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Bet on World of Warcraft Esports Events

16.09.2022, 11:14

With more than 15 years of history, World of Warcraft remains one of the oldest games in the esports betting industry. Due to the regular patches and updates, the game is still the most popular MMORPG and the one to get such big eSports events. But to participate in Warcraft betting, you must use a reliable bookmaker. So check out the list below to choose some of the best betting sites for WoW, and get ready for wagering!

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      About World of Warcraft Esports Betting

      People who have heard about World of Warcraft but never played it seriously might be confused about eSports in this game. Still, WoW veterans know that this game has tens of activities you can participate in while playing wow, and most of them can be turned into an eSports competition. Each of those competitions requires players to act differently and brings lots of variety into the game's eSports. Thus, bettors and players never get bored with Warcraft eSports events, as they can always switch competitions and avoid the boring routine. In addition, most of the WoW events can be accessed with the Neteller eSports betting tool, which greatly simplifies the process.

      WoW Esports Tournaments

      Blizzard Entertainment (WoW developer) regularly conducts major World of Warcraft eSports events where teams compete to grab first place and the main prize. Such events are classified into two main types:

      1. PVP. Where teams battle against each other in arenas;
      2. PVE. Where teams fight for the fastest time to finish dungeons.

      WoW Arena World Championship

      PVP arena in World of Warcraft is the purest form of competition in the game. Why? Because two teams meet each other in similar conditions to fight and prove they are the best. WoW arena work in a pretty interesting way, where people can choose different classes (specializations) and combine them to achieve the best results. The game has twelve total classes, each with three specializations, significantly changing how the game is played. So eSports bettors can never be bored as each game on the Arena World Championships will be totally different and unique.

      Another factor that makes arenas more interesting is the constantly changing patches. Such novelties are bringing new features to the game, changing classes, in-game balance, etc. So if you don't like the Battle of Azeroth (major add-on) PVP, maybe you will enjoy Shadowlands arenas (another major add-on) which we will be about to see later in 2022.

      Warcraft Arena World Championship was first launched by Blizzard fifteen years ago, and since then, they have never skipped it. Each year, WoW Arena World Championship increases its prize pool, and in 2022, the winner will get $700 000. Such a huge prize couldn't go unnoticed by eSports bookmakers so as by gamblers.

      WoW Classic Arena

      During the years of World of Warcraft's existence, the game went through nine major add-ons, which changed the game drastically. So nowadays, the original World of Warcraft Classic patch got lost in the pages of history. But Blizzard noticed that many warcraft players are experiencing feelings of nostalgia towards the original version of the game. That was a sign that it was time to take action and release a classic version of the game again.

      The release of the World of Warcraft Classic had an immense success and has managed to attract both old-schooled and new players. With such a success, it was an obvious decision for Blizzard to sprinkle WoW Classic world with some PVP tournaments. And the WoW Classic Arena Cup remains the main one of them.

      The best North America and Europe WoW teams who grind classic versions of the game battle each other in the 3v3 format. The event's prize pool might change yearly, but in 2022 it is promised to be at least $100 000.

      A default WoW Arena World Championship and classic ones have many differences, even though the core game remains the same. Some of the more major distinctions are the worse graphics, fewer class skills, and different in-game mechanics. But these features are not considered flaws among PvP WoW eSports players. On the contrary, those pros help you get a different experience out of the WoW PvP world.

      WoW Classic Arena is an extremely popular tournament and can be found on any best WoW betting site. But the WoW odds in classic tournaments are a little more stable due to the easier game's predictability. To learn how the odds change, check out this betting odds comparison that can clarify many important aspects of the betting lines.

      WoW Mythic Dungeon International

      What is special about the World of Warcraft is the fact that this game offers a competitive aspect not only in PvP. Thus, WoW eSports features a compelling PvE mode where players worldwide fight to clear the full dungeon in the shortest time possible. WoW players can choose different strategies and change their classes and gear to do that. Such a variety forces top players to deeply discover the Warcraft world and find optimal combos and gaming approaches. Besides that, players must complete the hardest version of the dungeon (mythical), which can be challenging.

      The Mythic Dungeon International is quite a new competition that will just be launched for its sixth time in 2022. But regardless of a young age, the tournament features a solid prize pool of $300 000, which will be parted between the best performing teams. The tournament is divided into three seasons; the last one will include only eight teams fighting in the finals.

      Both default and crypto bookies are paying much attention to the WoW Mythic Dungeon International and often introduce odds high enough to interest most gamblers.

      Other Competitions

      WoW Classic Art

      Image Credit: Activision Blizzard

      You shouldn't think that mentioned events are the only ones you can wager on in the world of WoW eSports betting. Many more minor tournaments are conducted by different organizations and even WoW eSports betting sites. Although you will notice a significant decadence in the WoW eSports scene while the major tournaments are off, you will always find what to bet on. And remember that the most popular payment tool during non-major tournaments is PayPal eSports betting.

