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Ethereum Online Betting: Best ETH Bookies

13.02.2024, 13:23

Right now, Ethereum is a top-2 cryptocurrency in the world. Launched in 2015, it improves on its older brother Bitcoin's design, offering its users a few perks not found in the original coin that started the hype. Its updated design makes it a better fit for online services, including online betting on the best sports & esports bookmakers! Let's look at some of the best Ethereum betting sites and tips for betting with ETH.

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Best Ethereum Betting Sites In 2024

Ethereum is quite a well-known currency that is accepted across most reputable sportsbooks. From traditional sports & esports betting sites to platforms focusing solely on crypto transactions, we have no difficulty withdrawing and depositing funds using ETH. Let's take a look at some of the best examples and review why they're the best.


Bitsler Interface

Bitsler covers all the big events, but also many smaller ones as well

Almost universally considered the top pick when it comes to Ethereum betting sites - and just crypto betting in general - Thunderpick often rivals the conventional sportsbooks despite being a comparatively niche betting site. Despite being a relatively young project founded in 2017, the bookie has become an industry leader in record time. Esports focused to the tee, Thunderpick offers more than the average bookie, with over 20 different esports titles to choose from alongside dozens of traditional sports disciplines.


This platform with a heavy focus on crypto esports betting is one of the leaders in its industry. Esports enthusiasts run the site, and it shows: Bitsler offers some lesser-viewed titles for avid fans alongside the esports titans. Indeed, Bitsler offers a huge selection of titles: from Counter-Strike 2 and League of Legends to WarCraft III, Age of Empires, and other niche titles. Bitsler revolutionized esports betting bonuses, and will accept Ethereum alongside 25 other crypto coins (including its own Bitsler coin). Even though Bitsler is predominantly a platform for esports-based online bets, the site also features a robust traditional sports betting section, featuring the classics like football betting alongside basketball, tennis, and other popular disciplines.


GG.BET Homepage

GG.BET offers many esports disciplines and betting markets for bettors

GG.BET usually makes it to the very top of the list, but when it comes to betting with Ethereum, they're a solid but not the best option. Still, it's GG.BET: an incredible online betting platform renowned for its tournament coverage, bonuses, and variety of betting lines. Despite missing out on some features only achieved by dedicated crypto betting sites, GG.BET offers a fantastic experience when betting with Ethereum purely because of its well-roundedness and reputation.


Initially launched as an exclusive sports & esports betting venture, Sportsbet.io is still dedicated to bringing an optimal sports wagering experience - in crypto. The platform also launched an online casino section. The site features all the big esports betting titles, such as Dota 2, League of Legends, and CS2. Out of all Ethereum betting sites, Sportsbet.io is most focused on traditional sports.


Universally lauded as one of the best sites for Ethereum betting, Stake is a solid choice for both beginners and veterans of crypto betting. The betting site accepts dozens of different cryptocurrencies, including BTC, ETH, DOGE, XRP, and others. Stake's selection of available esports titles is more than adequate: from the big hitters like Dota 2 and League of Legends to more niche titles like StarCraft: Brood War. Stake is the fastest esports betting site on this list - currency withdrawal is instant!

Why Choose Ethereum Betting Sites

The most commonly asked question will probably be: if ETH is only number two, why choose it over Bitcoin? In fact, there's not one but multiple answers to this question. Let's review them one by one.

Ethereum Fixes Bitcoin's Mistakes

Thunderpick Wild Rift Betting

Thunderpick features plenty of events and teams to bet on

Bitcoin is, undoubtedly, a groundbreaking cultural phenomenon. But, since its release in 2009, many users have found many of BTC's "quirks" that make the experience worse - and, since BTC is non-community-driven, there were no fixes in sight. That's where Ethereum steps in - an open-source, community-developed blockchain aimed to build upon Bitcoin's legacy.

Here are some areas where ETC has the edge over Bitcoin:

  • Way faster speed. With the way Bitcoin is created, transactions are, on average, pretty fast. Occasionally, however, they take entire hours to complete. While this does, in theory, make the system more secure, it also is a bad look when it comes to high-speed activities such as live sports betting. Ethereum transactions are nearly instant in all cases while not compromising the blockchain's overall security. Additionally, it's also more eco-friendly this way!
  • Lower fees. There is not much to say here: when using ETH, transaction fees are universally much lower than when using BTC. For those wishing to maximize their betting profits, it's a no-brainer.
  • Constant updates. Since Ethereum is a community-driven blockchain, it's regularly maintained and supported by professionals who also happen to be its fans. Because of it, it's constantly evolving to be faster, more secure, and more efficient, receiving multiple updates per year.

Crypto Is Great For Online Privacy

Anyone with at least some experience in online betting knows the hurdles of signing up for a bookie. First, you have to submit a lot of sensitive data to verify your identity and then wait for the operator to confirm it on their end. Not only it's genuinely annoying, but it can also make your info vulnerable to spammers or, worse, scammers.

