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LoL Esports Betting Odds 2022

29.09.2022, 13:38

Nowadays, League of Legends is one of the biggest esports titles in the world. Various bookmakers offer high LoL betting odds for multiple events. In this article, we provide detailed information about the types of odds used by bookmakers platforms along with the latest LoL odds. You can also read about teams with the best odds, live betting odds, and more.

What are LoL betting odds

Gambling odds show you the probability of the match/tournament outcome, thus you can calculate how much you will win in case your LOL betting predictions are accurate. It is highly recommended to place bets on the event in advance, as in this case, the odds are higher. LoL esports gambling odds may be presented in different ways, but the most common are Decimal, Fractional and American odds.

Check out the current LoL odds

Knowing the current LoL betting odds is a game-changer for you. You can easily see which teams are favorites and which ones are considered to be underdogs. This knowledge can be a key to your success in bets. Below you can find the table with the current LoL odds and place your bets accordingly.

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League of Legends gambling breakdown

League of Legends, as one of the most played video games, has a big history of matches and tournaments. Checking the odds for those past tournaments is important as it gives you a better understanding of the teams' previous performance so that you can build your gambling strategy. Thus check the current LoL esports betting odds provided above and familiarize yourself with the odds for the previous tournaments, compare them and place your bets on the best teams.

League of Legends World Championship odds

One of the most popular tournaments of this esports title is the League of Legends World Championship. This competition, also known as Worlds, is covered by many sportsbooks. As this is a large-scale competition, betting odds are changing all the time, based on the teams' performance. If you want your profit to be bigger, place your bets on the LoL World Championship in advance, as the odds will be higher. In order to be prepared for wagering on this event, check out the table below with League of Legends World Championship betting odds.

Odds for past winners

Odds for past champions, or as we call them, LoL betting historical odds, are the odds for teams that won tournaments in the past. By analyzing these odds, you are able to see what teams were favorites and what teams were weaker, so then when the time comes to place bets during the current LoL events, you will already know which team to place bets on. Let's take a look at some examples.

During the Worlds 2021, the Chinese LoL team called EDward Gaming was an underdog. Even though nobody believed in their win, they managed to win against DWG KIA, which was a much stronger team and pure favorites. EDward Gaming had the odds of +245, while DWG KIA had -350.

Sometimes the situation is not that clear, and we can see an example of it in 2019. The finals were unpredictable, as both teams, G2 Esports and FunPlus Phoenix had similar odds. It was -120 for G2 and -105 for FPX, but FunPlus Phoenix destroyed its opponent with a 3:0 score.

And lastly, we want to talk about SKT T1 — one of the most popular teams in League of Legends. The team was a winner of the LoL World Championship a few times, particularly in 2013, 2015, and 2016. They had been holding the record, as no other team has managed to win so many times. Unfortunately, the SKT T1 team started losing their shape, and their competitive positions started to get lower, so in 2019 the odds for this team were +800.

Types of betting odds in League of Legends

LoL esports betting odds are presented in 3 different ways — Decimal, Fractional, and American odds. Bookies are usually tied to one specific type of odds, but international gambling websites, in most cases, are compatible with all 3 types. Some of the websites may let you choose the odds format so you can place your bets and calculate your winnings in the most convenient way. Let's read about each type of odds in more detail below.

Decimal Odds

Decimal odds are used by bookmakers in most European countries, as well as in Australia, Canada and New Zealand. Decimal odds are the easiest to understand. By checking the decimal odds, you can see which teams are favorites, and it is super easy to count your profit. For example, Fnatic's odds are 3. It means that if your bet is successful, in order to calculate your winning, you need to multiply the amount you bet by 3 (if you bet $10, you will get $30).

Fractional Odds

The second type of LoL betting odds is Fractional odds. This type of odds is the most popular among British and Irish bookmakers. The name "Fractional odds" speaks for itself, and it means that these odds are based on fractions. Fractional odds are written with a slash (/) or hyphen (-). If the first number of fractions is higher, it means you will get more profit if you win. For example, if the odds are 4/1, you will get $4 for every $1 wagered, plus the initial amount of stake, so $5 in total (if your bet was $1). In case the odds are 1/4, if you wager $1, you will get $0.25 plus the original amount of stake, so the total profit will be $1.25.

