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Esports Betting Odds 2022 Explained  

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The ability to read and understand odds is crucial for placing bets on esports. In this post, you will find everything there is to know about esports betting odds. Learn about different types of odds and the ways you can calculate your profit.

Esports odds checker from

If you would like to have the odds offered by various bookmakers presented in one place, this page is designed for you. Use our esports odds checker below to compare the odds and choose the best option. also provides an odds calculator and converter to make it easier for you to understand and operate with the odds.

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What are esports odds

Esports betting odds are the ratio that represents the probability of an outcome for particular esports events. Bookmakers set the odds based on a thorough statistical analysis of the previous esports competitions. Looking at the odds, you can tell right away what bookies think the likelihood of each event in a game is. The higher the odds are, the bigger your profit is in case of the winning bets.

Get detailed information about esports betting in this article.

Expected value definition

Expected value (EV) helps you to see if a bookmaker offers you decent esports odds. It represents the return you might anticipate from your bet. This number is used by bettors to compare the odds offered by different bookmakers and find out where the wagering will deliver the highest winnings. In esports betting, the expected value is calculated by subtracting the likelihood of losing multiplied by the possible amount of money you could lose on a wager from the likelihood of winning multiplied by the sum of money you could win. It looks like this: EV = (likelihood of winning*the sum you may win) - (likelihood of losing*money you bet).

Implied probability explained

Just like odds, implied probability shows the likelihood of a particular esports event to happen. The difference between the two notions is that implied probability is presented in a percentage. You can calculate the percentage with all the types of esports gaming odds.

Odds on

There are two different types of esports betting odds according to the meaning that they carry — "odds on" and "odds against". "Odds on" express the higher likelihood of an esports event to happen. For example, if you have fractional odds 1/3 or decimal 1.3, it means that the event's particular result is likely to occur with a 75% chance. Lower odds mean that the amount of money you win will be less than the amount you wagered.

Odds against

"Odds against" has the opposite meaning to "odds on". If you see high esports odds like 7/3 or 3.3, it signifies that a particular event is less likely to happen. In the case of 3.3 odds, bookmakers give only a 30% chance for this specific outcome to occur. If you bet on the event outcome, your winnings will be higher than the stake you place. If you bet $100, your profit will be $233.

Why pay attention to them

It is always important to identify whether the odds are in favor or against. First of all, you will be able to tell what a particular event outcome is expected by bookmakers. Secondly, you will know what to count on in terms of winning. You can compare odds and decide whether to remain on the safe side and bet on an event with lower odds but a higher probability of happening, or take a risk and wager on the outcome with a lower probability but bigger prize. Our esports odds tips will help you to take into account different aspects of reading the odds.

Calculating probability

Let's look at the example below on how to calculate implied probability with the three most popular types of odds: Decimal, Fractional, and American.



Formula to calculate implied probability Calculation Implied probability result
Decimal 3.3 1/ decimal odds*100 1/ 3.3*100 30.3%
Fractional 7/3 denominator / (denominator + numerator) * 100 3/(3 + 7) * 100 30%
Negative American -120 negative American odds/(negative American odds +100)*100 120/(120+100)*100 54.5%
Positive American +240 100/(positive American odds + 100)*100 100/(240+100)*100 29%

Calculating winnings

Let's check out a few examples on how to calculate the profit you can get from a bet based on the three most common odds types: Decimal, Fractional and American.



Sum of money you bet


Formula to calculate your profit Calculation Total payout Profit
Decimal 3.3 $100 decimal odds*amount of money you bet 3.3*100 $310 $210
Fractional 7/3 $100 numerator/denominator* amount of money you bet


7/3*100 $333 $233
Negative American -120 $120 negative American odds is the sum of money you need to wager to win $100 - $220 $100
Positive American +240 $100 positive American odds is the sum of your winning when you wager $100 - $340 $240

Bookmakers offering best esports odds

A bettor spends a lot of time and trouble making a good betting prediction that will result in a profit. Thus, he/she would like to be paid more for his/her efforts. Betting odds vary with bookmakers. We have already checked and compared the odds offered by a huge amount of betting sites. Below you can find the list of the websites that always provide the best esports odds.

You can find more information about the esports betting sites here.

Types of odds on esports

There are several types of esports betting odds that are used by bookmakers. Some of them are more typical for certain regions. For instance, moneyline odds are mostly used by American bookmakers, while fractional odds are popular among British betting websites. Let's find out about each type of odds in more detail below.

