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s1n: "Our ambition is to be the best Academy Team in the world"

23.05.2022, 14:34

The 4th season of WePlay Academy League will start this week. 13 academy teams going to figure out which one’s the best. MOUZ NXT is the champions of all three seasons.

Academy League 2022 Season 4Ukraine, Kyiv, WePlay Esports Arena
$100,000Prize Pool
mouz NXT
BIG Academy
2nd Place
FURIA Academy
3rd Place

The big question before this season is, will anyone be able to stop the MOUZ’s second-string hegemony? BIG Academy took 2nd place last season.

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I talked with Elias “s1n” Stein from BIG.Academy, who explained the goal of his team, the situation in the team at the moment, and how he sees the continuation of his career.

Let’s start at the beginning of January. You joined BIG.Academy. How it was, who invited you to the team, and how were your first months on this team?

At the end of 2021, Krimbo approached me. He would return to BIG Academy as the Team Captain and wanted me to be a part of it. I was excited because Karim and I are friends for years and playing in a team with him again was the best option to continue my career, I was happy. After that, we decided on the remaining players for the new BIG Academy and spent 2 months at the start of 2022 in the BIG Bootcamp in Berlin practicing and playing tournaments. It was a great time and I improved a lot as a player.

Since last season of WePlay Academy League, you have had one replacement in the team. Krimbo now plays for the main team, and k1to plays for the academy team. How much did this replacement affect the team?

It was hard because we had to replace Krimbo with k1to from the Mainteam during the season, and we needed to adapt our system to the new calling style of Nils. I think this situation was new for everyone of us, but I was confident that with time and practice we could get back into our comfort zone, especially since k1to brings a new set of attributes and especially experience from the Tier 1 level.

Were you surprised by this replacement on the team, and did it affect you personally?

I knew Krimbo would get into the Main team at one point in his career because of his commitment to doing things the right way and dedication. I was really happy when I heard the news because I knew it was a dream coming true for him! It also means I can’t go the step to the main team with him yet, so I got extra motivation to play better, practice more and take more responsibility for the team.

You have played a couple of tournaments with k1to: Pinnacle, ESEA, and ESL Meisterschaft Spring 2022, but didn’t achieve the desired result. What is the current situation with the practice and preparations for the WePlay Academy League separately?

In the last months, we focused on stabilizing our map pool and getting good chemistry as a team together for the upcoming tournaments. After bad season results, we knew it was OK because of the mid-season roster change, but we also knew that we will have to step it up for the upcoming months. We had a good start in ESEA Advanced, and we feel ready to win in the WePlay Academy League!

About Academy League. You have in group B: Astralis Talent, NAVI Junior, Apeks Rebels, and FURIA Academy. What do you think about this group, and are you able to take 1st place again?

Our ambition is to be the best Academy Team in the world, and we will need to beat every team for that to happen. I’m confident that we can reach 1st place in groups again. The other teams practice as well in the off-season, so we will see how strong some of them will be, especially the new ones, but we will fight and come out on top!

Your main rival last season was MOUZ NXT. They also had one change in the roster. How principled will it be for you to meet them? Do you think it is up to you to end their hegemony in the WePlay Academy League?

MOUZ NXT is the current best Academy Team in the world, and we are playing to beat them. I don’t think about the other teams or if they could do it. All I see is a road ahead with good opponents and the team from MOUZ NXT on the top to beat.

I see you have a spot in FPL-C Hub. How often are you playing here, and, in general, what do you think about the impact of this hub?

FPL Challenger is a great way to improve individual skills as you can practice your positions and handle situations. There are many talented players in this hub, and you want to be the best in every game. This leads to competition and mostly quality games, it’s good to play after a day of practice to improve!

In the future, where do you want to play: in the international team or full German?

I’m at the start of my career, but I already feel like home with BIG. The whole BIG family in Berlin works hard behind the scenes to create the best possible experience for us, it doesn’t matter if we are Academy players. I want to make them proud and play well enough to be part of the Main team here in BIG, it’s my dream. It would be interesting to play in an international team because the German approach to CSGO is unique and learning a new way to see the game improves individuals.

What is your personal goal for 2022 in CS:GO?

I always want to be a better version of myself and for this year the biggest points for me to improve in are playing in pressure situations, consistency, and clutch situations. I want to win a trophy this year and the WePlay Academy Trophy looks cool, so let’s get it!

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