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Mid-Season Invitational Odds: League of Legends MSI Odds

24.10.2022, 07:46

Find the best odds for League of Legends MSI 2022. We present to you most competitive odds across various esports betting sites, as well as forecast of winners. Let's take a look at some of the most-guaranteed betting options like LoL match betting - and even some riskier stuff.

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LoL MSI Betting Odds 2024

With the event featuring many of the world's best teams, Outrights and Singles are the most popular betting options for MSI betting.

Outrights and Singles

In real money League of Legends betting, Outright bet means wagering on the #1st place of the event. Single bet refers to wagering on a single outcome of an event (as opposed to doubles, triples, etc.). For instance, whether Royal Never Give Up will win MSI 2022: this is an example of an Outright bet that is also a Single.

Here are the Outright odds for each of the participating teams coming into the event's main stage (shared across most League of Legends gambling sites):

T1 1.57
Royal Never Give Up (RNG) 2.75
G2 Esports 9.00
Evil Geniuses 26.00
PSG Talon 67.00
fastPayWildcats 151.00
DetonatioN FocusMe 201.00
Saigon Buffalo 251.00
Team Aze 401.00
RED Canids 501.00
ORDER 1001.00

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T1 League of Legends Roster

The T1 League of Legends Roster

Obviously, the LPL and LCK 1st seeds are placed way above the rest of the competition in the likelihood of winning. The bookies put T1 slightly ahead of RNG. No wonder: T1 made history this year by being the only team to achieve a perfect regular split by going 26-0 in Spring Regular Season and Spring Playoffs.

There is another type of Outright wagering: the bettors attempt to predict the teams that will make it to the grand-final of the event, but will not necessarily win it outright. The odds for this type of bet are, obviously, quite similar to Outright winners of the event, with T1 and RNG handily leading the polls.

MSI Odds For Accumulator Bets

Accumulator Bets

As opposed to Singles where bettors wager on a singular event, accumulator bets include four or more events. Since the complexity of such bet increases logarithmically, it offers much higher League of Legends odds than Singles betting.

While this type of bet appears much harder to get right compared to Singles, knowing MSI Power Rankings makes it much easier to see the favorites of each matchups. The initial stages of the event are easier to place Accumulator Bets on due to the best-of-1 matches. It gets harder later on as the obviously losing matchups get weeded out. Let's take a look at some of the most predictable and safe Accumulators for the Group Stage.

Betting Provider: Bet365, ODDS
DWG Kia vs RNG RNG to win 1.83
MAD Lions vs Pentanet.GG MAD Lions to win 1.14
RNG vs Cloud9 RNG to win 1.28
Cloud9 vs MAD Lions MAD Lions to win 1.66
Cloud9 vs PSG Talon PSG Talon to win 2.10
Total Odds: 9.30

We can see how it's possible to score such a seemingly complex bet with minimum research.

Enhance your betting profits by intelligently using LoL betting codes. Most sites we recommend will accept the code TIPSGG.

MSI System Bets Odds

We can still go higher in complexity in League of Legends betting - and System wagers are another level. System bets are a combination of multiple Accumulator Bets. While the difficulty grows astronomically with each event added, there's some leeway - even if you get a part of it wrong, you can still be eligible for the winnings share.

MSI Special Bets Odds

What makes MSI bets spicy is the fact that different esports bookies will present different Mid-Season Invitational betting markets beyond the usual match winner or tournament winner. Usually these include bets toward different stages of the event.

A good example of such a bet would be "Team X to go undefeated in the Rumble Stage," and so on.

As a practical example of such bet, a LoL MSI bookie BUFF.BET listed a betting market for a Cloud9 vs MAD Lions match, wagering on a total amount of kills with an odds of 1.81. Listing all the different Specials would be too much of a task, so its advised to explore your options on as many bookmakers as possible.


Alternatives To LoL MSI Wagering

Mid-Season Invitational is only the penultimate event of the year. The first place goes to the annual LoL Worlds Championship. It features more teams, more stages, and more matches - and more opportunities for LoL Worlds betting.

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