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Low Budget Betting: Best CSGO Betting Sites for Poor

10.04.2023, 15:40

As esports is the fastest-growing digital entertainment industry, massive competitive events and betting on them reach more and more corners of the world. Spicing up your CSGO matches viewing experience sounds great, but sometimes, it might seem out of reach. Thankfully, CSGO betting with money does not need to be expensive. Let's dive into how you can make using CSGO betting sites affordable - and sometimes even risk-free.

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Top-3 CSGO Low Bet Betting Sites

First off, here is a short list of tested and reputable bookies perfect for recreational betting. We'll rank them using our usual metrics like reputation, safety, and esports events coverage.

Interface GG.BET

GG.BET is a site geared mainly towards esports betting

However, we're also paying a lot of attention to things like minimum deposit limit, minimum bet, and available betting bonuses like deposit bonuses and free bets. Only the best CSGO gambling sites made it to this list.


Unsurprisingly, GG.BET takes the #1 spot on this list. This extremely well-rounded platform is among the best in the low-budget category, too, with the lowest deposit being simply 1$. GG.BET offers quite a variety of different esports titles, ranging from Dota 2 and League of Legends to Counter Strike Global Offensive. It has another ace up its sleeve: its highly generous welcome bonus. A free bet for up to $30 (after depositing just $10) is hard to come by!

Betway esports Interface

Betway offers great bonuses for new users


Another giant of sports & esports betting, Betway is a bookie headquartered in London. All esports betting fans and experts highly regard Betway as it provides a more than adequate selection of titles - Counter Strike Global Offensive included! Betway is a fantastic option for beginner bettors for two reasons. Firstly, the minimum bet amount is a measly $0.5 - although it does depend on the user's region. Secondly, Betway offers free bets for up to $10 upon registration - no deposit needed!


BITSLER betting markets

BITSLER offers many betting markets in popular games like CS:GO

This bookie is one of the relatively new CSGO betting sites that is truly special. Fully committed to esports, Bitsler offers a wide selection of titles: from Counter-Strike to Dota 2, League of Legends, StarCraft, and even WarCraft III. However, what makes it truly unique from other CS:GO gambling sites is that it's a cryptocurrency-based esports betting site. It supports 26 different crypto coins, and has a shallow barrier of entry for new users. If you're into CSGO Bitcoin betting, Bitsler is a solid choice.

CSGO Sites Low Budget Bets How-To

There are many things to consider to make placing bets as risk-free and cheap as possible. Even though the number of CS:GO gambling sites is growing exponentially today, users may easily identify those with high-reliability status and comfortable conditions with the right tips. Here's a good rule of thumb when picking good CSGO betting sites for low-budget bets:

For the purposes of this article, we'll be focusing on aspects that assist in low budget betting. For a full guide on how to pick best CSGO betting sites, check our guide by following the link.

Bonuses & Promotions

CSGO betting on a budget doesn't necessarily need to be frugal! If you know how to navigate and use welcome and seasonal promotions, it's possible to place bets on a large scale without compromising your wallet. CSGO betting promo codes, welcome bonuses for newcomers and promotions for active players enable fans to consistently bet on events without going too deep into spending. The bonus amounts can vary depending on CSGO sites' policies - always read up on them before using them!

Another great promotion that enables low-budget betting is cashback. If a CSGO betting site offers cashback, it means you'll be able to recover a portion of your money even in case of a failed bet.

Competitive Odds

This one is undoubtedly always important, but it's essential when it comes to low-budget CSGO betting. Odds vary a lot depending on many factors - check out our CSGO odds guide for more detail. For the purposes of this article, though, we'll focus on a single aspect of that - the bookie's margins. Ideally, you want to find the CSGO betting sites with the lowest margin.

Bookmaker's margin, aka the percentage of your winnings the platform takes as "payment" for services provided.

Deposit & Withdrawal Limits

This goes without saying that if you want to bet recreationally with small amounts of funds, it's necessary to find a platform that allows these kinds of best in the first place. On top of it, the website needs to provide adequate payment operator options. CSGO betting with PayPal is the bare minimum for a CSGO gambling site nowadays, as most platforms also accept a huge variety of other e-wallets and cryptocurrencies.

