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Esports Fantasy Betting: Best Daily Fantasy Esports Sites

15.05.2023, 09:56

Fantasy betting isn’t something new. Esports fantasy betting is built on the foundation of beloved traditional sports fantasy leagues - and improves on it quite a lot. With the esports content being everywhere, and as players’ performance, progress, and skill can be tracked in real time, esports is a perfect fit for the established fantasy betting formula. In this article, we’ll be discussing the basics of what fantasy esports is, and what sets it apart from other methods of online esports betting.

Best Bookies For Fantasy Esports Betting

Before we delve deep into the mechanics of fantasy esports, let’s talk about the elephant in the room: availability of esports fantasy betting. For the longest time, the only reputable bookie actually offering this option has been DraftKings. Nowadays, however, esports fantasy betting is growing more popular - but it’s still not as widespread as conventional betting on esports matches.

Fantasy Esports Betting TIPS.GG

We’ve reviewed a bunch of fantasy esports betting sites to find the best options with fantasy esports leagues. Unfortunately, the selection isn’t massive compared to conventional betting, but there are still some options to pick from.


It’s not surprising that the most popular and the most reputable option is on the top of this list. DraftKing has been in the fantasy sports scene since 2012, and entered the fantasy betting industry not long after. Although the platform focuses more on traditional sports fantasy leagues, it also includes options for popular esports titles such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, League of Legends, Dota 2, Valorant, Rocket League, and more! DraftKings fantasy sports is massively popular in the United States, as it’s classified as a skill game by the local laws unlike conventional online betting, thus it’s more accessible.


FanDuel is a bit older than DraftKings as it started operation at 2009. It offers both conventional esports match betting and is renowned for its variety of esports betting markets. However, its focus is fantasy leagues. The site operates primarily in the United States and the United Kingdom. Originally, it focused more on traditional sports betting, but expanded over time to include esports fantasy betting, as well. If your goal is League of Legends or Counter-Strike: Global Offensive fantasy esports, FanDuel got you covered.


Sleeper is the newest generation of fantasy betting platforms. As such, it places increased interest on the esports fantasy betting leagues, venturing beyond just the popular titles like CSGO, LoL, Dota, etc. Sleeper also has one of the best esports mobile apps out there that is available on both Apple Store and Google Play, so here’s that. One of the tricks up Sleeper’s sleeve is its unique approach to fantasy sports, with a one-of-a-kind format called “battle royale.” Come look for yourself how it’s so different!

How Does Esports Fantasy Betting Work

Let’s focus more on “how” instead of “where” for now. The basics of fantasy esports are quite simple, with the formula unchanged from sports fantasy leagues: the players must create an imaginary line-up consisting of real-world active players to then compete in fantasy leagues against other players’ rosters.

First of all, users need to pick a specific contest, more precisely called fantasy esport league. Generally, fantasy leagues are related to real-world events, so users will be betting on League of Legends Fantasy LCK, for instance. With how popular fantasy esports have gotten lately, the selection is pretty wide.

There are certain rules and limitations to prevent users from just drafting the strongest team in the esports league. For instance, most fantasy betting platforms will give their users a virtual salary cap, forcing fans to get creative when drafting the best, most cost-efficient line-up.

After your lineup is ready, it will start accumulating points based on the players’ performance in the real-world games. You win or lose esports fantasy betting leagues based on the points you get. Obviously, your winnings will depend on your position on the ladder - plus any fantasy esports bonuses the platform may provide. You can use your winnings to keep betting on fantasy leagues - or simply withdraw!

Daily Fantasy Sports

Daily Fantasy Leagues are very similar to traditional season-long fantasy leagues, but, as their name implies, they condense it into an action-packed daily format.

Not all esports titles are available for DFS yet, but the selection is already pretty impressive. On DraftKings alone, the following titles are available for DFS betting:

  • League of Legends
  • CSGO
  • Valorant
  • Call of Duty
  • Dota 2

Is Fantasy Esports Betting Legal?

It’s the big question surrounding everything betting related. For fantasy esports betting, the answer is easy. United States esports betting is a particularly touchy topic, for example, but even there, fantasy sports betting is largely legal, both real money and free versions! Compare it to traditional sports betting legality, which varies greatly and is outright banned in many states, and you see the appeal.

Why is fantasy betting legal? It’s because of its status as a skill-based game. Contrary to conventional esports betting where the outcome is still up to chance, in fantasy sports, the players are in full control of their choices. As such, regulatory bodies across the world, and especially in the US, do not consider it gambling, but a skill-based activity - even when fantasy esports betting with real money.

