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How to Bet on FIFA eSports - Best FIFA Betting Sites in 2022

21.09.2022, 14:40

FIFA is one of those types of esports in which you can't look away. Every year, a team of developers releases a new version of the game bringing it to perfection, In this review, we will show how to bet real money on esports successfully on the FIFA betting sites.

What is FIFA?


Listed in Guinness World Records as the best-selling sports video game franchise in the world, the FIFA series has sold over 325 million copies as of 2021. Image credit: EA Sports

Everyone has played real football at least once in a lifetime. Some of the readers could even bet on a huge football game. FIFA is a virtual football game for PC/Xbox/PS users. The difference is that in a real football there are 11 players and a coach from both teams. FIFA esports is a 1v1 game where sportsmen are acting in all the roles (coach, field players, etc.). Sometimes, it can be 2v2 games, but most FIFA tournaments are played in a 1v1 format.

When modern technologies came into the party and everyone could play FIFA on their devices - a familiar FIFA esports scene appeared. The first popular FIFA esports tournament was in 2004. It was called FIFA Interactive World Cup. The tournament was held for 13 years straight, and now it is the most popular FIFA esports event called FIFA eWorld Cup.

The Biggest eSports Events in FIFA

Everything has changed since 2004, and now dozens of FIFA esports tournaments on different platforms are going on throughout the year. We have united the most popular ones in one list for the comfort of our readers. You can make a bet on each of these events using FIFA esports betting sites.

FIFA eWorld Cup

FIFA eWorld Cup

FIFA eWorld Cup is an esports tournament held by FIFA and its presenting partner EA Sports. It is the most popular and reputable esports tournament that FIFA has in its instrumental. 400,000$ prize pool is drawn between the best FIFA gamers in the world. Dozens of FIFA matches are played during the tournament which means there are plenty of esports betting options for FIFA fans.

eMLS Cup

eMLS Cup

eMLS Cup is held by MLS (Major Soccer League). It acts like a regional qualifying tournament for the US FIFA esports athletes every year. The best of the best are going straight into the eWorld Cup. In 2013, a record was set. More than 2.5 million players registered for the eMLS Cup!

The prize pool is not that big as eWorld Cup has - 15,000$ for the winner in 2019, for example. But the winner will take part in the main FIFA tournament of the year. Quality FIFA betting site than was mentioned higher have plenty of FIFA betting opportunities on eMLS Cup.

FIFA eContinental Cup

FIFA eContinental Cup

It is a local Champions Cup in the Asian region that is played in 1v1 with all the illustrious Asian brands and players. The prize pool of the Cup is 300,000$. The tournament is played on the PC platform. Every good FIFA betting site that is oriented toward the Asian region has a huge number of betting markets on every of the eContinental Cup matches.

FIFA Global Series

FIFA Global Series

FIFA Global series is a tournament of 128 players with a prize pool of 500,000$. It is held on a PS5 gaming platform. Everyone can take part in the tournament and qualify for the Global Series. 128 players are taking part in the tournament, and 64 are going into a playoff. The top 8 players of each group (a total of 32 players) advance to the FIFA World Cup 2022.

Top FIFA eSports leagues

The competitive FIFA scene is enormous. Hundreds of major tournaments and leagues are taking place during the year. FIFA esports leagues are also an important part of the FIFA esports scene. We have both included Major FIFA leagues and FIFA league qualifying tournaments in the list below. All of the mentioned leagues are strongly highlighted on the FIFA betting sites and can accept your FIFA bets!

League: eChampions League

FIFA Tournament

While there are a lot of regional leagues and tournaments, the capital of FIFA esports is surely London.

eChampions League is like real football Champions League but played on FIFA. Like in UCL (UEFA Champions League) there is a group stage (64 players taking part), a knockout stage (32 players), and finals.

The prize pool in the finals is 225,000$. 8 players are competing for the main prize of 75,000$. EA Sports is the main organizer of the tournament. Top FIFA betting sites always have eChampions League matches in their esports crypto betting list.

League: ePremier League (ePL)

The ePremier League (ePL) is a competitive gaming tournament involving the Premier League and Electronic Arts. It is also a 1v1 FIFA esports league that is played on Xbox and PS5. The prize pool of the ePremier League is 100,000 GBP.

The location of this offline league is Great Britain. It is also an analog of a real Premier League in football. FIFA players are participating in such clubs as Chelsea, Arsenal, Everton, Manchester City, etc.

League: eMajor League Soccer (eMLS)

It is an American-based league with a prize pool of 15,000$ where the strongest US players are taking part. Every year, eMLS fascinate viewers all over the world. It is also one of the most hyped events in the esports betting industry. Bettors from the USA who watching eMLS - can use esports betting PayPal to cheer for their favorite player or a team.

Types of bets in FIFA

Numerous betting markets are available for bettors. Most FIFA betting markets are not too hard to master. But there are some types of bets that only professional bettors can succeed with. We have made a list of the most common esports betting markets on FIFA. Punters can easily earn some money using them appropriately.