Skin Betting Sites And Their Alternatives

CSGO skin betting is an interesting alternative with the potential to provide completely risk-free betting on your favorite teams. Since games like Dota 2 and CS:GO let players unlock in-game items - that have real value - simply by playing the game, skin betting may allow savvy users to bet on CSGO esports events without risking a cent. However, it's not as sunny as it may seem at first glance.

Skin Betting Sites Are Unsafe The site's reputation is the first thing we always look at when esports betting. Unfortunately, at best, CSGO skins betting sites operate in the grey area. After Valve significantly clamped down on the rules regarding skin trading & betting, the remaining legit CSGO betting sites that gamble with skins are abusing the hole in Valve's Terms of Service. The rest that don't are simply against the ToS - and might even be illegal. Needless to say, that's a massive breach of safety.
Skin Betting Sites Aren't As Developed Compared to traditional CSGO betting sites, skin betting sites often lack options regarding event coverage or betting markets like CSGO 1v1 betting. Since legit skin betting sites are tough to find, users often don't have much choice but to put up with them missing a CSGO tournament or two. The issue is even more pronounced if you'd like to bet on other games, too - most of the time, this option is simply missing entirely.
Skin Betting Sites Have No Guarantees Tying to the previous point, CSGO skin betting sites are not guaranteed a future. While it's impossible to tell, Valve can announce a new strike against them anytime, forcing them to come to a screeching halt. That would mean massive losses for existing users. For that reason, it's best to look for alternatives.

For the reasons presented above, our team at TIPS.GG recommends using skin trading platforms like Dmarket first to transfer your items into cash and then use these funds to bet on esports. Learn more by reading our item bet guide.

Low Budget Essentials: A Few Tips

With sufficient knowledge and preparation, CSGO betting turns from an exercise in luck into a skill-based activity. With this in mind, let's make a quick rundown of the essentials one needs to know before placing bets - especially on a tight budget.

Learn to manage a small bankroll

The higher sums you wager, the higher your profit. That's a well-known golden rule that defines betting success. Yet, it's essential to resist the temptation to squander the whole budget at once. Highly consider compartmentalizing your betting budget and make slowly incremental bets instead of large all-ins.

Choose betting sites that accept low deposits

All low CS GO betting service providers have a minimum deposit limit, the amount of which varies depending on the selected bookmaker. In essence, low deposit sites are the ones that allow gamblers to wager using the lowest sums of money. The minimum permitted deposit on such platforms can be as little as 1 EUR/USD, which is great news for gamblers who prefer low deposits.

Use CSGO bonuses as much as possible

For easy adaptation and a smooth transition from a fresh player to an experienced gambler, many low betting services for CS GO offer multiple bonuses and promotions to get started without risking a penny. Free sign-up bonuses can be used for wagering when your balance is empty to double or triple your budget.

Using CSGO Low Betting Sites: Bonuses

As we mentioned earlier, wagering involves strategic thinking and attention to details. This is especially important when managing a modest betting budget. If you have obtained some form of a bonus via using a bonus code or whatnot, don't hurry to waste it all - it might be tempting since it's not betting with your own money, but it's still not the way to go. Let's look at ways to maximize our profit by using CSGO betting bonuses and promotions.

CS:GO IEM Katovice Trophy

There have been many dynasties in CSGO throughout the decade

Careful Research

Before wasting your bonus on careless bets, consider making a preliminary study of the game's players and teams and their success rates. This way, it'll be easier for you to predict which team will win and help multiply your investment.

Bets Targeting

Another tactic most gamblers implement is to use their bonuses on bets for players and teams tested by time. If you've been placing bets on one player, don't let the moment pass by. Sometimes it might be worth it to bet against your favorite team if it's massively outmatched.

Proper Timing

A common mistake most bettors make while wagering is trying to put their bonuses into action against the clock, i.e., when the time for using them is quickly running out. Unfortunately, bonuses have expiration dates, and they are often pretty short, so it's essential to use them when it's a hot tournament season.

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