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BITSLER bookmaker review

08.08.2022, 15:57

Established in 2015, BITSLER, as its name implies, is one of the leaders of crypto-based bookmakers. While it started off as an online casino, the resource soon expanded to include sports and esports betting. The crypto craze ensured the market and demand would keep expanding. Don't be fooled: this bookmaker isn't some niche gimmick. Let's take a look at its features in this review.

  • 20+ esports titles to bet on
  • Up to $100 Cashback on CS:GO
  • Lightning-fast withdrawals in 20 cryptocurrencies
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They have all possible esports titles and thousands of casinos. But they truly shine in their promotions, loyalty and VIP programs, and a special XP-earning system, which are unique and very cool! Bitsler is a gambling crypto paradise for any esports fan.Bitsler review
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Bitsler is owned and operated by OYINE N.V. and its registered address is E-Commerce Park Vredenberg z/n Curacao with the registration number of the Chamber of Commerce : 144430. A curaçao gaming company registered with the reference number of the license of Antillephone N.V. 8048/JAZ.

As always, a thorough review lies ahead. Let's start off with a short list of the bookmaker's main strong and weak points to see how they stack up:

The service prioritizes crypto payments and offers dozens of different cryptos to choose for financial operations. While the website offers plenty of options regarding crypto payments, using regular currencies isn't possible.
The design is modern and has a lot of notifications and walkthroughs to guide new users. No welcome bonuses are present.
A decent selection of esports disciplines is available; some are very niche and rare to find on other bookies.
Since it's crypto-based, the security of financial operations is unmatched, and your identity is entirely anonymous.

BITSLER's performance will be evaluated on a 100-point scale. We'll consider all aspects of a reputable bookmaker: from design and usability to security and public reception.

Disclaimer: While BITSLER offers services primarily for traditional sports betting, we at TIPS.GG will evaluate its performance from an esports standpoint first and foremost.

Appearance And Functionality

Let's start off with the obvious: UI is something that can make or break a service. In BITSLER's case, it offers an open space UI with a clean and modern design. It looks slightly too cartoonish, but that's just a matter of taste. You can hide/show the chat room and switch around list/grid layouts. You can also switch between dark/light themes in settings - something that other betting websites strangely overlook most of the time.

Customization Options

The website aims to achieve the most comfortable visiting experience from the get-go. The first thing a user sees upon opening BETSLIP is their preference in time and date, as well as odds display customization options.

BITSLER Settings

The website tries to be as accessible as possible from the very start.

The website supports the following odds formats:

  • Decimal;
  • Fractional;
  • American;
  • Indonesian;
  • Hong Kong;
  • Malaysian;

If you chose the wrong one by mistake when creating your account, you can easily choose them in settings later.

User Experience

The website's overall layout isn't overloaded with information and is easy on the eye. Truth be told, it's kind of underloaded - we'd prefer some more info to be shown; there's plenty of space to include it. The different categories and titles are easy and intuitive to navigate. The "Popular" tab allows users to find events they want with just one click. BITSLER integrates live translations (via right into the match page, which is superb.

BITSLER Livestream Tab

The livestream tab allows users to find the language they're interested in just two clicks. The window can be maximized for the best viewing experience.


The best part of this service is the level of complete anonymity offered. The registration requires no sensitive data, which is perfect for stealthy users who value their privacy. The process is straightforward and takes no more than a minute from finding BITSLER to placing bets on it. The site also offers users an option to use their existing Google or accounts as a log-in.

Personal Account

This is one of BITSLER's weak points. The account page is hard to find at first and contains little useful information. To make matters worse, Personal Account is basically a Settings page in disguise, which can confuse newer users even more.

The page is strangely disorganized and feels like assembling a puzzle. For instance, transaction history can't be found in your personal account - you'll have to consult your crypto wallets on top of the page to access it. If you wish to find your betting history, then you'll have to find the Betting Widget on the right side of the page. The widgets themselves are great and easy to find, but it'd be great to be able to access all of this info in a single place.

