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Esports Betting in Brazil - Top Esports Betting Sites for Brazilian Players

08.12.2022, 14:53

During the last few years, Brazil has brought together some of the most passionate eSports fans, communities, and teams in one place. And now, along with Korean and Australian eSports betting sites, Brazilian bookmakers are among the leading positions in the eSports market due to the variety of popular tournaments and events taking place in Brazil.

So, it's not surprising at all that many players worldwide opt for watching and betting on their favorite pro gamers and tournaments through Brazilian betting platforms.

But how to pick the best eSports betting site in the vast sea of various options? Choosing the perfect platform to satisfy all gambling preferences can indeed be challenging. That's why this guide is here to introduce players to the top list of the best eSports betting sites.

How to Pick the Best Site for Betting on eSports in Brazil?

The gambling industry is full of sports betting sites that keep popping out daily. Therefore, when choosing a reliable platform for safe and easy betting, filtering all the options and sniffing out the best ones is the key.

Here we outlined the essential factors players need to pay attention to when picking an online betting site for their journey. So, let's have a look at the key criteria that our evaluation of the best eSports betting sites is based on.

License The number one priority when evaluating an eSports betting site is checking its security policies and license details. All essential information about the platform's legality and license provider can be found on their official website. This point can also be useful when reviewing sites covering eSports betting in the Philippines, Korea, or any other country.
eSports Betting Markets The best bookmakers should at least cover a dozen betting markets on any eSports tournament or event. As such, players should be allowed to bet not only on the mainstream but also on a niche sports betting market.
Welcome bonuses and promotions Bonuses and special promotions are the most motivating offers of any eSports betting site. Carefully checking what promotions and bonuses the site offers and with what wagering requirements is vital.
Customer Support Ensuring betting sites have an around-the-clock support team is another core point to consider. No player ever knows what kind of situation can occur in the future. So, responsive customer support is more than essential: it will help to find quick answers and solve existing issues more efficiently.
Payment System Online betting sites without safe and flexible payment options can be considered incomplete. That's why carefully checking each bookmaker's payment system, supported financial platforms, and deposit and withdrawal methods is vital.

Major eSports Events and Tournaments to Bet On in Brazil

To be a successful bettor, one should know what game or event is the best fit for betting in Brazil. This can be challenging unless the player has a favorite type of game to bet on.

Here are the most popular eSports games and events Brazilian players like the best. So let's have a look.

CS:GO ESL Tournament

CS:GO is huge in Brasil, especially because of the recent Rio Major

Betting on CS:GO

CS:GO is one of the most popular types of eSports favored by the Brazilian community and by the best UK eSports betting sites. It's a legendary and famous Valve game with a long line of fan bases behind it.

Depending on the importance and level of the event, the number of outcomes can vary slightly. However, players can always place bets on the following:

  • Duration of the game;
  • Total of kills and the number of game rounds;
  • The winner of the tournament;
  • The victory of one of the competing teams.

Betting on Valorant

Valorant is the latest eSports game released by Riot Games and combines the well-known FPS and Battle Arena. The title is gaining a foothold worldwide, enjoying popularity among fans of eSports betting in Japan and other Asian regions. The high popularity of this game among Brazilian players is mainly connected to the new and refreshing theme it comes with.

To bet on Valorant, players need to sign in to one of the betting sites, choose the event, make stakes according to available odds and markets and wait for the results.

Betting on League of Legends

League of Legends, also known as LoL, is the most popular game in eSports from the MOBA category. Currently, the game's betting field is continuously developing, actively attracting thousands of fans from around the globe, including Brazil.

At the recommended betting sites, players have the opportunity to make predictions and bet on all popular LoL championships with several clicks.

R6 Tournament

Rainbow Six Siege is also a popular shooter in Brasil

Betting on Rainbow Six Siege

Another leading FPS eSports event in Brazil that is just slightly less popular than CS:GO is Rainbow Six. Now, hundreds of professional gamers and eSports teams from a wide variety of countries take part in prestigious and well-known Rainbow Six Siege eSports tournaments.

Rainbow Six betting odds are typically great because most teams don't stay in top positions for long. This usually causes quite big changes to the odds from tournament to tournament. As such, it creates plenty of opportunities for bettors to get some decent wins.

The Development of eSports Betting Brazil

When someone thinks about platforms and markets in eSports betting US, China, and Korea are the first ones that come to mind. However, Brazil is also in the first rows of leading players, and day by day, it continues to take the eSports field to a whole new level of popularity.

The Brazilian sports betting world has grown gradually over the last few years, starting in the 2000s, due to the fact that the country is home to the most passionate eSports bettors in the world. Today already, tournaments and events in prominent titles like Overwatch or League of Legends inspire millions of eSports communities, gamers, and bettors every year.

So even if compared with South Korea, Denmark, or Canada eSports betting, Brazil still has some way to go up it actually has all the chances and potential to become one of the giants in the eSports industry.

Top eSports Teams to Bet On in Brazil

eSports is all about virtual gaming competitions and tournaments, where professional gamers from certain teams compete in matches, either online or in person. In most cases, these events will be packed with spectators in streaming venues or the event venue itself.

Here are the best teams in Brazil that make online betting on eSports more exciting.

LOUD logo

LOUD (Valorant)

LOUD is one of the first Brazilian eSports organizations with teams competing in a wide variety of matches, including Valorant, Fortnite, League of Legends, and Free Fire. The LOUD team is the first to hit 1 billion views on YouTube successfully and has a solid base of viewers (over 300 thousand) on NIMO.TV. This is quite a good reason why people opt to support this team and place bets on their matches.

Furia logo

Furia (CS:GO)

FURIA comes next with about $1.4 million in total earnings. The team's biggest success was CS:GO, where about 75% of the prize pool has been picked up. During the years, continuous victories have greatly contributed to FUIRA being recognized as one of the best eSports teams in Brazil. The team also has several successes in Dota 2, LoL, Fortnite, PUBG, Rainbow Six, Valorant, Rocket League, and Valorant.

MIBR logo


MIBR, also known as Made in Brazil, was founded in 2003. As a team, it has collected over $2.2 million in winnings, 70% of which was earned with CS:GO. Moreover, the MIBR team is constantly preparing for the Europe championships, increasing the players' levels with each competition.

SG eSports logo

SG eSports (Dota 2)

One of the best Brazilian Dota 2 teams is SG eSports. Although in 2018, the team took a break from active competition, it returned to the championships in 2021 in South America. The biggest event SG eSports has competed in lately is the OGA Dota PIT Invitational. In general, a total of $329,000 in earnings can be attributed to Dota 2. However, at the moment, the team also participates in some CS:GO championships.

While there are quite a few capable eSports teams in Brazil, you don’t have to limit yourself to the domestic gaming scene. The Asian market also has plenty of top players, so feel free to check out guides on how to bet on eSports in Singapore or another Asian country.

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