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Pelaajat.com Showoff Spring 2023

Spring 2023 Finland, Helsinki, Messukeskus
$4,000 Prize Pool
2 Teams
Minor Tier
HAVU Gaming
JANO Esports
2nd Place
3rd Place
24.02.2023 - 24.02.2023. 1 days
Teams: 2
HAVU Gaming
2 - 0
JANO Esports
0 - 2
24.02.2023 - 24.02.2023
Finished, 1 days


13:5724.02.20232 tips
HAVU Gaming
JANO Esports
2 0

About Pelaajat.com Showoff Spring 2023 Betting Tips from Tips.gg

We've put together 0 betting predictions by experienced tipsters around different esports communities who've offered their foretellings concerning the CS2 (CS:GO) championship. You can make use of these tips to decide the likely winner of this year's Pelaajat.com Showoff Spring 2023.

Out of these 0 forecasts 0 already have been completed since the games have already been played and results are accessible. Consequently, wagers can no longer be taken.

About Pelaajat.com Showoff Spring 2023

Pelaajat.com Showoff Spring 2023 is planned in Finland from 24.02.2023 to 24.02.2023. Pelaajat.com Showoff Spring 2023 includes 2 Counter-Strike teams all over the world battling for a prize pool of $4,000.

This tournament is going to be divided into 1 parts:

  • Finals (Finland): 24.02.2023 – 24.02.2023. 2 Teams.

Be sure to check our betting predictions and guidance concerning the probable winner of every stage of Pelaajat.com Showoff Spring 2023 ahead of finalizing your own choices and selecting the favorites. At our website, we continuously refresh our set of forecasts, so returning to this page for fresh tips is forever a great strategy.

Pelaajat.com Series Showoff Spring 2023, is a C-Tier Finnish tournament that will take place on LAN in Helsinki at Messukeskus, and it´s a tournament where 2 finnish teams - Havu Gaming and JANO Esports will fight each other for a 4.000 euros prize pool, but most importantly, a spot on Pelaajta.com Nordic Masters 2023. The winner from this tournament will win 3.000 euros and the loser wil win 1.000 euros and hold a spot on Pelaajat.com Series. The tournament will take place at the end of February. The match will only be a BO3 match.

Havu Gaming were invited by the organization from the tournament, but JANO Esports, came from the closed qualifier, where 4 invited teams: Conquer Gaming, Enhanced Esports Club, Exen and Jano Esports fought in a single elimination bracket with no second chances, losing, and they were out of the competition, with all matches being BO3, and Jano managed to win the tournament after taking down Enhanced Esports Club by 2-1 and got qualified for the Pelajaat.com Series Showoff. 

The winner will get a free pass for the biggest tournament in Nordic Europe, that will be an online tournament, and the winner will secure a spot at Blast Spring Showdown that will take place later in March and will feature the best teams from Nordic Countries. It will be a B-Tier tournament where 8 teams will go head to head on 2 groups of 4, all matches being BO1, and then top 2 teams from each group, 4 teams at total, will face each other at the playoffs stage, at a single elimination bracket, all matches being BO3, and the winner will go to Blast. 

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