BITSLER score in Appearance And Functionality - 8/10

Website's ease of use and complete anonymity offered automatically grant it a very high score. BITSLER's look is very customizable, easy to navigate even for beginners, and looks modern. Lack of meaningful Personal Account means we'll have to deduce some points there.

Esports Titles And Markets

Disclaimer here: BITSLER's main areas of expertise are online casinos and traditional sports bets. However, as TIPS.GG is primarily an esports-focused portal, we will be looking at its esports side first and foremost.

Available Titles

With the disclaimer in mind, let's take a look at what the site's "esports" tab offers. The sight is welcoming: 20 different titles are represented, from the leaders of the industry like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and League of Legends to more niche titles like StarCraft and WarCraft 3. The latter is a great sight to see: most bookmakers overlook these old-school games despite them still having a rather sizable fan and pro scene.

Here's a full list of all available titles:

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Valorant PUBG Call of Duty Quake StarCraft II
Dota 2 Overwatch NHL Rocket League NBA2K Heroes of the Storm
League of Legends Rainbow 6: Siege Hearthstone StarCraft King of Glory FIFA

Esports Events

The site covers all the popular events across the highest-grossing titles. LoL, CS:GO, and Dota 2 fans will have plenty of opportunities to bet on events they watch: in League in particular, there were 19 different events to bet on at the time of the writing of this article, ranging from minor regional leagues to S-tier events.

However, the present variety in titles is rather deceiving. While the framework is there, many tabs look quite barren. It seems that many titles are still a work in progress.

BITSLER Betting Markets

These will be filled in soon, we hope.

There's a feature that lets you favorite the esports titles you wish to see on top of the page. Combined with the "Popular Events" tab, this makes finding the games you want a matter of two clicks.

Betting Markets

BITSLER offers a massive variety of different things to bet on, depending on the title. As usual, popular titles have the most benefits and go deep into details.

Available betting markets:

The Basics: In-Game Mechanics-Related
Winner (match outcome) First Tower Taken*
Map count First Nashor/Roshan Taken*
Round count (in CS:GO) Pentakill/Rampage Achieved*
Handicap Rune Type/Drake Buff Activated*
At least one map win Overtime achieved**
Final score
First Blood
Kill count

*in MOBA games (League of Legends, Dota 2).

**in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

As we delve outside the big three (LoL, Dota 2, CS:GO), the available betting markets dry up quickly. The players can only bet on the match outcome in less popular titles (like StarCraft II).

Minimum Bet

BITSLER allows bets starting at $0.20 (in cryptocurrency equivalent). As far as bookmakers go, it's a pretty modest limit, which is great for betters who play bookies for fun.

BITSLER score for Esports Titles and Markets: 12/20

While the bookie keeps up with its competition - and sometimes goes above and beyond - when it comes to the titles such as Dota, LoL, and CS:GO, the options regarding other titles are lacking. It would be passable if we were talking just about some super niche titles like WarCraft, but seeing rising star titles like Valorant get little betting options is upsetting.

Legal Info And Terms Of Service is fully owned and operated by OYINE N.V. and its registered address is E-Commerce Park Vredenberg z/n Curacao with the registration number of the Chamber of Commerce: 144430. A curaçao gaming company registered with the reference number of the license of Antillephone N.V. 8048/JAZ.

Regional Policies

Clause 6.2.2 of BITSLER Terms of Service states that it ultimately is the user's responsibility to verify the bookmaker's legality status in their region. However, BITSLER does give an explicit list of countries whose residents are NOT allowed to participate on a platform:

  • United States of America (including its overseas territories);
  • Netherlands;
  • Curacao;
  • Dutch Caribbean Islands;
  • France;
  • Syria;
  • Ethiopia;
  • North Korea.

Please note that not seeing your country on this list does NOT guarantee BITSLER's legality in your region.

