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Dota 2 Odds: Latest betting Odds for Dota 2 2022

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As the leading video game in the esports industry, Dota 2 has unparalleled success among players and bettors alike. Hence, it is no surprise that hundreds of betting websites offer good Dota 2 odds for wagering on this esports title. Continue reading this article and learn about various types of odds, how to read them and why the odds change.

What are Dota 2 odds

Odds are the numbers that represent the likelihood of the Dota 2 event outcome. They are determined based on a ratio of the number of events that favor this outcome to the number of events that do not. Odds are also used to calculate the winning bet payout. Higher odds mean larger payouts in case of successful bets. In addition, with Dota 2 betting odds, you can always see which team the bookmakers consider to be stronger and place your wagers according to this information.

The latest Dota 2 odds in 2022

To start gambling on your favorite game, first you need to select the bookie with the highest odds. Comparing odds offered by different Dota 2 betting sites is a time-consuming process. However, we are here to help you with this task. Our experts methodically checked the odds offered by different bookies. And now, instead of spending long hours on the Internet trying to find the highest betting odds, just take a look at a table below where we present to you the latest Dota 2 odds and start wagering with odds that are the most compelling.

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How to bet on this game

It may seem difficult to wager with Dota 2 betting odds, especially if you are a beginner bettor, however, it is not true. Before you place your first wager, you need to create an account, make a deposit and choose the type of bet you want to make. Read on as below we talk about each of these steps in more detail.

Create a new account using an email address

Once you've selected a trustworthy platform with the highest Dota 2 betting odds, you need to create an account. All bookmakers offer the option of signing up using an email address, as it is the most convenient and commonly used method. On the registration form, you need to indicate basic information about yourself, such as your name, country of residence, active email address, and then you must create a secure password. Also, some bookies require you to choose the preferred currency for your deposits and withdrawals. Then, confirm that you agree with the site's terms and conditions and click on the "Register" button.

Check your email for a verification link

To finish up the registration process, you need to verify your account. The bookie will send the verification link to the email address that you indicated earlier. Once you've received an email, click on the link, and you will be redirected to the website's homepage. Sometimes such emails are hidden in the "Spam" folder, so make sure you check it if you can not see the email in your inbox.

Make your first deposit

As the registration process is now completed, you have to make your first deposit. But before you transfer any funds to your account, make sure to check what payment methods you can use and what the minimum deposit limits are. You can opt for the most commonly used payment methods like Visa, Mastercard or any e-wallet. As soon as you make your first deposit, you are eligible for a welcome bonus.

Navigate to your desired match or tournament page

After you've transferred money to your betting account, you're one step closer to placing an actual bet on a Dota 2. To choose the event you'd like to wager on, go to the "Esports" section on the bookie's website and choose Dota 2. There, you'll see an extensive list of competitions. Check the offered pre-match and live Dota 2 odds and the teams that take part in a match or the tournament. Choose the event that you think will bring you the biggest earnings.

The table with the current Dota 2 matches can be found below.

Choose the amount you want to wager

As you have already made your first deposit and selected the match, now you need to choose the sum of money you'd like to wager. Check what are the minimum and maximum betting limits. It's advisable not to spend all your money on one specific bet, even if the Dota 2 odds are high. The general rule of thumb is not to bet more than 5% of your funds on a single wager.

Place your bet and wait

If you do not want to lose a lot of money, it is important not only to manage your bankroll wisely but also to choose the type of bet according to your gambling skills and Dota 2 gameplay knowledge. Carefully consider all the options, place a bet that will be the most profitable for you, and wait for the results. Those bettors that wagered on the tournament winner need to be more patient as they will have to wait for the whole tournament to end to find out whether their bets were successful.

Variants of Dota 2 odds

As it was already stated earlier, with Dota 2 odds, you can easily calculate your earnings. However, bookmakers use different types of odds, namely decimal, fractional and American odds. They may have the same value, but their representation is different. Let's take a closer look at each of these types of odds.

Decimal odds

Decimal odds or European odds are used by bookmakers more often than any other type of odds as they are easy to calculate. If the bookmaker that you're betting with is using decimal odds, you can calculate the payout in the following way — multiply your stake by the decimal odds number. Here's the example: if you bet $20 and the odds for team A are 1.65, you get $33. It is important to remember that the amount of your potential winning also includes your initial stake.

Fractional odds

Fractional odds are usually called British as this type of Dota 2 betting odds is the most popular among UK gambling websites. Fractional odds are presented by 2 numbers with a slash sign between them. The number on the left shows how much you will receive for the wagered amount that is presented by the number on the right. For example, you want to place a $10 bet with the odds 3/1. It means that for every dollar that you wager you will receive $3. Thus your return is $40 as you add $10 stake and $30 bet profit.