Odds converter

- 0.00 +
- 0 +
- 0/0 +
- 0.00 +

Decimal (European)

Decimal odds are one of the most popular types of odds that are offered by bookmakers. They are commonly used in Europe and Canada. With the help of the esports gaming odds, a bettor can easily calculate the total payout he/she will get in case of winning by multiplying the size of the bet by the odds.


Fractional odds have been used by bookmakers the longest compared to other types of odds. There are two types of fractional odds — British and Hong Kong. They differ a bit in their representation. Let's find out about the difference between them below.


British fractional esports odds have the form of two numbers divided by a slash. The number on the right tells about your stake, while the number on the left tells about your profit. For example, 5/1 — means that for each dollar you bet, your potential winning will be $5. If you place $100, you will earn a profit of $500, and the total payout will be $600 (your profit + the initial bet).

Hong Kong

Even odds in this system are represented with "1". If the odds are below 1, it signifies the higher likelihood of an event, if the odds are above — the likelihood is lower. Thus, if you see that the team's odds are 0.35, it means that the team is considered to be stronger.

Moneyline (American)

American or moneyline odds are represented in two ways. Before a number, there can be a "+" or "-" sign. There is a significant difference between the two types of esports odds. +/- also defines the way you calculate your potential winnings. Let's check out how to understand and read these odds.

Positive number odds

The addition of "+" before a number denotes that the probability of the event is low or that the team is considered to be the underdogs with a considerably lesser chance of winning a match. If the team's odds are +650, it means that in order to earn $650, you must gamble $100. If you win, you will be paid $750 (which includes your initial bet plus the profit).

Negative number odds

If American esports odds have "-" before the number, it signifies that the team has a better chance of winning the match. Let's have a look at the example. If a team's odds are -240, you need to wager $240 to win $100. In the case of negative odds, the number indicates how much money you need to bet to earn a profit of $100.

Point spread bet odds

Point spread bet or handicap is the advantage granted by a sportsbook to the underdogs before the match. It is done to even the odds of both teams when one lags behind. It makes the betting process more interesting and attracts gamblers because the odds, in this case, are higher for the underdogs.

Over/under (total) bet odds

Total bet odds are used for the total type of bets and represented in American odds. They are set at -110, which means that you will risk $1.10 to win $1. Thus to win $100, you need to bet $110.

What are esports live odds

Live betting is the type of wagering on esports that allows you to place bets during a real-time match. The odds that are offered for this type of betting are called esports live odds. The main feature that differentiates them from common odds is their flexibility. It means that they change according to the teams' performance during the ongoing match. All the odds changes will be reflected in your bet slip. Different betting markets are closed and opened during this process, thus you need to be attentive not to miss your chance to place a profitable bet.

Follow the link to find out more about live betting on esports.

How to calculate esports betting odds

With betting odds calculators, it has never been easier to find out the size of your potential profit. It can be applied for different types of odds, just choose the esports betting odds you have. The only thing you need to do is to enter your stake and odds in the appropriate fields, and the system will calculate the profit. Check the information below on how you can calculate esports betting odds.

Introducing our calculator

With the calculator that you can use on our website, you do not need to understand all the mathematics that lies behind the calculation of the return on any bet amount. All the calculation formulas are automatically applied by our tool. You can also see the percentage of implied probability. With our calculator, you won't waste even a second to estimate the necessary figures because all the results will be accessible in an instant, and then you can decide whether the stake you are planning to make is worth it or not. Try it out yourself below.

Instruction for using

To use our calculator, you will need to perform the following steps.

  1. Select the esports odds format you'd like to use.
  2. In the "Odds on event" field, enter the odds for an event you are planning to bet on. Type them in according to the format you choose in the previous field.
  3. In the "Input bet" field, type in the amount of money you'd like to bet.
  4. Check "Net profit" and "Your winnings" fields. You will be able to see the results immediately.

Which format is best?

It can't be said that some formats of esports odds are better than others. For each bettor, the best type of odds is the one he/she is used to. If you are from Europe, it is most likely that you prefer the decimal odds format. If you make a bet on an American website, then you will deal with moneyline odds. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages. For example, it is very easy to calculate your winnings with decimal odds — multiply the odds by the stake you place. With the American odds, the calculation is a bit trickier and differs for negative and positive odds. On the other hand, "+" and "-" before the moneyline odds will tell you right away what team performs better during the match. Whatever odds you come across on an esports betting site, there is always a possibility to convert them in your favorite format using formulas, esports odds comparison table, or the odds converter.

