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Valorant Betting Odds: Best Valorant Odds and Betting Markets 2024

13.12.2023, 17:47

Valorant keeps getting more and more attention from bettors. This first-person shooter features plenty of annual events and betting options. Let’s discuss the betting odds for these options and how they can change during their live game.

What are the Types of Valorant Betting Odds?

Valorant esports betting has always been slightly different depending on your region. And one of the biggest differences was the odds type. Technically, they represent the same thing but do it entirely differently. Often, you will be presented with one of the following options, but the best Valorant betting sites let you select the most comfortable type.

These changes and differences are purely cosmetic. After all, they're just multiple ways to display one thing: Valorant betting odds. They are fairly simple to read - use this odds calculator to see how different odds formats interact and correspond.

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American Odds

As you can guess from its name, American odds are widely used among US bookies. These eSports odds are defined by the plus (+) or minus (-) sign you see before the number. Thus the plus shows how much you will win for each $100 you bet. While the minus shows how much you need to bet to win $100.

An example:

  • Complexity Gaming: +400;
  • Sentinels: -200.

If you decide to bet on Sentinels, you must place $200 to win $100. But if you place $200 on Complexity, your prize will be $800. Read through this page to find more important esports odds details.

Fractional Odds

This type of odds is the most popular in the British region betting sites and uses a slash (/) or hyphen (-) to calculate potential prizes. For example, if the coefficient looks like this: 5/1, it means that you will get five dollars for each dollar you bet. In addition, you get your initial stake back. So if you wagered five dollars, you would get $25 + $5 = $30. But if you bet with crypto, the situation changes a bit. Discover cryptocurrency esports betting peculiarities here.

Decimal Odds

The decimal odds type is the one that is most popular in European regions. It is very straightforward, and all it requires you to do is multiply your bet by the given number. For example, if the coefficient is 1.5, you will get $1.5 for a $1 stake. So if you bet $100, you will get $150, and so on.

What are the Betting Markets with the Best Valorant Odds

Like other eSports games, Valorant has to offer plenty of eSports markets. But a majority of them don't provide you with enough competitive odds. So we want to share with you betting lines capable of bringing you amazing profit due to their high Valorant betting odds:

Outright winner There is always a winner in major tournaments. So why don't you bet on the competitors who you think will get the first-place cup? Such bets always feature the best odds, but your knowledge of the game and players should be high enough to be precise. Keep in mind that the potential winning team changes during the tournament, and so the odds are shifting too.
Correct match score One of the possible Valorant wagers with good odds is betting on the match score. As you should know, Valorant matches consist of rounds, and so the team has to win 13 to get the victory. So you can bet on whether the score will go over or under a given number.
Other Valorant betting options when you bet on an underdog Such markets as the match winner, map winner, etc., have quite stable and ordinary odds. But if one of the two teams in a competition appears weaker than the opponent, the odds will go high. So if you think that the underdog can score a hard win, you can bet on that with the potential of getting a high prize (but it is not one of the safe bets).

You can also boost profit from any odds by using the esports bonus system. Many bookies offer great bonuses which will give you additional betting funds and free bets, which can result in potential winnings.

Why Do Different Bookies Have Different Odds

Each Valorant eSports bookmaker has an analytics team that predicts the match outcome. Their work suggests considering tons of little details about bad and best teams of the Valorant to define an approximate match outcome. Understand more about what esports betting is inside by reading this article.

Based on their research, the analytics team transfers their match prediction onto the odds system so that you can place bets on the game.

You can check different esports betting sites to find what are the differences in the odds. But you will most likely find that they don't differ too much. Often, the difference is equal to just a couple of percent.

Valorant Neon

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Why the Same Bookmaker Can Change the Odds

Pre-match odds can be changed for plenty of different reasons. But those reasons mostly have to be related to the competitor's shape. For example, if the team changes the player for the weaker one, the odds will probably go into their enemy's favor. Another example: the agent used by a certain team gets heavily nerfed. In that case, the odds will probably also go down. Find the best esports betting app to track changing odds easily from a mobile device.

We see another situation if we talk about live betting odds. In that case, the betting site will change the odds based on what is going on in the game. For example, live odds for the map winner will start changing at the agent pick stage. And till the end of the game, they will shift to the winning team's side. To catch the most profitable odds for your Valorant bet, go for the esports PayPal deposit option. It has an instant processing time, so you can always replenish your balance at the right moment.

Or let's take an outright winner as an example. Even though this market has the best esports odds before the competition starts, they can get much worse closer to the finals. It is because Valorant betting sites see the teams' performance and raise/lower the odds based on that. Learn more about esports live betting here.

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