American Odds

American odds are usually found at American or Canadian betting websites. This type of LoL esports betting odds is pretty simple to figure out. American odds are written with plus (+) or minus (-). Plus sign means how much money you will get with a $100 stake. On the other hand, a minus sign means how much funds you need to wager to get a $100. Let's take a look at the example. DWG KIA's odds are -400, Fnatic +400. If you bet $400 on DWG KIA, you will get $100 plus an initial stake ($500 total). If you bet $100 on Fnatic, you will win $400.
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LoL best odds teams for 2022

The League of Legends pro scene has many interesting teams that are worth your attention. They have their weak and strong sides, but not every LoL team can be called a champion. Below we describe the teams with the best odds. These squads have shown themselves as strong and consistent competitors with a high level of performance. Let's read below what made them the best and why their odds are the highest.


DWG KIA, which was previously known among the gamers as a DAMWON Gaming, appears as one of the most successful teams of League of Legends as they have won multiple tournaments. It is a South Korean LoL team that was formed in 2017 and sponsored by computer manufacturer Damwon. DWG KIA's LoL betting odds started to get higher in the middle of 2020 when the team won its first LCK title. Just a few weeks later, DWG KIA won the 2020 World Championship. In the finals of the 2021 Worlds, they were face to face with the EDward Gaming team. DWG KIA was a complete favorite with the odds of -455 in the finals, but tables turned, and they lost the 2021 League of Legends World Championship to EDG with a total score of 3:2.

EDward Gaming

EDward Gaming is the oldest and the most experienced LoL team on our list. This Chinese team was created in 2014 and immediately got very successful. From 2014 until the end of 2015, they have had just a few losses. They had been excelling on the pro scene of the League of Legends for almost a year and a half. That means that LoL betting odds for EDward Gaming had been very favorable for a long period of time, but at the beginning of 2016, they kind of lost their shape. But it seems like EDward Gaming was coming back to the top as their LoL esports betting odds got much more favorable in 2021. As it was mentioned earlier, they faced the DWG KIA in the finals of the 2021 League of Legends World Championship and won as an underdog with an odds of +280. It was their first win on the Worlds stage, and due to their excellent performance, nowadays the bookmakers offer great odds for bets on this team.

FunPlus Phoenix

FunPlus Phoenix is a Chinese esports organization that is holding the title of one of the strongest League of Legends teams. It started its career in 2017, and since then, the team has won 5 tournaments in total. The team roster has changed a couple of times, but it did not worsen its performance. FunPlus Phoenix has won the 2019 Worlds, achieving an outstanding victory with a score of 3:0 in the final game against G2 Esports. It goes without saying that FunPlus Phoenix is only starting its way in the world of competitive gaming. High performance of FunPlus Phoenix during the matches is the main reason why this team has the best LoL betting odds.

Popular betting markets in League of Legends

League of Legends is a representative of the MOBA game genre. The interesting gameplay, various maps and game modes allow esports bookmakers websites to offer multiple bookmaking markets. With such a big variety, beginner bettors and professional bettors can place wagers and get big wins. Let's take a closer look at some of the most popular League of Legends betting markets.

  • Map/Match winner. This bookies market is perfect for beginner bettors as they do not need to know all the specifics of the game, learn about each player and build a wagering strategy. The task here is simply to guess which of the two teams will be the winner of the specific map or the whole match.
  • Handicap. As one of the competing teams can be way stronger than the other one, the bookmakers found a way to make betting on a weaker team more profitable and exciting. Before the match begins, additional points are given to the underdogs to even the winning chances for both teams. So it may be better to bet on the weaker team as at the end of the match all the points are added and their score can be higher.
  • First blood. To place this bet, you need to guess which team will shed the first blood after the beginning of the match.
  • First Baron/Dragon. In this case, you are placing a bet on the team that will be the first to kill Dragon or Baron — powerful computer-controlled neutral monsters.
  • Team to destroy the first tower. As the name implies, you need to predict which of the two teams will be the first to destroy a turret after the match has already started.
  • Total kills. In order to place a total kills bet, you need to guess whether the number of total kills achieved by the team will be over or under the number established by the bookmaker before the match.

Live betting odds of League of Legends

Live betting on LoL is a fascinating way to earn profit while spectating your favorite game. However, it requires your full attention and the ability to make fast decisions as live betting odds of League of Legends are changing pretty quickly. They fully depend on the teams' performance during the match, so you need to use all your knowledge and betting skills to catch the perfect moment and place your bets. By placing bets on a certain event in advance, you have higher chances to earn a big profit because the odds are higher. Below you can find the latest odds for live betting on League of Legends.

The bottom line

LoL betting odds are an integral part of the betting process, so it is very important to find the licensed bookmaker that offers the most competitive odds. You should be able to read the odds, so then you will know which teams are more likely to win in the match or the tournament, and also you will be able to calculate your profit in case of successful bets. Check the latest LoL esports betting odds presented above in this article and enjoy making profit with your favorite game.

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