How to convert esports gaming odds to another format

Sometimes there is a necessity to convert one type of odds into another. For example, you are used to decimal odds, but the bookmaker you are going to place bets with uses fractional odds. In this case, you need to convert the odds into a format that is more convenient for you. Let's take a look at the ways you can convert the odds.

Common betting odds conversion table

If you are not a big fan of mathematical calculations, below you can see the table of the most common esports betting odds. First, choose the column of the odd format that the betting platform uses and find the exact number of the given odds in the table. In the horizontal line, find the odds format you are interested in and get the odds in the preferred format. Check the conversion table below.

Use our tool to convert odds into your favorite format

Another option for converting the esports betting odds is to use our odds converting tool below. It is the simplest way to transform one type of odds into another. You don't need to perform any calculations yourself or even search numbers in a table. Follow these simple steps to get the immediate result.

  1. Choose the type of odds you'd like to convert in the corresponding field. Type them in the exact format you have.
  2. Other types of esports odds will appear automatically in the rest of the boxes when you click out of the box.

The most popular esports

Esports has been officially recognized in a lot of countries all over the world. Thousands of events are organized every single day, and bookmakers provide a diverse selection of video games that you can bet on. The major esports titles include Dota 2, CS:GO, Overwatch, League of Legends, Valorant, and the majority of the bookmakers give you the opportunity to watch live streams of head-to-head matches and place in-play bets. Let's find out more about these most popular esports titles.

League of Legends (LoL)

League of Legends is a MOBA game created by Riot Games in 2009. It is available for players online for free, offering a great chance for bettors to try the game and learn it from the inside. The game features two teams that fight to take over the competitor's stronghold — Nexus. There is a big number of champions to choose from. It is very interesting to follow the development of champions that acquire more skills and experience with the completion of multiple obstacles. Their looks also can be improved with the help of skins that are purchased for in-play currency or given to players as a reward for good performance during the match.

Read about LoL betting odds in the following article and get the best out of esports odds that LoL matches offer.

Dota 2

Dota 2 is one more MOBA game that was released by Valve in 2013. Each team with five players defends the main base called the Ancient. There are 122 heroes with their own special features, abilities, and powers. Each hero has a role to perform in a team. The game is known to have the largest crowdfunding prize pool in the esports industry.

Dota 2 offers great esports betting opportunities. Proceed the link below, if you are interested in Dota 2 odds


This video game was released in 2012, and since then, it has become the most popular title among esports fans. It has a lot to offer: interesting gameplay with simple rules, various betting markets, and high esports odds for those who are interested in betting. There are ten players that form two teams — Terrorists and Counter-Terrorists, and they switch their roles in the second part of the game. The winner is the team that is the first one to win 16 rounds.

If you'd like to place a bet on this game, follow the link and read about CSGO betting odds.


Overwatch was created by Blizzard Entertainment in 2016. Each round is played on a separate map with its own objectives to complete. Gamers are organized in teams of six players that choose heroes with roles that correspond to the chosen strategy of the team. There are a couple of game modes. Special modes are accessible during particular seasonal events.

Read more about Overwatch betting odds right here.


Valorant is a relatively new and promising FPS title. The game was developed by Riot Games and released in 2020. Its gameplay features a concept somewhat close to other team-based shooters like CSGO, but feels very different due to its vivid graphical representation and a fresh system of unique playable characters called Agents. Each agent serves his/her own role on the battlefield and has unique abilities, which introduces various team compositions and a potentially unlimited amount of strategic approaches.

Esports odds vs sports betting odds — what's the difference

When esports betting odds are compared to traditional sports betting odds, we can see that there isn't much of a difference. They're both presented in the same formats, and the same algorithms are used to calculate the implied probability and your potential profit if the bet is successful. The difference between esports and sports odds comes down to how the odds are related to the various types of bets. So if you are familiar with betting on traditional sports, there will be no problem for you to read and understand esports odds.

