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Riot Announces Worlds 2022 Dates and Region Slot Allocation

24.07.2022, 06:42

Riot Games has announced the official dates and specific region slot allocation for the 2022 World Championships that will take place in North America.

Championship 2022United States, San Francisco, Chase Center
$2,225,000Prize Pool

The schedule is listed below:

  •  Play-ins: September 29th – October 4th in Mexico City, Mexico
  •  Group Stage: October 7th – 10th and October 13th -16th in New York City, New York, USA
  •  Quarterfinals: October 20th – 23rd in New York City, New York, USA
  •  Semifinals: October 29th – 30th in Atlanta, Georgia, USA
  •  Grand Finals: November 5th in San Fransisco, California, USA
200% Deposit Bonus

The 2022 World Championships will host 24 teams from around the globe. With the format of the tournament remaining unchanged from the previous years. The LCL will not be able to send a representative to Worlds 2022, so their slot will be given to Europe and the LEC. Riot has explained their decision further, stating that the European region ‘has had the best performance during international tournaments over the past two years, but does not already have four team berths.’

Twelve of the twenty-four teams will begin their journey of Worlds 2022 in the Play-in Stage:

  •  China (LPL) – Fourth Seed
  •  Korea (LCK) – Fourth Seed
  •  Europe (LEC) – Third and Fourth Seed
  •  North America (LCS) – Third Seed
  •  Southeast Asia (PCS) – Second Seed
  •  Vietnam (VCS) – Second Seed
  •  Brazil (CBLOL) – First Seed
  •  Japan (LJL) – First Seed
  •  Latin America (LLA) – First Seed
  •  Oceania (LCO) – First Seed
  •  Turkey (TCL) – First Seed

The remaining twelve teams will be automatically placed into the Group Stage of the 2022 World Championship:

  •  China (LPL) – First, Second, and Third Seed
  •  Korea (LCK) – First, Second, and Third Seed
  •  Europe (LEC) – First and Second Seed
  •  North America (LCS) – First and Second Seed
  •  Southeast Asia (PCS) – First Seed
  •  Vietnam (VCS) – First Seed

The tournament will begin on September 29th and conclude on November 5th, where we will be able to see the best teams around the globe compete for a world championship title.

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