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FLUFF: the Counter-Strike classic "Door Stuck" is going to be taken down

29.07.2022, 18:54

The single most-known internet meme to ever come out of Counter-Strike franchise will be taken down soon. Aptly titled “DOOR STUCK! DOOR STUCK!”, the video tells a story about a talented CS player who’s also quite proficient at poetry – and his unfortunate betrayal at the hand of his devious teammates.

If you can’t see a video here, it means it’s too late.

The original creator of the video, KinetiK0001, came out with a tragic announcement on 28th of July. His YouTube channel has been under a lot of flak from the platform’s creators for quite awhile for copyright violations regarding his other videos – which he was forced to take down. It wasn’t long until the copyright trolls came for the main treasure – the DOOR STUCK. Now the author is facing a dilemma – and no outcome seems to be satisfactory.

The video’s cult status caused an uproar within the community. Despite being a silly little meme, a lot of fans feel quite strongly about its fate, and give a lot of support to KinetiK0001:

We must preserve this relic at all costs

The discussion has since then left just the dedicated Counter-Strike forums: a famous YouTuber who loves all things Valve, kliksphilip, and a prolific esports journalist, Richard Lewis, have reacted to this unfortunate news, hoping to bring light to the circumstances and not let copyright trolls win.

Richard Lewis

Richard Lewis is a British esports journalist hailing from Wales. Most known for his uncompromising stance towards gambling, corruption, and unfair play, Richard is now the editor-at-large for the popular gaming-related webportal Dexerto.


kliksphilip, also known as 2kliksphilip, 3kliksphilip, and sometimes as Philip Dyer, is a famous British YouTuber and a massive fan of all Valve’s works. His name is most known inside the Counter-Strike community, as he’s an avid player, dataminer, and map creation enjoyer.

As for now, the fate of the cult classic is unclear. Legal battles, especially ones instigating by copyright trolls, can take months if not years to resolve. But don’t hesitate to give the good ol’ video another view – maybe it will be the last? That said, there’s still gonna be plenty of mirrors available on YouTube.

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