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BLAST Premier: Spring Finals Group A Recap

17.06.2022, 10:00

BLAST Premier Spring Finals has begun, with eight teams fighting hard to get that coveted BLAST Premier World Finals spot. Only one can, though.

Spring Finals 2022Portugal, Lisbon, Altice Arena
$425,000Prize Pool
Natus Vincere
Team Vitality
2nd Place
G2 Esports
3rd Place

With IEM Dallas concluded, Spring Finals and Roobet Cup will be great practice before the legendary IEM Cologne, where s1mple and co. will be fighting hard to deny FaZe Clan a win, as the Ukrainian said himself. Grand Slams are not for everyone, and s1mple clearly wants more respect for NaVi’s 2021 achievements.

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With that said, isn’t it a treat that there’s a FaZe Clan vs NaVi elimination match today in the Quarterfinals? There’s a spicy drama brewing not-so-silently in the CS:GO world and I’m all in for it.

Let’s get into the results of Group A, now.

Opening Matches


FaZe Clan’s opening match was against paiN Gaming, and needless to say, it didn’t take a lot of effort for the Major winners to dispatch the Brazilians. Winning the T-sided second half 7-1 on their pick of Ancient aptly reflects how clearly dominating FaZe Clan were. Inferno wasn’t any closer, either, with FaZe winning the match 16-7 and 16-6.

G2’s opening match, though, was against a tougher opponent. The two former French camps clashed to book their place in the Playoffs and get a chance to try their hand at the international squad in the Winners’ Match.


G2 started the match on the back foot, as they lost Vitality’s pick of Dust 2 16-10, thanks to a great defensive display from the French-Danish team in the second half. G2 did manage to pick themselves back up, though, on Inferno and Mirage. They won the first halves 10-5 and 11-4, and they only had to not choke badly to make the comeback happen and win the match. Not choke they did.

We were set for a great G2 vs FaZe Clan IEM Katowice Grand Finals rematch.

But first, let’s take a quick look at the Elimination Match. It was Vitality’s chance to thrash paiN Gaming, and thrash they did. They defeated the Brazilians 16-3 on Nuke, the Brazilians on map pick, and 16-4 on Overpass. Somehow, though, in the midst of this all, Vitality managed to lose their own pick of Dust 2 16-12. I wonder how the world operates.

G2 vs FaZe Clan – the Winners’ Match


The Winners’ Match of Group A was an absolute treat and had NaVi and FaZe hadn’t played each other, it would be probably the best match of the tournament apart from the Grand Finals.

The mildly dysfunctional World Number 8 were the definite underdogs in the matchup, but NiKo definitely had it in him to not lose to his former team again, since that Katowice 0-3 loss. His performance mirrored his desire to win, as he put a stunning performance to save G2 in their eleventh hour.

The match started a complete disaster for G2, as they went down 13-2 on their T side on their own pick of Inferno. ropz was on an absolute tear, and it took the European squad 12 rounds to register their first win. It was a 19-15 overtime victory for FaZe Clan on Inferno back in the Katowice Grand Finals, but things came much easier this time around. G2 did try to mount a mini-comeback in the second round, but it was clear everyone had their minds set on Ancient, FaZe’s pick.

Round 9 was stunning from FaZe Clan. karrigan gets an AWP kill early on in Banana. Then there’s a boost kill from ropz in Boiler, and to top it all off, there’s a 3 man stack on B to clean the house for G2. karrigan was absolutely playing with Aleksib’s head there.

The game again started well for FaZe. They were on their T side, and had tied the game 5-5. G2 did gather themselves in the end and put on 9 on the board, but again, 6 on the T side on Ancient was more than enough for FaZe to close out the series 2-0. That definitely seemed to be the case as FaZe Clan won the starting 6 out of 7 rounds on their CT side to take the lead 12-10, and it looked practically over for G2. But despite their reputation of choking, the European squad boosted up their confidence with a stunning eco win and managed to make it through to the finish line by winning 6 out of 7 themselves.

Even after being battered 13-2 and partially 6-1 in the CT sides in the two maps, Aleksib and co. found it in themselves to get back into the game.

The final map was Dust 2, where FaZe Clan had defeated G2 16-14 in Katowice. Here though, it was a different story. We saw a G2 that can win tournaments if they manage to maintain these levels. NiKo and m0NESY both had 25 kills and 2.02 ratings. Isn’t that enough to justify a 16-5 battering of the Major winners? m0NESY had a stunning 1v4 clutch in the 15th round, and FaZe Clan, the team that stomped G2 on Inferno, simply couldn’t get anything working.

That booked a Semifinal seat for G2, with potentially a Grand Final seat given that they’ll be facing one of Vitality and ENCE. (Am I underestimating ENCE? Sorry but NiKo and m0NESY are something else right now.)

As for the second Quarterfinal, we’ll be getting a revered rematch of the Major Grand Finals, albeit with different faces on the board. electroNic has taken up the IGLing role after Boombl4 was benched, and sdy replaced the Russian, playing quite similar roles to him in a lot of maps. NaVi’s situation shrouds their future in the mysterious mist. It’s near impossible to predict which version of NaVi will show up, and in that regard, FaZe Clan will probably be looking to get another victory over the once-feared champions.

But if they don’t, we’ll get to see an interesting rematch between NaVi and OG, this time with the dramatic touch of elimination and Grand Finals on the table.

The heat is rising in Lisbon.

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