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Overwatch Odds: Key To Overwatch Betting

19.12.2022, 13:25

It doesn't matter if you're just an avid Overwatch esports fan who bets recreationally or a professional bookie shark wagering for profit - betting odds are what esports bettors interact with daily. Naturally, we like finding better deals, such as higher odds and lower bookie margins. Let's find out what these are, how they're calculated, and start betting on Overwatch with more profit and less risk!

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Top Betting Sites For High Overwatch Odds

When hunting for the most profitable esports betting odds, it's recommended to double- and triple-check as many betting platforms as possible. Esports betting sites compete with each other for bettors' attention - offering better odds is the most common way to achieve that. Take advantage of that and earn more with less risk. Please take a look at our shortlist of best Overwatch betting sites!


GG.BET Interface

GG.BET Interface

In lists like these, it's very common to see GG.BET in the first place. That's because this massive and reputable sports & esports betting platform is perhaps the most well-rounded bookie on the international market. GG.BET offers excellent esports title support (obviously, including Overwatch), a great esports betting app, and, most notably for the purposes of this article, above-average Overwatch odds.


This esports-oriented bookmaker is an international hit. This Canadian-based sports betting site has seen a period of rapid growth, settling into key betting regions by acquiring all the necessary and sometimes hard-to-get licenses. For example, it has entered the Australian - arguably the most prominent sports & esports betting market in the world in 2022. As for the odds this bookie offers, they are consistently high in popular esports games like League of Legends, CS:GO, and Overwatch.

Rivalry Interface

Rivalry Interface


Although Stake is a relatively new sports betting site (especially compared to other big names on our list), it has proven itself more than capable of challenging the old-timers. It offers a decent selection of sports & esports disciplines to choose from. Its key strength is the massive variety of acceptable payment options - Stake excels in accepting deposits and withdrawals for crypto esports betting.

Overwatch Odds: A Short Guide

Most people realize that Overwatch odds - all odds in general - are a ratio that shows the likelihood of a particular outcome happening in a match or a championship. However, in reality, there are a lot more hidden details going on behind the curtain. Firstly, odds are not objectively absolute mathematical formulas: they are decided by bookmakers according to their research and information from experts.

This is the main reason why odds may vary depending on the bookmaker.

Secondly, esports bookmaker margins also affect the odds. Due to margins, a 50/50 chance coinflip won't have the odds of 2 on the bookmaker but instead will look something like 1.90~. The lower the bookmaker margin, the higher the odds! The higher the odds are, the smaller the probability of the event (generally) happening. However, it also means you'll earn more money if you take the risk and place a winning bet.

Also, different bookies use different odds formats. Don't worry; they all represent the same thing - just with different visuals. The three main types of odds used by the wagering websites are fractional, decimal, and Moneyline (most commonly called American). You can see the difference among types of odds using this esports betting odds calculator.

Odds converter

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Overwatch Odds: Interaction With Betting Markets

Not all events have the same odds, even if the same two teams are present. Let's take a lookat how different qualities of certain bet markets affect Overwatch betting odds.

Map Winner

Map Winner is the most basic "building block" of standard Overwatch betting. As such, Map Winner odds are the easiest to calculate. They're the purest representation of bookmaker's odds as bookmaker's analysts take into account the teams' match history and historic performances, and calculate the odds to be posted on the event accordingly.

This kind of bet is low risk, low reward. Perfect for beginners in Overwatch matches betting.

Match Winner/Moneyline

In Overwatch League, matches can last anywhere from a single map to up to seven, depending on the event and its format. Obviously, as the number of maps played increases, so does the complexity of the bet. Match Winner is the most popular type when betting on esports & sports, so most betting sites will use it as a reference for all other kinds of betting and set neutral-to-fair odds on it.

This kind of bet is low risk, low reward. Perfect for beginners in Overwatch matches betting.

Tournament Winner/Outright

Another popular type of esports bet, Outright, kicks up the difficulty to 11. With Overwatch League as an example - as 20 teams compete for a champion's title in any OWL event, placing a winning bet on Outright takes a lot of analysis, game & pro scene knowledge, and just sheer luck. As a reward, however, Outright betting odds are massively favorable.

Outright is a very difficult bet to get right. If you're a beginner in Overwatch League betting, you should avoid placing this type of bet before you familiarize yourself with the scene.

Overwatch Standard Odds Vs. Live Odds

There's a massive difference between these two betting options, so it reflects within their betting odds, as well.

Pre-Match (Standard) Odds This kind of odds is locked in place when first announced. This means they won't change regardless of the team's performance, no matter what. It creates a safe space for beginner bettors who are not ready to emerge in the experience of flexible live odds and less predictable bets during live streams. Because of their nature, pre-match odds allow beginner bettors to place safer bets with less risk, all while enabling experienced punters to place high-risk, high-reward wagers on "dark horses."
Live Betting Odds Esports live betting allows punters to wager on matches while they're still being played! There are, of course, certain limitations to that ability - otherwise, it would be possible to bet on the winner at the exact last second and win every time! Instead, live betting usually occurs between rounds, maps, or certain in-game pauses to ensure the integrity of esports wagering.

Live Game

Because of this, live esports betting odds constantly fluctuate and change to reflect the in-game state. This makes the whole experience "smoother" by eliminating high highs and low lows. For more information, check out our esports live betting guide via this link.

Using Overwatch Betting Odds To Your Advantage

With everything we've described in mind, now let's take a look at some advanced strategies you can employ to make Overwatch real money betting more profitable and less risky. In some cases, it's even possible to eliminate the risk and make guaranteed bets!

Arbitrage Betting

OW League Stage

The Overwatch League holds tournaments throughout the entire year

This method of betting is very counter-intuitive at first. It involves placing wagers on all possible outcomes of the event, i.e. in case of a Match Winner bet, the punter places money down on both teams! While one would assume this could only ever end up in going even, slight differences in odds offered by different Overwatch betting platforms allow for this scheme to be profitable.

However, it's not as easy as simply finding two different bookmakers. Arbitrage betting requires close monitoring of the esports betting sites and intimate knowledge of Overwatch betting odds, both historical and current. While it results in guaranteed, risk-free bets, pulling it off requires a lot of research - and sometimes simply being in the right place at the right time.

Matched Betting

This strategy is somewhat similar to arbitrage betting, as you'll be using multiple bookmakers to place wagers on Overwatch matches. How to use this strategy: place a back bet with one Overwatch betting platform and a lay bet with another, each on the same event. This way, whatever the outcome is, a win is guaranteed. Precisely the same as arbitrage betting so far...

In sports & esports betting, back bet stands for putting money on something to happen. In turn, a lay bet is an opposite - betting on something NOT to happen.

The key difference here is using esports betting bonuses and promotions offered by the bookies to win money. In matched betting, at least one of the bets you place should be using some form of a betting bonus: a free bet (most common for this purpose), no deposit bonus, or some other welcome bonus. This way, it's easier to strike guaranteed bets without needing to do meticulous research like in arbitrage betting.


Check out our general guide on how to bet on Overwatch if you have more questions.

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