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Overwatch League 2022 Season 5 Playoffs

2022 Season 5 Playoffs World
$1,000,000 Prize Pool
20 Teams
Premier Tier
01.11.2022 - ???. In 77 d.

About Overwatch League 2022 Season 5 Playoffs

The Overwatch League has a lot of new stuff to offer to its esports community. A brand new format, brand new modes, and - perhaps that should've been mentioned first - an entirely new game! Kicking off on May 5th, Overwatch League 2022 is set to be played on a brand new Overwatch 2 early build. The game upgrade means a new 5 v 5 format in place of the former 6 v 6, taking games to a more up close and personal level.

Furthermore, the league itself is experiencing a sharp reform as the team's contract terms and players' salaries receive an upgrade.

Still, besides all that, the good old core remains the same: 20 teams divided into 2 major regions, East and West, competing for the League Points required to advance to the event's playoffs. The LPs are a finite resource as only 12 teams get to see the next stage: 9 advancing directly based on their position on the leaderboard, and the final 3 decided through the Countdown Cup.


There are no scores of Overwatch League 2022 Season 5 Playoffs matches yet

Tournament dates

The season will be playing from 01.11.2022 to 01.01.2030.


This is the online World's tournament.

Prize pool


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