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FaZe vs OG Match Prediction - Roobet Cup 2022

25.06.2022, 15:41

Over the past few days, teams have been competing in the new Roobet Cup 2022. Offering a massive prize pool of $250,000 the competition attracted some of the world’s best teams.

Tomorrow we see FaZe take on OG in the Group A decider match to see who will qualify for the playoffs. BIG has already taken 1st spot in the group after beating both FaZe and Entropiq 2-1 in each.

Roobet Cup 2022EU
$250,000Prize Pool
FaZe Clan
2nd Place
3rd Place

FaZe vs OG Match Prediction

FaZe ClanEU
7Win streak
100%30 d. winrate

Despite FaZe struggling against BIG on Saturday and losing the game, I’d expect FaZe to take the victory in this match. Their form has been quite up and down since their win at the PGL Major last month but the #1 ranked team in the world has lost to some great teams since then. Their first event after the major was at IEM Dallas where they came 5-6th but ultimately lost to a very in-form ENCE team and again, Cloud9 who are destroying everyone in their path right now.

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At the BLAST Premier Spring Finals, they again came 5-6th after losing to G2 and NAVI.

These two teams have already met in the opening group match and FaZe easily dispatched OG 2-0. They took OG’s map pick of Dust2 16:8 and Overpass which was a closer game with FaZe winning 16:14.


In their second group game against BIG, I’d say that they were very unfortunate to lose the BO3. They had a 14-6 lead on the first map of Dust2 but BIG pulled off an unbelievable comeback, winning 10 rounds in a row!

The second map of Nuke went in the favour of FaZe 16:11. They took 7 rounds from their very strong T side and dispatched BIG with some great plays from one of their star players, rain.

In the final map of Overpass, one of their strongest maps, ultimately their slow start on their T side let them down as they fell 16:12 to BIG.

1Lose streak
50%30 d. winrate

OG has shown some very promising signs that their new and young roster can compete at the top of the scene. At the recent BLAST Premier Spring Finals, they beat both Natus Vincere (NAVI) and ENCE in the group stages but were unfortunate to meet NAVI once again in the playoffs and lost the match 2:1.

In their latest game, OG came up against Entropiq and they were too strong for the Russian side. They quickly dismantled them on Ancient 16:7 and never looked like losing Entropiq’s map pick of Dust2 as they won 16:12 to take the series 2:0.


FaZe vs OG Betting Prediction

Whilst OG will pose a major threat to FaZe, I expect FaZe to take the game as they are the better team and are more established as a 5.

My bet on the team
FaZe Clan
Special offer
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The winner will progress to the playoffs and the loser will be eliminated from the competition.

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