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League of Legends Worlds Betting: How to Bet on LoL Worlds

24.10.2022, 07:49

When you combine the most watches esports title in the world with the world's biggest esports tournaments, you get League of Legends World Championship. The game's international cult following renders it a high priority title in the esports betting world. The League of Legends Worlds 2022 just around the corner, so it's time to read up more about its betting options, best LoL betting, and LoL Worlds schedule.

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What Is League Of Legends Worlds?

As its name implies, this is the largest international event in League of Legends' esports ecosystem. This year's Worlds event is set to take part in the United States and Mexico, hosting 24 of the world's best teams from all regions except for LCL (League of Legends Continental League). The event begins on 29th September, and ends on November 5th.

LoL Worlds Trophy

LoL Worlds 2021 Trophy

In terms of esports betting, LoL Worlds betting is incredibly popular. The event is separated into three stages. Play In and Group stages are chaotic, with different teams of different skill levels competing to earn a spot in the playoffs. The vast majority of esports betting sites give special attention to include the option of League of Legends World championship betting.

LoL Worlds Betting Options

League of Legends is an incredibly complex game. Thanks to that fact, LoL esports betting sites feature a myriad of different betting markets and lines. Multiply it by the number of participating teams competing, and we get the total number of different betting options one can find on an esports betting sites. Let's go over the most popular and interesting cases.

Tournament Winner/Outright Winner This type of bet is present on any LoL esports betting site. The way to win is simple: forecast who takes the first place. Of course, doing this requires intimate knowledge of the game's meta, the regions' and teams' strengths and weaknesses, or just a lot of dumb luck. These bets usually feature incredibly high odds due to the difficulty of getting it right. Each year, there are at least two or three favorites - and the possibility of an underdog taking it all can never be downplayed!
Tournament Stage Bets An interesting spit on the idea of "Tournament Winner" bets, this kind of bet is largely the same but on a smaller scale. For instance, the players will wager on a team to finish the Group Stage in the first place. Alternatively, there are wagers on how far a team will last in the event: will they drop out in Groups? Quarter Finals?
Region Winner This is a type of bet unique to League of Legends World Championship. The games' esports format made the regions' rivalry a staple. The four major regions: North America (LCS), Europe (LEC), China (LPL), and Korea (LCK) compete among each other to win the title. Since multiple teams per major region get a spot at Worlds, this enables wagers on which region will win.
Match Winner The classic and simple, and the most popular bet of all: League of Legends match betting. Bettors attempt to predict the outcome of a League of Legends World Championship match. Since different regions have different skill levels, the Handicap subtype of Match Bets is a great solution.

Handicap bets are played out just like regular Match Winner bets - but the stronger team receives a virtual handicap. For instance, the underdog will have to win just one map for the bookie to declare them the "winners" of a best-of-three series in a Handicap bet.

In-Game Event Bets A very popular option for Live Betting, this betting market takes full advantage of League of Legends' complexity. A few examples of this bet would be: "which team will claim Elemental Soul?", "Which player will score a Pentakill?". A very popular option when it comes to live LoL worlds betting.
Player Stat Bets Riot Games' production teams offers robust statistics overview to every game and even fight during League of Legends Worlds matches. This enables the LoL esports betting sites to offer additional esports betting markets. In addition to betting markets like KDA, bettors can wager on things like Gold gained per minute, damage dealt, amount of CC applied, etc.
Prop Bets Remember us saying that League of Legends is an incredibly complex game? It's not just empty talk: there is over 160 unique playable Champions, each with 5 abilities (4 active, 1 passive). There are hundreds of different items. Nearly a dozen of different Neutral Objectives. This kind of complexity enables what esports betting sites call prop bets: betting on things that don't necessarily affect the outcome of a match.

A good example of a prop bet is betting on which kind of Elemental Drake will spawn within a match.

That's by no means an exhaustive list of betting markets available when betting on League of Legends World Championships. Different bookies have different spins on betting opportunities.

Ante-post Worlds 2022 Betting - What It Is And How It Works

Ante-post betting refers to the practice of placing wagers before the main betting market opens. The reason for it is simple: the bettors expect the ante-post odds to be greater than the usual League of Legends betting odds. Since League of Legends World Championship is a massively expected event, many esports betting sites will give players the option of ante-post betting. The same applies to Mid-Season Invitational odds.

Obviously, this type of bet only works with "outright winner" type of bet. While its hard to correctly guess the winner a whole month in advance, there are some pointers. The clear favorites of the event have already formed, so for the ante-post betting enjoyers, they're the teams to look out for:

  • GEN.G (LCK);
  • TES (LPL);
  • JDG (LPL);
  • TES (LPL);
  • T1 (LCK);
  • G2 (LEC).

The vast majority of bookmakers are putting GEN.G as the top favorites of the whole event, but the betting odds are incredibly close for all the top teams competing.

This year is extra competitive compared to the previous League of Legends World Championships, so ante-post betting is even harder to get right. However, it also means it has way higher betting odds. If you're intimately familiar with the pro play meta, ante-post betting on LoL Worlds is the way to go.

