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CS:GO Map Pool Dilemma

22.06.2022, 14:51

In a time when CSGO is as popular as it’s ever been, there is a lot of frustration around the games competitive map pool, especially amongst the professionals.

There is a huge appetite for older maps to return and refresh the map pool. Whilst we don’t know the plans for Valve for the future of the game, we hope that some of our favourites will be making a return shortly.

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Let’s go through the current map pool and see how many times each map has been played over the last 3 months *stats courtesy of

Matches played in the pro scene

What this tells us is that there is a huge bias towards Inferno and Mirage right now, with the other 5 maps evenly spread out.

Now let’s look into the maps currently not being played in the competitive map pool.


Cobblestone is one of the big mysteries in CSGO as it’s an extremely popular map amongst players but the last two competitive matches were played in February 2021 and before that was way back in 2018! We know that the professional teams want to see its return but we also know the lack of communication they have with Valve makes this difficult to achieve.


Train is the 5th most played map of all time and one of the most popular maps amongst players, both professional and amateur. The last notable professional game played on Train was back in June 2021 in the European Development Championship. We can only assume Valve are reworking the map again to try and make the map more balanced towards the T side.


Cache is another map that underwent a serious rework but it is probably one of the least popular maps available. Narrow entry points and extremely predictable T-side setups have made the map very stagnant and we can’t see it returning anytime soon.


Tuscan, Tuscan, Tuscan… One of the greatest maps in Counter-Strike history. Tuscan was created to simply copy the royalty-owned map de_cpl_mill – with some changes of course. Rumours are circling that this classic map will be returning after it was reworked in late 2021. The nostalgia levels are at an all-time high and we’re praying for its return.

Interestingly just a few days ago, we saw a Showmatch at the BLAST Premier Spring Finals between Team Portugal and the BLAST Dream Team. It did not disappoint.

Below you can view the lineups and the match itself.

Team Portugal:

  •  Paulo “pr” Silva
  •  Ricardo “fox” Pacheco
  •  Tiago “JUST” Moura
  •  Ricardo “rmn” Oliveria
  •  Christopher “MUTiRiS” Fernandes

BLAST Dream Team:

Whilst we can’t even start to guess what Valve will do next, there are encouraging signs that we will be seeing another map pool rotation in 2022 and the game will feel refreshed once more.

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