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Natus Vincere vs Team Vitality Prediction. BLAST Premier Spring Finals

19.06.2022, 14:24

Today in the final of BLAST Spring Finals, NAVI will fight with Team Vitality for the trophy. Again we see the duel between s1mple and ZywOo, among the best players in the history of CS:GO. Who will win the fight today, what are the chances, and should we expect a fantastic match today in Lisbon?

Spring Finals 2022Portugal, Lisbon, Altice Arena
$425,000Prize Pool
Natus Vincere
Team Vitality
2nd Place
G2 Esports
3rd Place

Here you’ll find a prediction for the match Natus Vincere vs Team Vitality at BLAST Premier Spring Finals 2022. Check our dedicated CS:GO betting guide if you want to discover more details about CS:GO gambling industry.

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Natus Vincere vs Team Vitality


Not going to lie: I was a wonder to see these teams in the grand final. NAVI managed to crush FaZe Clan and clinched the victory over OG. Vitality smashed ENCE, and took revenge against G2 in the semi-final. It will be the first grand final for the new Vitality roster with dupreeh, Magisk, and zonic.

NAVI and Team Vitality met only once this year, at RMR in Bucharest. Then the Ukrainian team won both maps with a score of 16:13 on Mirage and Inferno and took the victory. Today the situation with the map pool will be different.

electroNic at IEM Cologne 2021

NAVI will ban Vertigo, Vitality – Ancient. The team from Ukraine will choose Dust 2, while the French team prefers Overpass. They have an excellent winrate on this map, while NAVI didn’t play on Overpass since the 4th of April. After that, with high probability, NAVI rejects Nuke, Vitality – Inferno. And the Mirage will be a decider map. Potentially it can be a very good map veto for Vitality because they also have a decent winrate on Dust 2, and their Overpass is better than NAVI’s. With a possible 1:1 score, anything can happen on Mirage. It’s a final, one map, and both teams have players who can change the whole situation in one move.

Indeed, we need to watch the duel between s1mple and ZywOo. In 2020 each match between NAVI and Vitality was exciting. Both snipers fought each other. In 2021 we almost lost this match-up last year because Vitality had the wrong time, and NAVI was over-cool. But today, I’m sure, the duel between s1mple and ZywOo will be the best part of the final.

ZywOo at ESL One Cologne 2019

Bookies put NAVI as clear favorites, but I’m afraid I have to disagree with them. It’s a final, one match, Vitality has very experienced players, and map veto can be very appropriate for the French team.

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I want to risk and make my bet for Team Vitality. It’s an excellent chance to claim the first trophy for this roster to receive extra motivation and confidence for the future.

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