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Dota 2 Odds: Dota Esports Betting Odds Explained

19.06.2023, 09:10

As the leading video game in the esports industry, Dota 2 has unparalleled success among players and bettors. It's no surprise that hundreds of betting websites offer good Dota 2 odds for wagering on this esports title. After reading this article, you'll learn about various types of odds, how to read them, and why they change.

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What Are Dota 2 Odds

Odds are the numbers that represent the likelihood of the Dota 2 event outcome. Of course, it's not an absolutely objective value, but rather the bookmaker's representation of it. Still, it's a pretty good estimation.

On the other hand, odds are also used to calculate the winning bet payout. Higher odds mean larger payouts in case of successful bets when betting real money on Dota 2.

The Best Dota 2 Odds In 2023

Competitive odds are a boon to both the bettors who bet for profit and those who are in it just for sport. Comparing odds offered by different Dota 2 best betting sites by hand is a time-consuming process. Fret not: there are other ways to learn about the best odds, and we're here to help. Our team methodically checked the odds offered by different Dota 2 bookies. Instead of spending long hours on the Internet trying to find the highest betting odds, just take a look at the table below!

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Styles Of Dota 2 Betting Odds

The betting odds are a fantastic tool to calculate the probability of a certain outcome, but you'll need to know how to read them for that. Since bookmakers use different types of odds, namely decimal, fractional and American odds, it might look a little confusing and challenging at first. Don't worry: they all have the same value, even if their representation is different. Let's find out the difference between these types of odds.

American odds Decimal odds Fractional odds
In American odds, the favorites and the underdogs are marked with "+" and "-". Leaders will have a "-" before a number, while the team that is less likely to win will have a "+".

For example, if a team has -200, it means that in order to win $100, the minimum bet is $200. If a team has +400, in this case, a bettor will need to place a $100 bet to win $400.

Decimal odds are used in most European countries and Australia. The odds in the range between 1.01 and 1.75 indicate the favorites. Everything above this will usually go to underdogs. Finding the payout is a matter of multiplying the wager by the odds, as seen below.

For example, we place $100 on two Dota 2 bets combined in parlay with 1.75 and 2.25 odds. Multiply 100 x 1.75 x 2.25, and we win $293.75 with a total pay-out equalling $393.75.

The last type of odds is Fractional, where two numbers are divided with a slash between them

For example, we have one team with an odds of 8/10. If you wager $100 you will need to do the following calculation: 100 x 8/10 = $80. Thus we will make a profit of $80.

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Bet Markets With Best Dota 2 Odds

When looking for the best bookmaker with the highest Dota 2 odds, it's inevitable to come across different types of bets. Being able to read the odds is certainly important; however, knowing the way around various types of wagers is crucial, too. Below we outline the most common types of bets.

Predicting a match result (Match Winner)

Dota 2 match betting is the most suitable for those bettors who are just making their first steps in the gambling world. By checking the Dota 2 betting odds, they can see which team the bookies consider to be better and wager on that team to become a match winner. This type of bet does not require too deep of game understanding and is a great way to start making a profit.

Predicting a handicap match result (Handicap)

Handicap bets are offered by bookmakers to support the weaker teams and make Dota 2 bets more thrilling. Before the match begins, the esports betting site provides the underdogs with extra points that are later added to their final score. Even if one team is much stronger than the other, placing bets on the underdogs may be more profitable. The additional points granted to the underdog make it, so they have more chances to win the bet.

Predicting the tournament winner (Outright)

The tournament winner is a wager where the players need to predict the winner of the whole tournament. It is always recommended to place such a bet in advance, as the odds are usually higher in this case. However, Dota 2 live odds are also high and rewarding if the bet is successful. This kind of wager requires thorough preparation because of the big number of teams that take part in the competition. To choose one team you think will be the winner, you need to find as much information on all the competing teams as possible.

Best Dota 2 Special Betting Markets

Dota 2 Major championships are an excellent place for esports betting due to the stellar quality of sportsmanship present there and the big choice of betting markets. All bettors, both beginner and professional, will find the betting markets that correspond to their wagering skills. Here are the most popular Dota 2-specific betting markets.

The International

The largest and most popular esports event in all of Dota 2 is The International series. Dota 2 The International betting is the safest way to get into Dota 2 betting.

First Roshan

Online sportsbooks often allow users to bet on a team that is likelier to kill first Roshan — the strongest neutral objective in Dota 2. This market requires some team knowledge to get right, as different teams have different strategies that may or may not include prioritizing slaying Roshan early. Check the teams' previous performance or refer to the Dota 2 odds to see which team is more likely to win this bet.

First Blood

This betting market is available in virtually all esports titles. In it, the wager is placed on the Dota 2 team that will shed the first blood. In this case, one needs to evaluate the heroes that the players of both teams chose, as all of them have different strong and weak points. Some team compositions have a strong early game - and are more likely to score First Blood. Others, on the other hand, are more defensive early on. Luckily, with this type of betting market, it is resolved rather quickly. Usually, the first blood is shed within the first few minutes of the match.


There are many more different betting markets and ways to place wagers on Dota 2 esports. One of them is Dota 2 item betting sites. Click on the link if you'd like to know more!

Map Winner

In major Dota 2 events, the matches are most often played in a series of multiple maps. To make a precise prediction, it's important to pay attention to the historical patterns of the teams in question. It's also possible to check the Dota 2 betting odds to make the right decision.

Factors That Affect And Change Odds

One of the prime principles of Dota 2 betting is understanding why the odds change. Especially when you place live bets. Wagering would not be so exciting and thrilling if it weren't for Dota 2 odds fluctuations. However, it may result in unsuccessful bets and money losses if you don't know what causes changing odds. That is why below we described some of the main reasons.

The International Venue

The International is the largest Dota 2 event of the year.

Team changes

Roster swaps are inevitable in Dota 2 esports - just like in traditional sports. Even more dramatic is if a team is forced to play with a stand-in. Even if the substitute is very skilled, it does not mean that the team will perform better, especially at the beginning, as the team's coherence is not well developed yet. In such a case, the risk of losing the bet is greater. Most sportsbooks lose confidence in teams that recently underwent roster swaps, which affects the odds.

Pre-match team performance

The pre-match team performance is another factor that significantly influences the Dota 2 odds. One must consider the team's historical performance before placing a bet. Following past events is a surefire way to be in the know of the Dota 2 esports scene. If you can't watch the games, at least skim through the team's match history on sites like Liquipedia. This way, you will come prepared and will be able to adjust your betting strategy in case the odds for the team change.

A sudden betting swing from one line to another

Esports betting sites set Dota 2 betting lines to maximize their profits. They need to properly balance the number of funds that are being spent on bets on each side. Stronger Dota 2 teams attract more wagers, and sometimes bookmakers may change the odds to encourage gamblers to place bets on the underdogs. Being able to react to the line movement is essential to any bettor. It will allow you to make rational betting decisions.


These rapid changes in odds are sometimes tough to track. That's why it's recommended to use only the bookies with the best Dota 2 betting app and the most convenient UI layouts. In some betting markets (like Live Betting, for example), every second counts!

Taking Advantage Of Dota 2 Odds

Dota 2 betting odds are an integral part of the wagering process. For inexperienced bettors, they are extremely helpful as, without any game knowledge and basic betting skills, they can help determine which team is more talented and has more chances to win in betting on Dota 2 match. Besides, the higher the odds are, the larger the profit. Whether the bookie is using decimal, American or fractal odds, it is quite easy to calculate the win amount with no need to wait for the match to end.

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