      Main Bet Types in WoW Betting

      Like any solid eSport, World of Warcraft betting sites introduce more than enough different betting markets. With their help, you can diversify your WoW eSports betting and approach it with different strategies. If you don't know how to develop strategies or approach betting mindfully, learn how to bet on eSports games with this short and informative guide.

      Moneyline Even if the "word" moneyline doesn't mean much sense to you right now, we are sure that you know how it works. Why? Because moneylines are the easiest types of bets, they only suppose you choose one team you think will win the competition. For example, if you want to bet on the WoW Arena World Championship, the moneyline would allow you to choose a team you think will win a battle.

      Moneyline bets can be found at every Warcraft betting site due to obvious reasons. The problem with moneylines is their quite boring and straightforward odds. Thus, if the battle features an underdog and a favorite, the odds would be very predictable, and it would be hard to take advantage of the high odds. But on the other hand, such odds give bettors lots of consistency and are safer.

      Handicaps During the World of Warcraft competitions, many low-chance events can occur. A handicap bet allows a gambler to wager on one of those events happening.

      Also, a handicap bet can refer to a wager on the tournament's underdog. Such bets offer extremely high odds, but their chances of success are at their lowest.

      But regardless of which handicap bet you make, you should be very familiar with the game to do it. Lots of game knowledge is an essential requirement. In addition, you should be paying much attention to players' performance during the tournament and before. It will allow you to understand the competitors' current shape better, helping you make more precise handicap bets. A good way to do handicaps is with the Skrill eSports betting tool, which will provide you with fast and low-fee transactions.

      Due to the extremely high betting odds of the handicaps, they will perfectly suit users who want to raise more money off their wagers. But don't forget that they also entail many risks.

      Outrights/Futures To bet on who you think will win WoW eSports tournaments, you can apply to the outright/future bets. But keep in mind that just like in any other eSports games, outrights/futures on World of Warcraft betting sites are available solely during the beginning of the season/tournament. Of course, there are some exclusions where you can make those bets in the middle of the season/tournament, but you will be rewarded with much lesser odds in such cases.

      If you have a vast experience in spectating and playing World of Warcraft, outrights/futures might be a good opportunity to take advantage of the competitive odds. But take such bets seriously and make sure to examine the team you want to bet on a couple of times. Otherwise, you risk losing your funds.

      Special/Prop bets Special/Prop bets are quite similar to the handicaps betting markets but have a minor difference. During a special/prop bet, you can try to predict a certain outcome that is not a part of the gameplay process. For example, you can guess which team will start the mythic dungeon run first, etc.

      As you can guess, special/prop bets are some of the most random eSports bets you can do. Their probability can't be predicted with the help of research and analysis. That means they are just like a gambling game, where the outcome is controlled only by the randomness factor. This makes the odds of these betting markets very even and stable. But remember that there is no eSports live betting option available for specials.

      PvE Betting in WoW By WoW PvE sports betting, we mean all the betting markets related to player versus computer competitions. The most popular of the WoW tournaments when it comes to PvE eSports betting is the WoW Mythic Dungeon International, which we already described previously.

      You should also know that many of the previous betting markets we mentioned are available inside the WoW PvE betting, so you will have many options.

      PvP Betting in WoW Contrary to the PvE mode, PvP bets are much more common to stumble across on the different eSports betting sites. Almost any popular eSports game that you see solely specializes in PvP bets, for example, League of Legends, Dota 2, CS:GO, Overwatch, etc. But what is special about World of Warcraft is that it offers both worlds: uncommon PvE and traditional sports betting PvP.

      In PvP World of Warcraft betting, you will be offered to predict which team will win a certain player vs. player competition. Those competitions can be of different types: Arenas and Battlegrounds.

      In Arenas, there are a couple of players (2, 3, 5) fighting in teams on the little map without objectives. While on the battlegrounds, players of bigger teams (depending on the map scale) will complete the objectives (capture a flag/point/zone) to score more points than the enemies.

      Other But don't think that mentioned betting markets are everything each WoW eSports betting site can offer. Best sportsbooks often come up with many other markets featuring attractive betting odds to facilitate profitable wagers. Additionally, activating one of the best eSports betting bonuses can get even more funds from your WoW betting.

      The same as in the case with PvE wow bet, PvP bets will feature more of the different betting markets at the best WoW betting sites. Thus, you will be able to utilize handicaps, moneylines, outright with eSports real money betting.

      Top Players in World of Warcraft Esports

      If you are seeking any WoW betting tips, the best one we can give you is to track the performance of the best players and try to bet on them. The best performing eSportsmans of World of Warcraft are:



      Martin Moazzez is an extremely experienced player from Sweden who plays as a healer in PvP competitions. He has won numerous Arena World Championships and earned almost $150 000 in total.



      Maros Molcan is another Arena World Championship winner with five 1st place cups. He is from Slovakia and performs as part of the Skill Capped Eu team, while his role is DPS.



      Maro-Simon Franke is another PvP-specializing player who won four AWC cups in total. His team is SK Gaming, and he performs as the DPS player.

      Some of the best eSports betting apps allow users to track the players' performance above conveniently.

      Frequently asked questions

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      Can I use bonuses at WoW betting sites?

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