Terms Of Service

BITSLER's ToS presents some important to consider clauses:

Clause 2: NO WARRANTIES. The brand is ultimately not responsible for the quality of the product, and can't be held liable for any mistakes and inaccuracies. Service outages are expected - and uncompensated.

Clause 6: PROHIBITED USE. It is the user's sole responsibility to research the legality of BITSLER in a particular region. However, as some regions are explicitly listed as UNAVAILABLE (USA, Netherlands, France, etc.), attempting to access BITSLER via a VPN from them is a direct breach of ToS.

Clause 7: BREACH. In case of ToS breach, BITSLER reserves the right to take action against the offending user: from terminating the offender's account to launching legal action.

Clause 14: GENERAL RULES. Every user is allowed to create just a single account. The accounts are IP limited, which means just one account per household/family.

Overall, these are pretty standard Terms of Service for a bookmaker. Clause 2 sounds a lot vague, however, and raises some concern. One account per IP address is also something a lot of esports bookmakers do; however, it can cause accidental ToS breaches. It's essential to keep that rule in mind to avoid breaking that restriction.

Cookies Usage And User Rulebook

Notification of the collection of cookie data on the website Present
An option to refuse to use cookies on the site None
Site availability only for users that are 18 or above Enforced
Rules of responsible gaming, Terms of use of the site Present

BITSLER score for Legal Info and Terms of Service: 7/10

The site presents pretty box-standard Terms. Regional policies are largely dictated by state legislation and how it interacts with the license of Antillephone N.V. 8048/JAZ. The "No Warranties" clause is often included in this market. While the service is great for those who value anonymity, there's no option to turn off the cookies collection.

Brand Popularity And Availability

Available Languages

The website is available in 15 different languages. All the usual markets are covered (English, Chinese, French, Portuguese, Korean, Indian, Polish, and Russian-speaking). BITSLER also supports Vietnamese, Thai, Turkish, and Japanese languages.

Own Leagues

While the brand is largely popular in its niche (crypto-based bookmaking), it still goes largely unnoticed in the grand scheme of things when it comes to esports. As we're looking at the brand from the esports side, it's overshadowed by other more popular brands in sponsorships and overall esports-integrated ads. Still, BITSLER contributes to the world of esports with their BITSLER Cup series in Dota 2.


BITSLER Cup is a South-American Dota 2 championship series organized by Epulze under the sponsorship of BITSLER. The event features an open qualifier series and hosts eight of the region's minor tier teams.

BITSLER covers all of its bases with its language policy, leaving no potential market behind. Although the brand is only making its entry onto the esports scene with its minor contribution to Dota 2 scene, we can expect more of these leagues to come in the future.

Finances And Bonuses

This part is a little bit hard to rate. BITSLER is inherently a crypto-based bookmaker: while it offers excellent options when it comes to crypto, regular payment systems are completely unsupported.

Available Currencies

BITSLER supports the following cryptocurrencies:

Bitcoin Ethereum Ripple Litecoin Tether
Dogecoin Binance Coin Binance USD Cardano Ethereum Classic
Bitcoin Cash Zcash DIGIBYTE EOS Stellar
Tron DASH Bitcoin Gold NEO QTUM

The website also features its own crypto coin called Bitsler Coin.

For those not savvy in cryptos, BITSLER offers easy and fast currency transfers to crypto via its partner, Oobit.


Oobit is a third-party crypto operator. Its services include converting official currency into crypto coins. Oobit is supported in over 140 countries and offers its users operations in 50 different cryptocurrencies.


Unlike other bookies, BITSLER offers a new approach to bonuses. The players are rewarded Experience (or XP) for every bet they make, and accrue bonuses depending on their Account Rank. In addition, the site provides bonuses towards XP gain for completing certain tasks, chat raffles, and so on. This bonus system is straightforward and doesn't require the user to monitor every bonus's terms and conditions for fear of missing out on a key detail.

Unfortunately, there's still a con - there's no deposit bonus at all, unless you can count the $0.001 equivalent in BTC the site gives you when you create the account.