American odds

These Dota 2 betting odds completely differ from the above-mentioned types of odds, as they come with "-" and "+" signs before the numbers. The way you can determine your profit is also different. The odds for the stronger team always have a "-" while the odds for the underdogs go with a "+". Positive odds display the amount you can win if you bet $100 (with +400 odds you may win $400 in case of a winning bet), and the negative odds show how much you need to wager in order to win $100 (if the odds are -400 you need to bet $400 to win $100). Check the difference betweeb types of odds here:

Odds converter

- 0.00 +
- 0 +
- 0/0 +
- 0.00 +

Looking for good odds

When you are looking for the best bookmaker with the highest Dota 2 odds, you will come across different types of bets. Being able to read the odds is certainly important, however, to know your way around various types of wagers is crucial too if you want to become successful in Dota 2 betting. Below we outline the most common types of bets.

Predicting a match result

The match winner bet is the most suitable for those bettors who are just making their first steps in the gambling world. By checking the Dota 2 betting odds, they can see which team the bookies consider to be better and wager on that team to become a winner of a match. This type of bet does not require deep game understanding and is a great way to start earning profit.

Predicting a handicap match result

Handicap bets are offered by bookmakers to support the weaker teams and make betting on Dota 2 more thrilling. Before the match begins, the bookie provides the underdogs with extra points that later are added to their final score. Thus even if one team is much stronger than the other, placing bets on the underdogs may be more profitable as with the additional points, they have more chances to win the match.

Predicting the tournament winner

The tournament winner is a wager where you need to predict the champion of the whole tournament. It is always recommended to place such a bet in advance, as the odds are usually higher in this case. However, Dota 2 live odds are high as well and allow you to earn a lot of money if your bet is successful. This kind of wager requires thorough preparation because of a big number of teams that take part in the competition. In order to choose one team that you think will be the winner, you need to find as much information on all the competing teams as possible.

Most popular markets in Dota 2

Dota 2 Major and minor championships are a great place to place a lot of bets due to the enormous prize pools and the big choice of betting markets. All bettors, both beginner and professional, will definitely find the betting markets that will correspond to their wagering skills. Here are the most popular Dota 2 betting markets.

First Roshan

This market allows you to bet on a team that is more likely to kill first Roshan — the strongest neutral monster in Dota 2. What makes this market special is that it's almost impossible to predict the outcome, as only a few teams manage to kill Roshan. Check the teams' previous performance or refer to the Dota 2 odds to see which team is assumed to complete this obstacle.

First blood

This betting market is available for practically all esports, in which wager is placed on the team that will shed the first blood. In this case, you need to evaluate the heroes that the players of both teams chose as all of them have different skills and abilities. Luckily with this type of betting market, you do not need to wait long for the results. Usually, the first blood is shed within the first few minutes of the match.

Map winner

While opting for this betting market, you'll need to bet on a team that you think will win a specific map in a series. To make a precise prediction, you might want to watch the performance of each team on different maps and find out on which ones they play better. You can also check the Dota 2 betting odds to make the right decision. Then, decide on the amount you'd like to bet and place your wager.

Factors that can cause changing odds

One of the prime principles of Dota 2 betting is the understanding why the odds change. Especially when you place live bets. Wagering would not be so exciting and thrilling if it wasn't for Dota 2 odds fluctuations, however, it may result in unsuccessful bets and money losses if you don't know what causes changing odds. That is why below we described some of the main reasons.

Team changes

As a lot of teams take part in Dota 2 tournaments, there can be some roster changes. The substitute of team players is a number one factor that directly influences the Dota 2 betting odds as the team's performance changes. Even if the new player is one of the top gamers, it does not mean that the team will perform better, especially at the beginning as the playing strategy is not well developed yet. In such a case, you risk losing your bet since it's hard to predict which team is going to win the match or the entire tournament.

Pre-match team performance

One more factor that significantly influences the Dota 2 odds is the pre-match team performance. As we already mentioned above, the way the team performs during the match is highly important, thus the previous matches that the team took part in are also taken into consideration. Check whether the team you want to bet on didn't have cases of performance shifts. This way, you will come prepared and will be able to adjust your betting strategy in case odds for the team change.

A sudden betting swing from one line to another

Bookmakers set betting lines in order to maximize their profits. They need to properly balance the amount of funds that are being spent on bets on each side. Stronger teams obviously attract more wagers, and sometimes bookmakers may change the odds to encourage gamblers to place bets on the underdogs. Being able to react to the line movement is essential to any bettor. It will allow you to make rational betting decisions.

Benefits of Dota 2 odds

Dota 2 betting odds are an integral part of the wagering process. For inexperienced bettors, they are extremely helpful as without any game knowledge and basic betting skills, they can determine which team is more talented and have more chances to win in betting on Dota 2 match. Besides, the higher the odds are, the larger is the profit. Whether the bookie that you're gambling with is using decimal, American or British odds, it is quite easy to calculate the amount of the win with no need to wait for the match to end.


Dota 2 odds might seem hard to understand at first glance. However, having read our article, you are one more step closer to becoming a professional bettor. Now you will be able to easily read and calculate any type of odds and place your bets accordingly. Check the latest odds for gambling on Dota 2, choose the bookmaker, select the type of bet that is perfect for you and start making money with your favorite esports title.

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