  • Anonymity. Many dedicated Ethereum betting sites offer the option of completely anonymous betting. With it, your crypto wallet becomes the sole verification of your identity - and, since it's protected by virtually unhackable blockchain tech, it makes using even less reputable sites squeaky clean and safe.
  • Speed. Not only it's great for protecting your data, but eliminating the lengthy process of submitting and verifying IDs makes it way faster and more convenient, too! Some online bookmakers might take hours or even days to process your identification documents - and these days could be spent placing bets safely with ETH.

Crypto Betting Sites Often Offer Better Conditions

Conventional sportsbooks often impose additional fees on their users depending on the amount of winnings, etc. These fees are often called premium charges. In fact, on some large sportsbooks, the fee may reach up to 20%!

While this might be inconsequential for recreational bettors, this fact alone might turn off those who wish to bet purely for profit.

Additionally, the act of winning a bet in crypto can not be taxed! As long as this ETH is not converted into your country's fiat currency, it's non-taxable. This opens up some interesting options when it comes to crypto banking and streamlines the betting experience.

Checking On The Crypto Betting Industry

Sportsbet.io interface

Sportsbet.io has many appealing bonuses

As cryptocurrency is still a relatively new phenomenon, there's still room to grow for the betting industry itself. And boy, does it grow: even the historically tightly regulated regions like North America quickly adopted this new style of online betting. On the worldwide scale, the growth is simply staggering: according to the SOFTSWISS corporate report of 2022, the total amount of crypto bets has increased by more than two-fold between the first quarter of 2021 and 2022. Furthermore, the total share of bets made in crypto is now 1/3rd of the total volume - indicating a steady and rapid growth of the industry as a whole. Out of all crypto coins, ETH is second after Bitcoin.

This kind of incredible growth is made possible only by the industry's overall safety and high-security standards. Bettors trust blockchain-powered technology.


While getting into crypto might seem complicated and tedious, it's actually quite the opposite. When picking ETH or BTC, you get additional safety nets that make starting out in betting a breeze compared to fiat currency.

ETH Betting Starters Guide

Esports betting with Ethereum is quite a lot easier than it looks. Since this currency has been built around delivering as intuitive and safe an experience as possible, there's no need to spend a lot of time learning how to do it. All we need to do is two things: register an ETH wallet, and find adequate esports betting websites that accept Ethereum.

Creating A Wallet

Stake Interface

Stake processes withdrawals extremely fast

Creating an ETH wallet is as simple as signing up for Google Mail. For starters, we'll need to find a wallet that suits all of your needs. Thankfully, Ethereum itself helps us out here: ETH's official website has a handy list of the most available online crypto wallets out there. Use the handy tool to access the features you'd like to compare to find the perfect wallet for you.

You might notice that options include "hardware wallet support." This hardware wallet isn't a necessity - but it is a great layer of additional protection. Think of it as a physical counterpart of 2-factor authentication but for crypto!

Once you've found an adequate ETH wallet service, it's time to sign up. Don't fret: the whole process takes around a minute or so at most - regardless of which wallet you pick. The main thing here is the seed phrase the wallet gives you. It's an autogenerated string of words that is used to access your wallet - never share it with anyone!

When our ETH wallet is ready, we can move on to finding Ethereum betting sites. You can use some from our list above. However, if you'd like to find one yourself, here's a handy guide on what to look for in esports betting websites.

Finding A Perfect ETH Betting Site

Just like with traditional betting sites, some factors should tell us that the bookie is worth checking out. Let's talk about them in a bit more detail.

 Title & EventCoverage This one is a no-brainer. Some traditional sports and esports disciplines are simply must-haves for any respectable bookie - and the same standards still apply to any ETH betting site. Large events like the World Cup, NBA, Tennis Open Championships, and, for the esports side, League of Legends World Championship, Dota 2 The International, CS2Majors, and their counterparts in other titles are the basics of betting - if you can't find them on a site, leave it ASAP!
Competitive Odds & Bonuses Odds are everything in betting. They let you calculate the chances of winning, and they influence the amount you win. If a bookie's odds are consistently lower than their competitors, the site has a very high bookmaker margin - meaning they're taking away a lot of your money as a fee for using the site!
Features & Customer Support Thankfully, crypto betting sites have an edge in this category. Since they're mostly aimed at crypto enthusiasts who are statistically savvier with the Internet, the platforms usually have better, slicker UI and more features. Customer support is extremely important, too: if something goes wrong, it's best to have a chance to get things right.

Ethereum Alternatives For Betting


Of course, the crypto that started it all. Online betting with Bitcoin remains the most popular option, with over 80% of the total market share. Click on the link to find more details about BTC!


The second alt-coin after Ethereum, Litecoin, has some following within the esports betting community. Wagering with Litecoin is nearly as popular as Ethereum betting sites.


Ripple is a decentralized banking platform that is managed by a network of independent servers, not a single entity. Betting with Ripple is possible on most betting platforms that accept crypto.


A perfect fit for beginners, Tether is a "stablecoin" - a crypto coin that is very unlike its peers instability. In fact, it's more stable than some fiat currencies in use today! That's why USDT betting is a good choice if you'd like to lessen the headache of needing to monitor currency exchanges all day.

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