However, certain exceptions still apply. In the US alone, the states of Washington, Arizona, Nevada, Hawaii, Montana, Idaho, and Louisiana disallow online fantasy betting. Always make sure to check whether it's legal in your state or country before engaging in fantasy betting.

Fantasy Betting UK

Fantasy Betting Canada

Fantasy Betting Australia

In the UK esports betting, as well as fantasy sports betting is fully legal. That surely explains why DraftKing’s primary audiences are Brits and Americans. Using esports betting sites in Canada can get a little complicated, but, in general, fantasy betting is legal. Of course, specific jurisdictions have the final say in its legality, but the Criminal Code outlines the legality of fantasy betting. Australia, as always, celebrates all types of online betting, including esports fantasy betting. As long as fantasy betting stays skill-based and not chance-based, it’s legal in Australia. Click the link to find out more about Australian esports betting scene.

Advantages of Fantasy Esports Betting

Fantasy esports betting is mostly appealing to fans that want to bet for the thrill of it. However, it’s not just for fun, as it’s possible to earn very real prizes for betting on fantasy esports leagues. Let’s take a look at why fantasy betting might be more attractive than conventional esports betting!

Wide Accessibility

Fantasy esports is available even in the most difficult of regions. Since it’s different from conventional esports betting due to its legal “skill-based” status, esports fans in the United States and similarly gambling-less regions overwhelmingly choose fantasy sports betting.

Low Barrier Of Entry

With fantasy esports betting, there are plenty of free leagues to test the waters before committing to any real money wagers. Even when real money is on the line, the cost of entry into fantasy esports leagues is way lower than what gamblers spend on conventional online bets.

DraftKings Contests Types

DraftKings offers its users a wide selection of ways to bet on fantasy esports - including skill-based matchmaking!

Strategic Depth

Although traditional esports betting already involves quite a lot of strategic planning and foresight, fantasy esports take it to a whole different level. Thinking ahead and attention to detail are a must if you wish to succeed in fantasy betting. Which is why it’s also so fun and popular among fans of all levels!

Getting Ready To Bet On Fantasy Esports

There are many esports titles that support fantasy betting, but the core principles of it remain the same regardless of what you choose. Here are a few tips to make your fantasy betting experience better - and your winnings bigger.

  • Check esports betting odds. It might seem irrelevant at first since the formats are so different, but taking a peek at esports betting odds on teams when crafting your lineup is an underrated cheat code. After all, the bookies employ analysts to check teams’ performance as keenly as possible - so why not use their work to benefit yourself? Taking a peek at odds is a simple way to see which teams perform and which do not.
  • Check the stats yourself. Although monitoring the odds is a great first step toward seeing which teams are better, you have to go a bit more in-depth than that. After all, fantasy esports is all about optimizing your limited lineup instead of just picking the favorite team every time. Monitoring team stats on sites such as Liquipedia and actually spectating the esports matches is a great way to know teams’ performance levels.
  • Stay in touch with the game. Most, if not all, competitive esports games have constant patches and updates that shift the game’s balance and change the meta. Certain metas can favor certain playstyles and teams more. By keeping an eye out on meta changes, it’s possible to craft high-value draft teams out of underrated players and get these upsets in the bag! Additionally, most competitive titles today offer plenty of educational content to get in the know faster.
  • Budget, budget, budget! As with all forms of esports game betting, it’s best to establish a rigid budget beforehand and don’t overstep it. That said, playing in esports fantasy leagues is way cheaper and “cost-effective,” so this rule is fairly easy to follow.

Make sure to check out our guides on how to bet on esports the conventional way, too.

Payment Methods For Fantasy Esports Betting

Most fantasy esports platforms only accept direct Visa or MasterCard deposits. If you’re looking for alternative payment methods, check out our guides:

E-wallet Betting

E-wallets like Skrill are popular for conventional esports betting. Check out the links to find out more about the best Neteller esports betting sites.


Only the best esports bookies get to use PayPal. That’s why esports betting with PayPal is so rare - but so sought out.

Crypto Betting

We have guides on best crypto esports betting sites! It’s not just some niche thing for nerds - crypto betting is nearly half of total online betting volume nowadays, so get on with the times.

Is Fantasy Esports Worth Trying?

Fantasy sports has all the advantages of conventional sports betting, but better, and with less risk and restrictions. In US alone, an estimated 15% of the population engaged in fantasy sports betting! Not only it’s more accessible, but it’s also more strategic, safe, and skill-based than any other type of online wagering. It’s also exceptionally easy to get into fantasy esports as there’s plenty of free-of-charge leagues to dip your toes in. Make sure to check out more of our esports betting guides for beginners!

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