BITSLER score for Finances And Bonuses: 18/20

This score needs a little explanation. Since the website is primarily a crypto-haven, it would make little sense to compare it to the competitors that work with fiat currencies. However, BITSLER is the trend-setter in its niche: it supports the widest selection of cryptocoins and offers easy transfers via Oobit. The bonuses, too, are a breath of fresh air. The lack of a sign-up bonus means minus a few points, though.

BITSLER On Your Phone

BITSLER's mobile version arguably looks better than its desktop counterpart. It operates largely under the same formula, but having a smaller screen actually fixes the website's problem with underutilized space.


Accessing BITSLER via mobile prompts the service to offer the user to install its app. Upon closer inspection, we can see that the app is more-or-less the same as the website in its layout - the only changes are backend optimization to ensure smoothness and ease of access. No complaints here - this design works.

BITSLER score for Performance On Mobile And Apps: 8/10

The website's layout is a perfect fit for the mobile platform. Unlike many of its competitors that seemingly go out of their way to conceal the app - or even don't have it at all sometimes - BITSLER makes it easy to find and install.

BITSLER Support Channels

Since the website operates in 15 languages, their support must have much to deal with. We're expecting robust customer service to be able to deal with the tasks.


The main communication channel of BITSLER is the instant chat window. The bookmaker uses a standardized chat solution; the chat window is convenient and easy to read. There is an option to quickly attach files (for example, screenshots), which significantly speeds up requests and facilitates the work of support agents. The chat window also allows the user to attach popular GIFs to their support ticket. A rather bizarre function, but no harm done.

The service is as quick as advertised, with the support operator reacting to our questions regarding esports discipline availability in under a minute.

Other Communication Channels

In case your request isn't easy enough to be solved via the chat window, BITSLER gives an option to email them at:

[email protected] 

Additionally, the website has a robust Help Center, which compiles the list of frequently asked questions into an easy-to-navigate resource.

BITSLER score for Support Channels: 7/10

Pretty stock standard for bookmakers. The lack of Customer Hotline is disappointing, but the service makes up for it with its instant chat. The website uses the Intercom platform - a service with overwhelmingly positive reviews.

BITSLER's Additional Features

A quick reminder - once again, we're writing from the esports point of view. Technically, esports betting is not the main focus of BITSLER, but it is for us.

Traditional Sports Bettings

The service gained popularity for its massive traditional sports betting infrastructure. Over 50 sports disciplines are available, with over a thousand live events to choose from on any given day.

Online Casino

BITSLER boasts a wide selection of online casino games: from Blackjack and Poker to online slot machines, BITSLER has all the bases covered.

Online Chat

The bookmaker also has a virtual hangout chat. In addition to providing the much-needed friendly atmosphere, you can use it to win bonuses.

As all of these features are additional, we will not be ranking them in our final review.

User Reviews

Site Score Number of reviews Conclusion 4.6/5 200+ Overall excellent reviews. One negative comment about the website's mobile app layout. 3/5 100+ The comments are mainly positive, but the sentiment is split. Multiple comments complaining about the difficulty of withdrawals. 8.4/10 6 Overwhelmingly positive reviews. The biggest complaints seen are the lack of Live Chat for unregistered users. - - The platform is surprisingly not discussed at all on Reddit. Its subreddit is inactive.

BITSLER score for User Reviews: 8/10

The platform has gathered overwhelmingly positive reviews across different platforms.

Total Rating In Categories

Category Score
Appearance And Functionality 8/10
Esports Titles And Markets 12/20
Legal Info And Terms Of Service 7/10
Brand Popularity And Availability 6/10
Finances And Bonuses 18/20
BITSLER On Your Phone 8/10
BITSLER Support 7/10
User Reviews 8/10
Total 74/100

BITSLER Final Score - 74/100

This score is well above average. TIPS.GG recommends checking out BITSLER based on its performance in these metrics - and doubly so if you're into crypto!

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