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Completed Football Tournaments – Zimbabwe

18.04 - 26.11
2023, 222 days
Premier Soccer League 2023
Ngezi Platinum

Football Tournaments: Navigate Best Football Events

Football is the most popular sport and form of entertainment in the world, and there’s no surprise this also comes with an incredible variety of professional football tournaments of all levels. Almost half the planet tunes in to see the biggest football series of them all - the World Cup - and there are dozens of other football events to follow. At this point, there’s actually too much of various football tournaments to track unassisted! Why not consult our football event calendar to make life easier?

TIPS.GG Football Tournaments Schedules

TIPS.GG tournament calendar includes hundreds of different events from all over the world. What is practically impossible to track alone becomes a matter of two clicks with the tournament scheduler tab. Let’s talk about its strengths and features in more detail:

Find Past, Ongoing, And Future Football Tournaments

Never miss any upcoming football events with our live updating schedule that records any changes to football fixtures the second they’re posted. Stay in tune with ongoing football events with our live football scoreboards and schedules. Keep track of any past event if you’d like to recall the old times - or if you’re seeking that piece of information to give you an edge on your next football bet.

Analyzing past football events may seem time consuming, but peering into teams’ past stats is a key to figuring out their future performances.

Free Live Football Tournament Schedules And Formats

Our football tournaments tab has real-time updating accurate schedules for dozens of different football series across minor and major leagues. Track accurate dates, times, football scoreboards, and results in just a few clicks. We also have the series’ official sites social media accounts gathered in one place for ease of access, as well as places where you can watch them.

Filter Football Events Regions And Dates In One Click

Football is a hobby enjoyed by all, and the amount of national events it has is simply unfathomable. Navigate to any country’s or region’s football series with ease. Filter football events by years and their status.

Best Football Series To Watch And Bet On

Best way to watch football is by following the top events. It goes without saying that there’s plenty of top-tier football tournaments to follow due to cultural significance. Let’s take a look at top examples of football series you can follow:

FIFA World Cup:

The FIFA World Cup began its history in 1930 and now represents the pinnacle of international football tournaments. Only the strongest of the strongest can reach - let alone thrive in - this massive international football event that takes place every four years. National teams compete in preliminary rounds for a coveted spot in the playoffs, and the prestige of being able to win it all is simply unmatched. No surprise this event gets #1 spot here - the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, for example, was watched by nearly half the globe, hosted 32 teams, and was an entire month of top-quality matches.

UEFA European Championship:

Just like the World Cup, the UEFA European Championship - most commonly known simply as the Euro or Euros - is a premier football tournament held every four years. Although smaller scale, Euro is a top-notch football event in one of the most competitive regions, so it’s just as exciting to watch. Established in 1960, it’s the stage for the best European teams to play. UEFA Euro serves as a cultural festival of sorts, bringing together millions of European fans and football bettors.

UEFA Champions League:

The Champions League is a “regular season” counterpart of the Euro. If waiting four years for the best football tournaments gets too boring, try engaging with the Champions League as it runs for the entire year to bring you a new top-tier football match every single day. Those looking for a good opportunity to place football bets should look no further - UEFA Champions League is the perfect event for that hobby for obvious reasons.

Copa America:

Dating all the way back to 1916, the Copa America is the oldest international continental football tournament. Organized by CONMEBOL, it brings together South America's elite national teams - and we all know how fierce this region’s talent is! Copa America is another of these football tournaments that are held every four years. Just like the others, it serves as a celebration of Latin American culture as well as a breathtaking football series with legendary players.

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