best-of-7 formats. Even when two teams with drastically different skill levels play, the runner-up can take a map or two from the favorite. Our team stats menu can be expanded to provide Wild Rift tips and insights for this kind of betting market.

Objective Special Bets

Different teams favor different strategies. Some prioritize higher Drake control, others – Rift Herald. With Wild Rift betting predictions on objectives being popular, this type of Wild Rift tip will be included in the future.

And others!

Since League of Legends: Wild Rift is a MOBA game, it enjoys nearly unrivaled complexity of interactions. All of which can be turned into betting markets and predictions!

What Wild Rift tournaments predictions do we provide

Wild Rift Icons

This is the largest international event in the Wild Rift esports ecosystem. Since it has 24 teams competing for massive prize pools over nearly a month, it makes sense that Icons is the go-to betting choice for most Wild Rift fans.

Wild Rift League

WRL is a large-scale Asian league modeled after its PC counterparts (League of Legends) esports system. The league runs for three months and includes the world’s best teams, which makes it a good pick for any time Wild Rift betting.

Who are our Wild Rift tipsters

TIPS.GG aggregates Wild Rift bet predictions from multiple reputable sources to provide the most objective view of the event. Our moderation team consists of gamers, esports fans, and members of the esports industry, so we know how to filter out junk and clickbait. Additionally, stay tuned for materials on Wild Rift betting tips from our in-house writers!

How tips are rated

The Wild Rift tips published on our website have a reputation rating attached to them. The core principle is simple: the higher the accuracy, the higher the tips’ weight. Additionally, TIPS.GG integrated top bookies’ odds into our Wild Rift bet predictions.

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