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LCK Summer 2022 Week 7 Day 5: Nongshim RedForce vs Fredit BRION Prediction

29.07.2022, 18:45

This week LCK brings us some great series, with rivals facing each other, teams battling for a better place in the standings, while some will fight to keep their playoff aspirations alive.

Summer 2022Korea, Seoul, LoL Park
$297,000Prize Pool
2nd Place
Liiv Sandbox
3rd Place

It’s probably the most critical week of the three remaining, and every series has a lot on the line.

T1 vs Gen.G is the biggest game of the week but it’s not the only interesting series we have this week.

T1 vs ⁠KT Rolster will open Day 1, with DWG KIA vs Hanwha Life Esports closing the day.

Liiv SANDBOX vs ⁠Nongshim RedForce will open day 2 and Gen.G vs DRX will close it out

A very interesting series between Fredit BRION and Kwangdong Freecs will open day 3.

In day 4 DRX vs Liiv SANDBOX will open the day.

As for the last day of the week, Hanwha Life Esports vs Kwangdong Freecs will open day 5 and Nongshim RedForce vs Fredit BRION will close out the week.

Let’s get straight into Nongshim RedForce vs Fredit BRION prediction without further ado.

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Nongshim RedForce vs Fredit BRION


This might not be the most anticipated game of the week, but it surely will be an interesting one.

Fredit BRION have looked much better in their last few series, and Nongshim RedForce is coming from a great performance versus Liiv SANDBOX which secured them the 2-1 victory, and their dream of reaching playoffs is still alive, although unlikely to happen.

Both teams have a very bad early game, but lately, that part of the game has massively improved for the teams.

Nongshim RedForce are much more proactive currently, with Dread finding a lot of plays in the first 15 minutes of the game, and the team playing the skirmishes around the herald and drake really well.

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The biggest difference is their mid/late game decision-making. They are not afraid to go for plays, and their macro game has looked much better.

Previously Nongshim RedForce, and especially Fredit BRION were very passive teams, that would rather slowly bleed out than go for a play that would bring them back into the game.

Another thing that was missing from Nongshim RedForce was their individual performances.

When you have players such as Bdd, Ghost, and Canna you expect them to perform at a very high level, and that hadn’t been the case until very recently.

As for Fredit BRION it’s UmTi who has been stepping up for the team finding some great ganks in the early game, and also Morgan who, especially with Gnar, has been having some good laning phases, even solo killing Kiin, and founding some great Gnar ultimates that can change the landscape of a team fight.

It’s going to be a closer series than maybe many expect.

But Nongshim RedForce performance versus Liiv SANDBOX won me over.

In the early game, they were proactive, Dread found good ganks, the team played the skirmishes around the herald really well and were able to find a gold lead.

Then in the mid and late game, their cross-map play was solid, and they found a lot of picks that basically allowed them to easily secure Dragons and other objectives.

When it comes to individual performances the stars from Nongshim RedForce finally showed up, especially Bdd on his signature champion Azir.

Nongshim RedForce team fights were also very good, and the team now goes for an engage when they see an opening and seem to be all on the same page.

However, Fredit BRION has already managed to defeat Nongshim RedForce two weeks ago, and their late-game macro play has looked equally impressive.

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But, this Nongshim RedForce looks much better than the team they faced at the time, and Fredit BRION has some difficulties when it comes to closing out games.

I wouldn’t be surprised if this series goes all the way, and I’m sure it will be a very entertaining series to close out the week.

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