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Blizzard delayed Overwatch 2 and Diablo IV again until 2023

04.11.2021, 19:01

The announcement from one of the most famous video game developers and publishers in the world known as Blizzard Entertainment, recently shed some dim light on the developmental state of the North American company’s two upcoming and most anticipated releases — the newest additions to the Overwatch and Diablo series.

The company said that they made a hard thought decision to further delay the upcoming release of their games. The posted reasoning behind this action states that the California-based organization now decided to take their time and make sure that the two of the company’s newest gaming titles in their most popular franchises will come out even more polished.

The North American publisher wants their games to stand out, especially in comparison with their star predecessors. It is predicted that the Activision-Blizzard organization will obviously lose some part of their expected revenue next year, which will happen due to the postponement of the releases.

It is interesting that, at the same time, the additional news also came in that the Californian company’s top executive — Jen Oneal, who previously acted as one of the leaders of Blizzard Entertainment and was occupying the post together with Mike Ybarra since August 2021, will step down from her leadership role in the company.

In her closing letter, Oneal also eloquently mentioned that she will be donating at least $1,000,000 to the funds of the Women in Games International non-profit organization.

Two of the co-leaders at Blizzard took the leadership roles in the company from J. Allen Brack who also previously left the North American organization due to the ongoing harassment issues, widespread sexism, discrimination scandals, and multiple following-up lawsuits that were initiated by various US authorities, such as the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing, all happening at the same time.

Brack previously started working as the head of the gaming company and served as its president after the previous CEO Michael Morhaime left Blizzard Entertainment in October 2018.

Speaking of the Diablo franchise’s issues, one of the NA company’s other main executives — the Diablo IV leading game director known as Luis Barriga also left Blizzard in August 2021. He stayed with the company for about 15 years and was also previously working on the design of the World of Warcraft series.

It is apparent that Blizzard Entertainment decided to once again postpone the releases of their titles not only because of the change and departure of its leaders, but also because of the recent controversies surrounding the North American publisher.

We also covered in one of our stories in September 2021 about the situation with the executive producer of the Overwatch franchise named Chacko Sonny also parting ways with Blizzard. Let us not forget the fact that after about 20 years in the company, the director of the Overwatch franchise Jeff Kaplan also left Blizzard in April 2021.

The famous North American company previously showcased one of the early builds of the Overwatch 2 title at the Overwatch League 2021 Season 4 playoff phase, the title’s main tournament which was played out starting from the middle of September 2021.

The Overwatch League 2021 Season 4 finals were played during the conclusive part of the show in Blizzard’s $4,250,000 OVL league. The tournament, which was played using the first title of the Overwatch franchise, was just recently won by the Shanghai Dragons, one of the best Overwatch teams originating from China.

It was previously expected that Blizzard was set to finally release the expected and long-awaited Overwatch 2 title in 2022. The company also mentioned that the upcoming Overwatch League 2021 Season 5 championship will be held starting from April 2022.

In addition, the North American developer and publisher earlier promised that the latest iteration of the OVL esports competition will be using the Overwatch 2 preliminary build.

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