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Stewie2K is leaving the North American scene

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Jacky “Stewie2K” Yip has announced his plans to move to move his CS:GO career to Europe. Although it wasn’t an official announcement, but a simple quip during his Twitch stream, it coincides with Team Liquid’s decision to reform its roster after the unfortunate 2021 Season. The commonly seen as “NA’s last bastion” CS:GO squad failed to pick up any significant titles in 2021, ultimately resulting in the players getting frustrated with one another, as indicated by TL’s players interviews to HLTV in November.

Although Team Liquid’s roster shifts have been looming on the horizon ever since last year’s summer, this announcement takes the American fans by surprise. The future of North American Counter-Strike professional scene doesn’t seem bright at the moment. The region has been bleeding talent ever since 2020, with Riot Games’ VALORANT stealing away a portion of the scene, as well.

Previously, Team Liquid have announced sweeping changes for its CS:GO squad. As such, the fans met January with an announcement of Grim, FalleN, and Stewie2K leaving their favorite tag. However, the rumors about nitr0, Team Liquid’s former IGL, coming back to his home team seem to be true as the pro is returning back to Counter-Strike after his short trip to the greener pastures of VALORANT.

Still, the team has a lot of rebuilding ahead of it. The other two positions are still to be announced as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive scene is approaching another Major-tier event in just a month.

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