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Major-Kings Astralis have been Eliminated - PGL Major Antwerp 2022

12.05.2022, 13:10
PGL Antwerp 2022Belgium, Antwerp, Antwerps Sportpaleis
$1,000,000Prize Pool
FaZe Clan
Natus Vincere
2nd Place
3rd Place

Astralis and Liquid locked horns today in the ultimate round of the Challengers’ Stage. Two heavy-brand superstar-studded teams were left to fight it out amongst themselves as to who gets to continue in Antwerp by qualifying for the Legends’ Stage, and who gets to pack bags and go home.

Before we get into what transpired on this fateful server, let’s think about the intense history between these two. 3 years ago, they were branded as the two best teams globally. Astralis won 2 Majors in 2019. Team Liquid won the Intel Grand Slam in 2019.

Three years later, we see the exact historic match being played not in the Grand Finals, but the fifth round of the Challengers’ Stage.

How far have the mighty fallen.

Astralis vs Team Liquid

2Team LiquidNetherlands

Team Liquid was the one to come out on top this time.

A delayed win. A delayed gratification. Edged to the ends of the world to get the revenge they had been squirming for. Team Liquid has defeated and eliminated Astralis from the Antwerp Major, and with the sheer amount of history between these two teams, this is no ordinary smile and tear.

Every smile and smirk is laced with a hidden hue of the ultimate revenge, a mockery as to who got the final laugh. Every tear, drenched in the regret of why they couldn’t slay the dragon once and for all, how they could succumb to what once seemed “harmless.”

Let’s be honest here. Had Team Liquid lost and crashed out of the Major, that would be the official end of NA CS. It would be the first time in the history of CS:GO Majors that an NA team hadn’t made Top 16.

NA would’ve fallen apart. All the talented players would slowly seek out better opportunities in EU teams or international teams. The birth of teams like FaZe Clan would’ve become the norm, for better or worse. There are talented players like jks and valde sitting without a team, and it’s inevitable that NA players would want to leave their continent to grow with these guys instead.

Team Liquid were 33-8 against Astralis including their “golden era.” Team Liquid were on their highest horses in the Berlin Major, before the grandest anti-strat game from Astralis knocked them off forever.

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Team Liquid have been searching for a way back to the top ever since. They’ve been searching to avenge their golden era being cut short ever since.

And what better place to do it than the Major. What better maps to do it than Vertigo and Ancient. Two maps spiked with blood and historical analogy.

Vertigo. Quarterfinals of the Berlin Major 2019 against Astralis. Team Liquid had a 100% win rate on Vertigo and had won 4 S-Tier tournaments back-to-back before the Major, winning the Grand Slam.

But out of nowhere, Astralis picked Vertigo! Liquid’s very own map against them. There we saw the beginning of the end of Team Liquid. Astralis presented the greatest counter-play in the history of this game, evaporating Liquid once and for all.

This map has a history. It has bloodshed splattered on the walls, and tears flooding the ground, falling off the edges. It has rage packed within its concrete, waiting to erupt, like a volcano.

So what better map to choose than Vertigo itself to kickstart the avenging script against the mighty Danes? Team Liquid picked Vertigo today and defeated Astralis there on a game that couldn’t have been closer: 16-14.

And then they did to Astralis what Astralis did to them 3 years ago. Frustrate and humiliate Astralis on the Danes’ strongest ever map: Ancient.

nitr0 spearheaded a formidable attack, the likes of which Astralis couldn’t have imagined. The scripts had turned on its head, and not before long, gla1ve and his troops had their heads in their hands, as the 16-13 scoreline read its story against their favor.

Team Liquid has finally strangled their Red John, slain their ultimate Kryptonite.

shox eliminated Astralis from Stockholm with Vitality, and now he does it with Liquid in Antwerp. The veteran also remains the player to have been in the Top 16 of every single CS:GO Major, since the birth of the game. But this victory also means that he dethrones his fellow veteran in Xyp9x. Xyp was another player who had been in the Top 16 of every Major, but that ends in Belgium.

shoxie is a legend.

Talking about Xyp, it’s quite possible that this is his end. He might get benched after this Major, since Astralis will not be taking a Challengers’ Stage exit lightly. Some heads will have to roll, and it will definitely not be of the likes of blameF and gla1ve. A chance for valde to make this squad, perhaps?

If he does get benched from Astralis in the coming weeks, that’ll be another champagne popping moment for the American squad.


I wonder if we’ll see a nitr0 vs gla1ve battle as future coaches.

That’s a long way to go, though. Let’s keep our eyes on this Major until then!

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