Kinds of esports bets in popular titles

The most popular esports disciplines provide gamblers with a wide range of wagering options and the best esports odds. Anyone, regardless of their betting experience and game knowledge, can choose an appropriate bet. If you're a beginner bettor, try a match winner bet. You can place one of the total bets if you are a confident gambler. Let's learn more about the different types of esports bets below.

Winner of the match

Any esports tournament consists of a particular number of matches played between two competitive teams. If you place a match winner bet, it means that you need to predict which team of the two will take over the match. It is a beginner-friendly bet that requires the basic knowledge of the game and the two teams that take part in the competition.

Expresses or Parlays

Express, also called parlay, or accumulator betting includes two or more bets combined in one wager. It is an example of a more complicated wager that would be interesting to place for a more experienced bettor. To place this bet, you need to predict the outcomes of several events. If even one is incorrect, you lose the whole bet. Esports betting odds for this type of wager are usually higher due to its complicated nature.

Winner of the map

Each round of a game can be played on different maps with various locations and objectives. Some teams perform better on one type of map and worse on another. If you know this information, you can use it to win some money by placing the winner of the map bet.


There is the possibility to predict various total numbers of events happening during a tournament. For example, guess how many rounds will be played in CS:GO or on how many maps a team will win during a match. The total number is always predefined by a bookmaker, and your task is to guess whether the final result will be over or under this number.

Bets on the winner of the tournament

There are a lot of big competitions held during each season in different esports titles. Whether it is LoL World Championship or CS:GO Majors, there will be a possibility for you to predict the outcome of the whole tournament. With futures, for example, there is an option to place a bet on a tournament winner long before it starts. It is a nice opportunity as esports odds are usually higher for the type of bet. If you are a fan of a certain esports team and want to support it or if you thoroughly analyze each teams' rating, then betting on the winner of the tournament is your choice.

Why do esports betting odds change

There are several reasons why odds change. A lot of factors should be considered when esports odds are calculated. Betting trends and tendencies, the view of esports analysts, the statistical analysis of the previous teams' performances, and odds featured by other bookmakers — these are just a few factors. Let's learn more about them.

Betting trends

Betting trends are certain beliefs or a range of behaviors that are widespread during a period of time among bettors. For example, certain betting markets can be more popular than others. Or, a new esports title can grow in popularity, making bookmakers create more betting options for this game with more attractive odds. Esports odds providers should take into account this information.


One more thing that betting sites consider when presenting the odds is the value of the odds on other bookmakers' websites. There are various esports odds providers, however, the difference in odds value is not that significant as they all are trying to stay relevant and attract more gamblers. There are particular expectations and trends that bookmakers follow. Thus, the value of the odds offered by bookies will remain within the limits of prevailing tendencies followed by all esports bookmakers.


The prevailing trends of the esports industry are not the only factor that influences the change of esports odds. The previous performances and history of teams and players are also considered. The statistical analysis of the results reached in previous competitions is taken into account when deciding on underdogs and favorites for every single match played in a tournament.


Analysis and evaluation made by esports odds providers is an important factor in forming the odds for events outcomes. For example, there is a new promising player, a real talent with the possibility to become a superstar. His/her performance has been highly evaluated by experts, and he/she is a valuable addition to one of the currently leading teams in an esports title. The odds for the team will change as the bookmakers take into account the evaluation of the experts.

Why esports gaming odds vary on the same outcome

Esports betting odds on different bookmakers' sites vary because there is always a human factor to it. Experts that work for different bookmakers may have different opinions. Also, there is competition between betting websites for attracting new gamblers. Thus, the odds for the same outcome vary with bookies. Our esports odds checker that is presented above is designed to help you with finding the best odds available.

How to make the most of our odds comparison page

One of the best esports odds tips is to compare odds offered by different bookmakers and choose the higher ones. Use our odds comparison table where we feature a range of bookmakers with their odds on the same event outcomes. It is very easy to use, especially taking into account that you won't need to open multiple pages to compare the numbers. You have everything in one place that will simplify your decision-making process when you select the most suitable bets and bookmakers in any given event.

Final thoughts

Learning to understand the odds is very important for placing successful bets. To make it as easy for you as possible, in this article, we provided the odds checker and calculator, along with the odds conversion tool. Use them to choose the best betting website, change the odds format into the most convenient one and calculate your profit in an instant. And if you need to compare odds offered by the bookmakers, use the esports odds comparison table above. As you have already learned how to read the odds, choose the esports title, place your bets and enjoy big winnings.

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