Moneyline FIFA bet It is the most common FIFA betting market that every online betting company has on their websites. The point is to predict a winner of a particular match. But it can also be a draw like in real football. FIFA betting odds on different websites may vary depending on the players' ratings (the coefficient on the favorite won't be high, and on the contrary, the coefficient on the underdog can exceed 10!).
Spread Betting Spread betting in FIFA is working with goals difference. Spread bets may look like +2 or -3. It means we are giving an imaginary advantage or disadvantage to one player. For example, we have Player 1 and Player 2. There is a betting market on Player 1 - Spread bet +3. It means we are giving an advantage of 3 goals to Player one. And if the score on the board is 6-4 in the favor of Player 2, for example, - your esports bet is successful.
Futures bets Futures bets involve events and FIFA leagues that will be later in the future. A bettor may predict a winner of any event before it is even started. The odds, in this case, can be much higher than usual.
Outright bets Outrights bets mean that you can predict a winner of an upcoming tournament before the start, either. Outrights is a great option for those who want to cheer for their favorite team from the start till the end of the tournament. The problem with this bet is that there is no second chance. If your team is out of the tournament - the bet is failed.
Prop Bets Prop bets include special bets that are not connected to the final score or the match winner. These bets may differ a lot. You can choose a player that will score the biggest number of goals in the tournament or the number of offsides that will be in the match. This list can last very long. But starting betting with these betting markets is not a good idea. It is very easy to mess up and misunderstand something, which will lead to a loss of money. However, it is a great type of bet for experienced bettors.
Live Betting The esports live betting section on the FIFA betting sites is very huge. It is working the same as in every other esports. A punter can choose from numerous kinds of betting markets, but only involving Live matches. Live betting markets are great for those who don't want to wait for hours before the match is finished and want to get some fast adrenaline or money watching Live FIFA streams.
Parlay Betting Parlay bets consist of 2 or more types of bets at the same time. The coefficient in this case is compounded by all the odds multiplied by each other. You may select live bet, prop bet, and spread bet at the same time. The biggest advantage of such bets is the great odds that a punter can catch. At the same time, this betting market is very risky because all the predictions have to be successful.

Betting Odds in FIFA

FIFA esports odds can differ from one website to another. There are 3 main types of odds:

  • Decimal. Multiply your stake by the decimal number that every betting market has.
  • Fractional. Calculate how much money you will get on your bet in comparison to your stake.
  • American. See how much money a punter should risk to get 100$ (bets with a "-" sign) or how much money you can get wagering 100$ (bets with a "+" sign).

Odds converter

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Betting calculator

DecimalAmericanFractionalHong Kong
- +
- +

Some online betting companies provide an opportunity to choose between these odds formats. Betting on FIFA online using these odds is very simple. Just pick a betting market, enter the amount of money you would like to wager, and see the expected winnings. A punter doesn't have to calculate anything himself, it is automatically done on the website.

Betting odds can also vary and be less or more beneficial for the customer. In this case, everything is a little bit more complicated. FIFA Odds are usually very similar on different websites. But some of the best FIFA esports bookmakers that we have mentioned at the top of the article can provide better odds for its customers. Try out esports betting Skrill or Esports betting Neteller to test above mentioned odds formats yourself.

Best FIFA Esports Teams

The biggest esports organizations all over the world included FIFA as their top-priority esports discipline. They are looking for the best FIFA players to defend the colors of their brand on the esports scene. And there is no wonder - FIFA attracts millions of viewers every year and has enormous advertising contracts. Below, you may see a list of these organizations that succeed a lot in the FIFA esports scene!



Fnatic is an esports organization that is taking part in many esports disciplines like CS:GO, Dota 2, and LoL. But the biggest success they have got from their FIFA roster. Fnatic is holding first place among the FIFA teams for the biggest tournament winnings (more than 200,000$). They are taking part in almost every big event and doing it very profitably.

Falcon esports

Falcon esports

Falcon is not as big of an esports organization as Fnatic, but they are not less successful at all. Aldossary Mossad - champion of the world known as Msdossary7 is also playing for this Saudi Arabian roster.



This Italian team achieved great results in 2021 like the winners of the FIFA 21 Global Series EU Qualifier 1 and the FIFA eClub World Cup 2021 Europe. You can bet on Mkers from any esports betting app!

Manchester City

Manchester City

Many of the real football teams have their FIFA rosters. And Manchester City FC is the strongest team among them right now. They are competing in various tournaments like the ePremier League. They won it in seasons 2020-21!



Astralis is not only one of the biggest CS:GO brands in the world, but also a very outstanding FIFA team. They finished runners-up in the FIFA World Cup 2021. We think this roster has a bright future.

How to bet on FIFA successfully?

It may be hard for newcomers to bet successfully from the beginning. That is why we have prepared a FIFA betting guide for those who don't know how to start:

Find the best FIFA betting site for you

Every bettor has his own criteria to choose a betting site. Find the best site and start betting on FIFA using a list of FIFA betting providers that we have offered at the beginning of our article.

Claim FIFA betting bonuses

Esports betting bonus is one of the most attractive benefits for new customers. With a help of them, you can try out more different types of bets on FIFA and earn more money from it.

Start with simple bets

It doesn't mean that a new player should only bet on a winner of the map. But starting betting with complicated prop bets is not a very good idea.

Use statistics

A majority of the FIFA betting companies provide pre-game statistics on their websites that can help a player to make the right decision. Try to learn it, before making a prediction.

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