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Team Liquid vs Counter Logic Gaming Match Prediction LCS Summer 2022

22.07.2022, 20:01

Team Liquid have been in decent form but they have split their last two games, which will leave them with a bit to do to make the playoffs. Liquid are currently 6-3 after losing their final game of last weekend. Counter Logic Gaming are presently 5-4 in the season, and are positioned joint fourth in the LCS’ summer standings to date.

Team Liquid vs Counter Logic Gaming Match Prediction


Team Liquid

Team LiquidNetherlands
1Lose streak
80%30 d. winrate

Liquid have always been a team that pushes the barriers inside Summoner’s Rift. They have a kill to death ratio of 1.45, which is indicative of their proficiency and prowess with respect to producing enough kills and then maintaining a strong defensive line to protect their base. They have an average game duration of 30 minutes and 16 seconds, which is the lowest in the league, yet another indicator of how their preferred modus operandi of moving quickly in team fights, picking up early neutral objectives and remaining aggressive.

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Gen.G 1.14
Dplus KIA 5.55

Liquid also have 7.2 towers destroyed per game, which is second highest in the league after Evil Geniuses, who are currently table toppers. They have a first blood rate of 77.8%, meaning that they pick up the first kill in close to four of every five matches, which is a startling stat because it isn’t easy to dominate the early game to that level.

Bjergsen has led the proficiency for Team Liquid this season, with 3,78 kills, 1 death and 5.89 assists per map at a KDA of 9.67 along with a creep score of 280.89 and a CSPM of 9.28. They have received excellent production from the top lane, where Bwipo has managed returns of 3.33 kills, 2.22 deaths and 4.44 assists per map at a KDA of 3.5 with a creep score of 277.67.

Counter Logic Gaming

Counter Logic GamingCanada
3Lose streak
-30 d. winrate

CLG have far exceeded their expectations already this season. They have managed to win five of their nine games so far despite having poor statistical returns. For example, they have an untenable kill to death ratio, which includes 11.3 kills and 13.4 deaths per map. Teams don’t usually have positive match records with that kill to death ratio.

They have managed to take 7 towers per game while losing just 6, which is not terrible considering their struggles in the middle game.

Team Liquid vs Counter Logic Gaming Betting Prediction

[match_prediction match=”team-liquid-vs-counter-logic-gaming-24-07-2022-08-30″ team=”liquid-lol”]

Counter Logic Gaming have the skill and ability to pull off an upset in this one but that is extremely hard with Bjergsen in such solid form. I would be looking at a Team Liquid win to ensure their losing streak does not balloon.

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