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Rogue vs Excel Esports Match Prediction LEC Summer 2022

01.07.2022, 08:55

Rogue will butt heads with Excel Esports on Friday in their sixth game of the LEC 2022 Summer season. The league has been underway since 17 June, 2022, and will end on 14 August, 2022. It follows a double round robin format with 10 teams participating in it before heading into a playoffs round where only the top-6 can qualify. The matches are best of one.

Both sides qualified for the playoffs last time out, with Rogue losing in the finals and Excel Esports falling short in Round 1.

Rogue vs Excel Esports Match Prediction

0Excel EsportsUnited Kingdom

Rogue have found form again

Rogue had made a slow start to the season after losing their second and third game of the season but have found their footing again after two wins on the trot and will now be looking to make it three. Last season, they only lost four games in the league, which had them at the very top of the league table. They are well capable of doing the same for another season – and much, much more. Their main aim will be to win the Summer season but for that, they’ll have to slowly get by each game and their focus on Friday should be on Excel Esports and the challenges they pose.

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They have some really good players on the roster. One of them is mid laner, Larssen, who has averaged 4.06 kills, 1.83 deaths, 6.26 assists and 5.61 KDA, and is among the chief reasons their damage per minute metric is up at 2066 at the moment. Their aggression has been above par as well with a first tower rate of 80% and a first blood rate of 60%; it’s the gold differential per minute of -42 that they will want to rectify.

Excel Esports have been on fire

Excel have made a fantastic start to this season with four wins out of five but they can’t rest on their laurels. Any hint of complacency will be taken advantage of by Rogue. To prove they are amongst the best sides in the league, winning games like this will be crucial. So far, they’ve done as well as they can – a 100% win rate when they’re ahead at the 15-minute mark, an average tower difference of +3.4, a staggering average kill/death ratio of 5.7, and good health with their objectives too with an average of 3 dragons per game so far.

They’ll want to do more of the same against Rogue. Last season, they managed nine wins and nine losses and will be aware that there’s a lot to improve on. They’ll also want to make it much further in the playoffs than last time. Key to that will be Bot Laner, Patrik. He has averaged 4.36 kills, 2.25 deaths, 4.58 assists and 3.7 KDA this year.

Rogue vs Excel Esports Betting Prediction

Rogue will be heading into this as favorites but Excel Esports are worth the punt on this one. Excel are on a two game winning run and Rogue don’t look as invincible as they have in the past.

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