LoL Worlds Format, Schedule, and Venues

League of Legends Worlds 2022 marks the 12th installment of the event. The tournament has come a very long way since its inception: compare Worlds 2011 with its lousy prize pool of 99 500 USD with Worlds 2022's 2 250 000 USD in winnings. There's more that has changed but just the prize pool, of course. The amount of teams participating, and the format have all been updated to match the modern esports trends.

Championship 2022United States, San Francisco, Chase Center
$2,225,000Prize Pool
2nd Place
JD Gaming
3rd Place

Since World Championship 2022 is the conclusion of the entire esports year with all the regions and leagues, its scale is truly massive. It hosts 24 teams from regions such as:

LoL Worlds Tournament Stage

The venue for Worlds is packed with viewers every year

  • 4 teams from China;
  • 4 teams from Korea;
  • 4 teams from Europe;
  • 3 teams from North America;
  • 2 teams from PCS (Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao and Southeast Asia);
  • 2 teams from Vietnam;
  • 1 team from Brazil;
  • 1team from Japan;
  • 1 team from Latin America;
  • 1 team from Oceania;
  • 1 team from Turkey;

The event was supposed to feature one team from the Eastern Europe/Continental Asia league, but due to Russia's invasion of Ukraine, the entire league was put on hiatus indefinitely. Instead, another team from Europe took the available slot.

These 24 teams then compete over three stages of the event:

  1. Play-In.
  2. Group Stage.
  3. Playoffs.

Play In

This stage begins on September 9th and lasts all the way to October 10th. It features some of S-tier teams, but the main contenders generally have a bye into the Group Stage already. There are some exceptions to this!

During the Play In, the teams play against one another in a Single Round Robin format, meaning each team will have to face each of other teams once. All matches are best-of-1. The top team advances right into the Group stage; 2nd-to-4th teams will advance to Round 2 of Play In.

The second round of Play In is a series of best-of-5 matches. The winners of the final match advance to the Group Stage.

Group Stage

Group Stage begins on October 10th. This is also where the main action starts as all the top contenders are finally seeing play.

In the Group Stage, only 16 teams remain. The Groups' format is a Double Round Robin this time. Matches are best-of-1.


Quarterfinals begin on 21st of October. The Grand Final will take place on 6th of November.

This stage is a single-elimination knockout gauntlet. Matches are best-of-5.

The tournament is set to take place in Mexico and the United States. The venue will move between stages for maximum spectator engagement!

Previous LoL World Championship Winners

On the topic of ante-post betting opportunities and outright bets, knowing which teams hold the title of grand champion is, obviously, going to boost your bets' accuracy. Now, there's one point to make: League esports professional leagues date decades back in the past. There's no need to go back all the way - let's simply take a look at the winners of the past three League of Legends World Championships.

FunPlus Phoenix

LoL Worlds 2019: FunPlus Phoenix

While on the historic scale, Korean professional teams have been dominating LoL World Championship, 2019 marked the breakthrough of the Chinese talent as the Chinese team FPX claimed the title of the World Champion. Interestingly, no Korean team even reached the finals: FPX's opponents were the European team G2.


LoL Worlds 2020: DAMWON

Korea strikes back as DAMWON Gaming (now rebranded as DWG KIA) defeat the Chinese team Suning in the grand final 3:1. Pay special attention to DWG, as the team has qualified for Worlds 2022 as well.

EDward Gaming

LoL Worlds 2021: EDward Gaming

The Chinese super team EDG has claimed gold in LoL Worlds after defeating DWG KIA in a grueling best-of-5 series. They're amongst the main contenders for the champion's belt in Worlds 2022, so keep an eye out on them!

LoL Worlds Betting Strategy

With the tournament description and historic winners out of the way, let's discuss how to optimize your LoL worlds betting experience. This list of tips will be very helpful to newer bettors, but even experienced gamblers may find this little reminder useful to them.

Use Only Reputable Betting Sites

This one is simple enough. We also provide a detailed guide on how to choose the best LoL betting sites. Long story short: value reputation, high odds, good bonuses, and payment options above all else.

Research The Game

Knowing the game on a deep level will not only make your viewing experience much better, but it will also make your bets way more accurate. League of Legends is complex, but it's also free to play - which makes it easy to dip your toes in and research the game from within.

Research The Pro Scene

Just like the previous point, it's important to keep up with all the professional trends. No need to know of all the regions - just the four main ones (LPL, LCK, LEC, LCS) should be enough. Might look like a lot of work, but the payoff is worth it when LoL worlds betting.

Research Sports Betting Sites

This step is crucial if your goal is betting for profit. Knowing the best odds and esports markets is crucial when LoL betting, especially on LoL worlds events. Some of these sites also accept our LoL betting codes - use them wisely!

Set Limits

This is perhaps the most important generalist piece of advice. No matter how accurate your predictions are, upsets happen. When betting real money on League of Legends (or on any other esport, for that matter), never bet more than you can afford to lose!


What Else To Look Out For

LoL Worlds is the largest international event of the year in League of Legends esports ecosystem, but it's not the only one! Although its time has passed this year, Mid-Season Invitational is another massive international event that matches the scale and hype of LoL Worlds. It is usually played in the summer. LoL MSI betting is just as popular as Worlds bets.

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