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Executive producer of Overwatch parted ways with Blizzard

23.09.2021, 10:09

Overwatch exec producer Chacko Sonny left Activision Blizzard. Employees of the corporation said they received a letter saying that one of the top executives working on Overwatch is leaving the company, – Bloomberg reported.

Chacko Sonny worked on the game Overwatch, which in many ways became a success thanks to him. Also Sonny led the development of Overwatch 2. The community started asking more questions about OW 2 because of Sonny’s dismissal. After all, before Blizzard lost one important employee, producer Jeff Kaplan. Blizzard representatives promised to provide more information to the community about OW 2 right after Overwatch League 2021 ending.

No one knows about the reasons of Sonny’s dismissal

No one has disclosed the reasons for Sonny’s dismissal. He has not been involved in the scandals and legal wrangling Blizzard has faced.

Activision Blizzard representatives published the news of his dismissal on its website after sending out emails to employees. Blizzard employees said that Sonny was absolutely respected by his colleagues. Employees also explained that no one accused Chacko of anything, which means the company didn’t have some compelling reason for firing him.

Sonny spoke very warmly about Blizzard Company and the corporation’s employees in his message.

Sonny was the latest employee in a string of layoffs from Blizzard. This process launched after the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing filed a lawsuit against Activision Blizzard.

Authorities also accused the corporation of violating equal pay and civil rights laws, discrimination and harassment against women, and destroying documents DFEH needed to investigate.

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